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Batman The Animated Newsletter #4

Batman The Animated Newsletter #4

Subject: Batman: The Animated Newsletter #4 – Aug 10-23, 1998
Date: Sunday, August 09, 1998 12:56 AM

Batman: The Animated Newsletter 4
Weeks of August 10-15/16, August 17-22/23
Volume 1, Issue #4
The five-time emmy-winning Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) debuted in September of 1992 with the episode “Cat and the Claw” Part One. It ran on weekdays (and even during prime-time on Sundays for a month or so). 65 episodes (and millions of dollars in merchandise) later, season two began in 1994; sadly, this season died out with only 15 additional episodes, for the show was not raking in as much money as it previously was, and deemed as being “too dark” by parents. Also, in September of 1994, most of the first season episodes were shelved, and the 15 new ones were aired…only on Saturdays.
A year later, BTAS was re-introduced to the FOX weekday line-up. All the original episodes were brought back this time, as well as 5 new episodes (none of which were spectacular, but still good), leaving the episode count at 85 in September of 1995. Most thought the series ended right there without any closure, for the majority of the BTAS staff moved on to work on the new SUPERMAN cartoon which debuted the following September (1996).
The series was top-notch, and fans were sad that it wouldn’t go on. But the stories that had been told were excellent…much better than most comics and movies that have veer been produced. It was an excellent run. In 1997, after the WB’s five-year contract with the FOX network, BTAS was pulled from the TV, the last episode airing being “Trail”. Was BTAS dead?
We were all proven wrong.
As soon as BTAS left the FOX network, it was teamed up with Superman on the WB network. Better yet – NEW EPISODES WERE INTRODUCED! NEW episodes began airing bright and early on the morning of September 13th, 1997. Two years (less two days) after BTAS ceased production, it was reborn.
Welcome to another installment of BATMAN:THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER. In this newsletter you’ll find all sorts of items pertaining to the hit show. There is also a bit of Superman:TAS thrown in for good measure – just keep in mind that this newsletter is predominantly about the Bat, K? We have the usual columns plus special articles in every newsletter!
We have schedules, new, comic info, trivia, websites, editorials and much more! So sit back and relax!
Many things have changed – a new toy review, more schedules and mini episode-reviews, comic schedules, rumors aplenty, and yet another editorial from the wonderful Laura Hysert, but the main event in this issue of the newsletter is an interview with “Long Halloween” writer, JEPH LOEB!!!!

Scroll down to read it!
TARA CHARDENOFF(sp?), who does the voice for Batgirl on THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES for KIDS’ WB!, will be guest-starring with Melissa Joan-Hart in SABRINA GOES TO ROME which will be the season opener for “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”. This is a chance to see the face behind the voice. Check local ABC listings for the season premiere air date.

ADRIENNE BARBEAU, who does the voice of Catwoman on BTAS can be seen on the season finale of “The Drew Carey Show”, as Oswald’s mother. This episode has already aired in May, but if you missed it at want to see the woman behind the voice, your chance will come soon when the episode is re-aired.

RICHARD MOLL, who does the voice of Two-Face on BTAS, can be seen in “Jingle All the Way”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Bat-alumni UNITE!) Moll plays the cheesy TV villain “Dementor” at the beginning of the film. I just felt like pointing this out because I just realized this myself – and many have no clue as to what he looks like.

MARK HAMILL, who does Joker’s voice on BTAS, has currently been in NO movies EVER EVER EVER and it is taking me FOREVER to find a picture of this guy. I can only find these pics of some space-dude named Luke Skywalker… I can’t find any of a guy named Mark Hamill though. Anyone care to help?
(PS – That last one was a JOKE…no pun! *EVIL JOKER LAUGH*)
This section will just basically give an insight into what the new episodes are about and hopefully a synopsis of the episode. This section will feature both new Superman and new Batman episodes.

