Activision and Infinity Ward have today announced and revealed details for the third expansion pack for the hugely popular Call of Duty: Ghosts. Invasion DLC, as you’ll see in the teaser trailer below, will offer 4 new maps – Favela, Mutiny, Departed and Pharaoah.

Favela looks a lot like the map with the same name from a previous Call of Duty game – Modern Warfare 2, which was widely considered as one of the best maps from MW2 – it could well be the same map or an updated/amended version of the same map. Pharaoah is as the name suggests and set in an Egyptian setting, with some large destructible scenery. The other maps also includes skeletons and pirates. One of the noticeable things from the Invasion trailer is that Infinity Ward seem to have aimed specifically for fun rather than hyper-realistic settings, which will always be an appreciated choice with gamers.

Call of Duty: GhostsInvasion pack will also contain a new map for the Extinction mode called Awakening. It appears to be set in some sort of fantastical cave with luminous mushrooms around the environment. The map also contains winged beasts just begging to be taken down.

The Invasion DLC pack will be available for ‘free’ to Season Pass holders, and will be a timed XBox exclusive as is usual with Call of Duty DLC. The pack will release first on the XBox platforms on 06.03.14 but no date has been given as yet for any other platforms as of yet. Have a look at the teaser trailer below in all of its glory to whet your appetite ahead of the packs’ release.

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