Bungie has responded to another leak of their upcoming downloadable content House of Wolves. The latest leak came from a Japanese version of the game that showed off new weapons, armor, stats and locations. It also included information that suggested that the release date of the content would be in May but could also be March. Speaking on the official Bungie.net forums however, community manager David Dague told fans that they shouldn’t trust the information in the leaks as the data is simply placeholder and could change at a moment’s notice.

“Aside from giving it a name, Bungie has yet to reveal the House of Wolves. That means that anything you know about it can change. We have a team working on the experience in their own fancy room, and they have some exciting surprises up their sleeves. We reserve the right to overwrite anything you’re looking at right now. These placeholder items enable us to save room on your drive for actual future updates. You’ll all download them before it’s time to play.

“Any stats or assumptions about power or impact or handsomeness are months old, and do not reflect the things that we’re doing to adapt to what you’ve taught us about Destiny. There is a process here, and you’re a part of it.”

The idea that the House of Wolves DLC could release in March is also backed up by another supposed leak that first surfaced in January. A picture allegedly taken during a Bungie presentation suggested that the release for the additional content could be March 10. The leak, which we reported here, included information on several pieces of DLC that will be releasing for Destiny. This includes the House of Wolves pack, along with two other similar downloads as well as a larger expansion codenamed Comet but also known as Plague of Darkness. This more extensive content would include new playable areas, weapons, subclasses and types of weapons according to the leak.

Considering the lackluster reception of The Dark Below and the fact that Bungie have not yet given out any real details on their upcoming DLC, it seems unlikely that House of Wolves will release in March. May seems like a much more likely release date, as it would give the developer time to market the DLC and include more content than they might have originally intended in response to fan feedback of their first effort.


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