Batman #?? (96?)
Original airdate: Tuesday, July 7, 1998 (UK)
This episode premiered at a comics convention in Oakland earlier this year, and has now been recently aired in the UK. This episode, featuring the uninteresting Roxy Rockett’s debut, is all action and no plot. PLOT DOES MATTER. We also get to see a preview of Farmer Brown (a future villain) in this episode, as well as appearances by Batman, Batgirl, and the Penguin. The North American debut date of this episode is still unknown.

Batman #?? (99?)
Original airdate: Tuesday, August 3, 1998 (UK)
This episode is the first to feature Farmer Brown as a lead character. I don’t know much about the story, but it is supposedly an homage episode to all those corny “insect invasion” sci-fi movies of the past, with giant ants and the like. It’s not supposed to be a very deep episode – just a fun one. Those who saw it say it’s good, but I’ll refrain judgement until it airs. The North American debut date of this episode is still unknown.

Batman #?? (100?)
Proposed air date: September 19, 1998 (USA)
This episode is set to be the season premiere of BTAS this year. It revolves around Dick Grayson telling Tim Drake why he and Batman aren’t as close as they once were. It sheds light on why Dick left the Batcave, how he became a hero of his own, and how Batgirl became a much more intricate part of their team. Two-Face is also set to appear, if the story follows it’s “Lost Years” comic counterparts.
(courtesy of Brian Cruz)

The New Batman/Superman Adventures premiered this past year with ratings and critical sucess! Kid’sWB airs the show Monday through Friday at 4:30 pm (eastern time) and now in a 90 minute block on weekends starting at 8:30am (eastern time). The time may vary for the various WB affiliates across Canada and the U.S. The schedule is set to change again in Septmeber or October, so watch the SCHEDULE and NEWS section for upcoming information!

Weekday episodes:
AUG. 10-Batman-GROWING PAINS (#93)
AUG. 11-Superman-GHOST IN THE MACHINE (#15)
AUG. 12-Superman-DOUBLE DOSE (#23)
AUG. 13-Batman-THE LION & THE UNICORN (#77)
AUG. 14-Superman-WARRIOR QUEEN (#36)
Weekend episodes:
AUG. 15/16-(8:30am)-Superman-BRAVE NEW METROPOLIS (#25)
(9:00am)-Batman-NEVER FEAR (#91)
(9:30am)-Superman-THE LATE MR. KENT (#2)

Weekday episodes:
AUG. 17-Superman-FATHER’S DAY (#28)
AUG. 18-Batman-YOU SCRATCH MY BACK (#90)
AUG. 19-Superman-IDENTITY CRISIS (#20)
AUG. 20-Batman-SHOWDOWN (#78)
AUG. 21-Superman-TARGET (#19)
Weekend episodes:
AUG. 22/23-(8:30am)-Superman-SOLAR POWER (#24)
(9:00am)-Batman-TORCH SONG (#95)
(9:30am)-Batman-COLD COMFORT (#88)

Note: All episodes after #85 of BATMAN are considered THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES while the original 85 are considered BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (BTAS) episodes.
(by the Dynamic Duo)
This section is my favorite. This section lets me tell you about my favorite rerun airing this week! You are not to miss this episode at all cost! Tape it if possible! All Batman and Superman episodes which have already debuted are eligible.

(four-way tie!)
Airdate: Aug. 10, 1998
Robin does his best to save a girl from her massive, abusive father, only to discover that both the father and the girl he loves turn out to be one of Gotham’s most menacing villains.

Airdate: Aug. 15/16, 1998
Lois Lane is accidentally transported to Metropolis a parrallel universe, where both Superman and Lex Luthor have teamed up to clean up the town, turning it into a living hell for all residents.

Airdate: Aug. 15/16, 1998
The Scarecrow creates a gas meant to TAKE AWAY peoples’ fears and plans on using it to throw the city into turmoil. Batman is affected and goes on a rampage.

Airdate: Aug. 15/16, 1998
This episode was aired just recently. Clark Kent is killed and it’s up to Superman to solve the mystery. Confusing, no?

