Just like Battlefield 3, the launch of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 was marred by external service issues.

Beachhead Studio’s new multiplayer online service, Call of Duty : Elite, debuted along with the new entry into the COD franchise. However whereas the games launch went according to plan, the service did not, and at 12:15am Beachhead Studios head Chacko Sonny posted a status update concerning user problems when trying to register.

“Registration requests for our new live service Call of Duty Elite are exceeding even our most optimistic expectations, which is creating a bottleneck and some players have not been able to register,” Sonny said. “We have already registered hundreds of thousands of players, and we are working around the clock to increase our capacity as quickly as possible.”

The statement above has since been taken down,but Activision are still addressing user issues via their verified Call of Duty: Elite Twitter feed, saying that they are “working to increase capacity for the hundreds of thousands of players wanting membership. Stay tuned for details.”

For all those Modern Warfare 3 players affected, just be thankful that unlike Battlefield 3’s Battlelog, this will not affect you being able to play.

source : Gamespot

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