Airdate: Aug. 18th, 1998
This episode first introduced us to Nightwing and Catwoman and did an ok job. Nightwing has almost the exact same costume as his comic counterpart although its not as sleek. Catwoman has adopted an all-black costume and black hair. The episode is pretty good. There are some great action sequences and a pretty good and bloody fight between Batman and Ricky “The Hook” in the finale. This episode is full of twists ‘n’ turns and will have you guessing at Catwoman and Nightwing’s plans until the finale. An episode worth recording.

Airs Aug. 13, 1998
Red Claw takes control of a missile base in the British Isles and threatens to destroy London if her ransom isn’t paid. Alfred’s shady past is also revealed. Good parts, but not spectacular.

Superman-WARRIOR QUEEN (#36)
Airs Aug. 14, 1998
A “Warrior Queen” wants a hubby but all the eligible bachelors in her galaxy are wimps; she then sees Superman and will stop at nothing to have him.

Superman-FATHER’S DAY (#28)
Airs Aug. 17, 1998
Not a bad episode, but still the worst this week. A mediocre prelude to “Apokalips…Now!”, where Darkseid’s son goes on a quest to destroy Superman, to gain Darkseid’s admiration and approval.
(by Bob Evatt)
Mr. Evatt is an experienced reviewer of the new BTAS episodes and has much of his work shown at the Lazarus Pit website, and is now contributing to this newsletter! His other reviews can be reached via this link:

But this week, we decided not to include an extensive episode review because no new episodes have aired since the last newsletter.

As you all know, THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES will be introducing a couple new villians next season. One of them will be the evil Amish look-a-like, FARMER BROWN! Here are a few pics courtesy of THE BRUCE TIMM ARTWORK ARCHIVE!

Here they are:

Farmer Brown close-up

Farmer Brown full-body look

The Amish are coming…..The Amish are coming!

PS – If you’re Amish and reading this, we’re not meaning to mock or insult!
“Yabba Dabba Doom”
Cartoon Network got the rights to air 52 episodes of the orignal 85 episodes on their network. The episodes air 7 days a week at 6pm and 12:00am eastern time (7:00pm on Sundays and will no longer air on Satrudays starting the 11th of July). The episodes air in numerical order and not in episode order. If you want the channel ask your local cable or satellite operator. Here’s the schedule for this week:

AUG 12 – P.O.V. (#7)
AUG 14 – BE A CLOWN (#9)

AUG 17 – TWO-FACE (Pt. 1) (#10)
AuG 18 – TWO-FACE (Pt. 2) (#17)
AUG 20 – THE CAT AND THE CLAW (Pt. 1) (#13)
AUG 21 – THE CAT AND THE CLAW (Pt. 2) (#16)

NOTE: Most of the episodes airing now on the CARTOON NETWORK won’t be airing on KidsWB until next season! If you want to complete your collection then get as many as these episodes on tape as possible! Just some friendly advice.
(by Brian Davis)

Hi Brian Davis here, Would you like Batman : The Animated Series to win another award ? Well, if you’re like me then I’m sure that you think that it deserves one. Cartoon Network Europe are currently accepting votes for your favourite cartoon and I would like you to vote for Batman: The Animated Series. All you have to do is send your vote, name, age and address to You can also win a great trip to London so go ahead, let’s remember Batman : The Animated Series.

(I suggest you do this cuz Batman deserves any awards it can get – to show to the world that Batman IS capable of intelligent, coherent stories – unlike films like “Batman & Robin”!!!! Make the public realize his greatness and love him again!!!)
(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Hi! I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the Internet Movie Database, and I am hoping that we can get “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” into their “Top 250 Movies of All Time” list – it currently has an 86% rating. Many movies on the Top 250 list have a lower rating, but many more people voted for those…my hope is to get as many people as possible voting for this film, to get it into the Top 250 list, because it is truly spectacular.

The link DIRECTLY to the “Mask of the Phantasm” page is:

I’ve already voted. Have YOU?

PS – Do the same for “Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero” as well – there’s a link to THAT movie page from the “Mask of the Phantasm” one, which I’ve already provided a link to.


(writer for “Long Halloween”, “Man of all Seasons”, and various Batman “Halloween” specials.)
(interviewed by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton).

First three awesome “Legends of the Dark Knight” Halloween specials. Then, the critically-acclaimed “Long Halloween”, one of the definitive Batman stories. And now, “Man of all Seasons”, destined to become a classic Superman story. Here’s the man behind them all, Mr. Jeph Loeb!


TIM: Hi Jeph! I must thank you for agreeing to take part in this interview for our newsletter. I’m sure you have a very busy schedule. Thank you for showing interest! (Remember…you can write as much or as little as you

JEPH: Okay. I’ll do my best.

TIM: Q#1. Just a few questions about my favourite of your works, the critically-acclaimed “Long Halloween” – which is now declared as one of the best Bat-stories of all time (as said in the “WIZARD” Batman special). When did you start planning to write it? What brought these ideas about?

JEPH: A#1. The Long Halloween came about after doing the three Halloween Specials. Tim [Sale] and I had done one in 1993 (Fears w/ Scarecrow), 1994 (Madness w/Mad Hatter) and 1995 (Ghosts w/Poison Ivy & The Joker). We were done. It was never supposed to be a trilogy, but it turned out that way and they are all neatly packaged in Haunted Knights with a new cover by Tim.

Then in 1996, Archie Goodwin, who passed away this year and was my hero and mentor and editor, asked if we would do something larger. He suggested we use The Roman from [Frank] Miller’s “Year One”. Mike Friedrich suggested that we do it in 13 issues across two Halloweens (1996-1997). And it was Mark Waid who suggested that we focus on Harvey pre-Two-Face.

The actual spark I got from watching a documentary on The Beatles and I was fascinated by the idea that here were four young men who were as close as could be and because one of them turned away (a rather simplistic version of John/Yoko’s affect on the band), it destroyed them. I looked at Harvey/Bruce/Gordon & Batman (and I tend to think of Batman and Bruce as separate characters) and the creation of Two-Face seemed like an important turning point in Batman’s life. That was the back bone.

The Holiday character grew out of the mystery element and gave the story a structure. It was originally Calender Man all along, but Archie suggested creating someone new.

Lastly, I do owe a debt of gratitude to both Frank Miller for setting the tone in Year One and more than a tip of the hat to The Godfather, both the book and the movie which I have read/watched more times than is probably healthy!

TIM: Q#2. I know I have not done my homework here, so tell me – was the story nominated for any awards of any type? Did it win any? I honestly have no idea!

JEPH: A#2. The Long Halloween was nominated for Best Limited Series both by the Harveys and The Eisners this year (The Eisners are next week, so we don’t know if we won). It has won in the best limited series 1997 in both The Wizard Awards and The CBG Fan Awards. It was also picked as Best New Series by Fan Magazine.

TIM: Q#3. Whoa – that’s a lot of awards! It deserves them all, too. The best of luck to you at the Eisners! Back to “Long Halloween” itself, do you have a personal favourite issue of this 13-part maxi-series?

JEPH: A#3. I think, probably, the Father’s Day story because it was so personal. As I wrote in the letter’s section, I wrote that particular issue on the anniversary of my father’s death. He was not a great man, but he was a good father and I know what Bruce lost when he lost his Dad.

TIM: Q#4. I’ve always tried to figure out whether this story was an Elseworlds tale, or if it IS supposed to be one of the first tales in the current Bat-continuity, which presumably happens a short time after Frank Miller’s “Year One”? What’s the scoop there?

JEPH: A#4. Continuity, to me, is like the old joke where the man goes to see a Doctor and says “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.” and the Doctor says, “Then, don’t do that.”

What I mean is, as long as the story doesn’t stray from continuity — (i.e. Jimmy Olsen as Two-Face), then trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together when Batman has a sixty year history and is still 25 years old is going to be very hard.

TIM: Yeah…

JEPH: The story is “in continuity” meaning it took place, and other Batman writers can and hopefully, will refer to it.

But, to answer your question, it takes place in the Year One era (and yet, it does follow the Miller “Year One” story) because, at least in my mind, Year One means Gordon is a Captain, Harvey is not Two-Face yet, and there is no Robin. Also, Batman is fairly inexperienced, so he can make mistakes. If that defines “Year One”, then the story takes place then.

TIM: Q#5. For how long have you and Tim Sale known each other? You two seem to be the new dynamic duo of all Batman comics – everyone loves your stuff.

JEPH: A#5: Tim and I “met” through Barbara Kesel (then Randall) who was my first editor on “Challengers of the Unknown”; she introduced when I was looking for an artist and she showed me samples of Tim’s work. She was both my first editor in real time (I had never written a comic book before) and we eventually had 3 editors (Elliot S! Maggin followed Barbara and then Katie Main finished after Elliot left) over the 8 issue mini-series.

Tim then went off and did “Blades” (“Legends of the Dark Knight” (LOTDK) #32-34) with James Robinson and that was his first Batman story. He became friendly with Archie Goodwin (the editor on LOTDK) and Archie asked if he wanted to do a second LODTK arc — the first artist to be asked back twice on LOTDK. Tim asked if I could write it and Archie approved that. Around this time, Tim and I met in person and really got along.

The first Halloween Special is 80 pages long because it was originally going to be three 24 page stories in “Legends of The Dark Knight”. But, when we found out we couldn’t have the October 1993 Halloween slot because LOTDK #50 shipped at that time, I asked Archie about doing a Special. Archie got it approved and we suddenly had this new franchise.

TIM: Q#6. Wow – that’s a pretty lengthly process to get where you are today…it just shows how much talent you guys have…many of us envy that! As for future plans, what do you plan to work on after Superman’s “Man For All Seasons” is completed?

JEPH: A#6: Personally, I will continue to write The Coven with Ian Churchill and I am doing a 3-issue mini-series with Rob Liefeld called “Re-Gex”.

As for my work with DC, we are talking about a number of things and I think at the end of the month I’ll be able to discuss them.

Tim Sale and I would very much like to go back to Batman in some fashion and that will probably happen in 1999. We also have talked about doing a Christmas Spirit story for Kitchen Sink.

TIM: Q#7: Do you plan on writing a “Legends of the Dark Knight” Halloween Special every year? I just recently purchased “Tales of Madness”, featuring the Mad Hatter, and I loved it.

JEPH: A#7: Again, we are talking to DC. It is very different without Archie being there, but we are hoping to be able to get beyond that hurdle.

TIM: Q#8: As a last note, I have one question: Is it just me, but do many of your recent works have many “time/date” references? There’s “Long Halloween” which centres around holidays and observances, and “Man for all Seasons”, which, as the title says, involves the four seasons – one season per issue of the min-series.

JEPH: A#8: Actually, it IS just you. <g>.

TIM: *ANGRY KRUSTY THE KLOWN VOICE* Hey hey hey hey hey! Watch yerself, buddy…*FAKE GROWLS*

JEPH: No, I think that if you give the reader a structure that has a beginning, middle and end, you tap into something that people like. Or, at least, that’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂

TIM: Q#9: Also, both of these stories seem to be set in a “Year One” type setting, just as the “Legends of the Dark Knight” specials you write are. Any response to this? Are the first years of Batman’s career the most interesting to write
about, in your opinion?

JEPH: A#9: Well, I like that period because I like those characters and Tim likes drawing those characters. You don’t have all the baggage that has built up over the years, and it is purer in a sense. But, in the end, it’s about the story and the artwork — and for us, it seems to work.

TIM: Q#10: It certainly does. Your stories AND art have a very distinct style which many fans love. Now, onto “Batman: The Animated Series”. What are your opinions on this show?

JEPH: A#10: Best thing on television. (A long with the Superman Annimated)

TIM: Q#11: They paid you to say that, huh? Just kidding – Superman rocks, too – but Batman is my first love, that’s for sure. By the way, what are a couple of your favourite episodes?

JEPH A#11: Anything with Harley. Brilliant character.

TIM: Q#12: What is/are your favourite character(s)?

JEPH: A#12: Harley, Poison Ivy. I think Mark Hamill does an incredible job on The Joker.

TIM: Q#13: If it was up to you, in what direction would you steer the series? Would you change anything?

JEPH: A#13: Nope.

TIM: Q#14: I’m just curious, but has a talented writer like yourself ever been approached by the BTAS crew to write an episode for the series, much like how many writers (including editor Denny O’Neil) wrote various episodes in the first season? If not, do you hope to?

JEPH: A#14: My background is in screenwriting having written both films and television shows (Teen Wolf, Commando, Burglar, Firestorm, Model By Day), so I’d be delighted to work on the show. I’ve met Bruce Timm a few times and this year in Chicago, I met Paul Dini who was very kind about “Long Halloween” and “For All Seasons”. We talked about the show, but my writing an episode never came up.
Those guys have a pretty great handle on it.

TIM: Q#15: Yeah, that’s true, but it would be kinda cool to have more guest-writers from other parts of the Bat-empire. How about for the “animated” comics?

JEPH: A#15: Again, I look at books by who is drawing them. I think I would probably do one of those if the situation arose. The people who write and draw those books are very talented.

TIM: Q#16: The final section of this interview focuses on getting into the comics industry. I know that, like myself, many Bat-fans would LOVE to get their foot in the door and have a place in this thriving industry. Any helpful hints?

JEPH: A#16: Keep writing. Send in short proposals to the submissions editor. Do character driven stories and don’t worry about the action — that will come. No more than a page for a submission. Go to conventions and meet editors! Write mail and get to know the people who work on your favorite books!

TIM: Q#17: Hmmmm…sounds like a plan. Perhaps we can e-mail YOU in the mean time? Hee hee hee…*SENDS YOU ZILLIONS OF PAGES OF WRITING* How did you get started in the industry?

JEPH: A#17: I got in sideways. I was writing, of all things, a Flash movie that never got off the ground. I met Jennette Kahn and she asked if I wanted to do comics. It was like getting a free pass to Disneyland. It took a while to find a project (ultimately it was Challengers Of The Unknown), but it was Dick Giordano who really took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. You need an editor to support you or else it is very hard.

TIM: Q#18: What inspired you to write comics?

JEPH: A#18: Childhood fantasy. I still collect 20 years later. My garage has over 100,000 comics and occasionally, my wife lets me bring them inside so I can play with them. 🙂

TIM: Q#19: Is Batman your favourite character to write about? Or Superman? Or any other characters you’ve written about?

JEPH: A#19: They all are my favorites. Mostly, it is about the artist and who I get to work with. When I was doing Cable, I had a ball with Ian — now we work on Coven. Liefeld on Cap, same thing. I brought Adam Pollina onto X-Force and that was grand. Joe Mad on anything (we’re doing a movie together called BLAST!).

The only book I would chase down the street is FANTASTIC FOUR. That’s just a fanboy’s dream.

TIM: Q#20: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

JEPH: A#20: As always, there is only Archie Goodwin. He was the best. Everyone else, I thank whenever I work with them!

TIM: Q#21: Thank you for participating in our little interview Jeph – I hope we can do this again sometime! Oh, and just one more question – I just noticed you weren’t on our newsletter’s mailing list! Care to subscribe?

JEPH: A#21: Please!


Thank you for participating, Mr. Loeb!

JEPH: Thanks for asking. I hope that I’ve done what you wanted me to do!

TIM: Yes you did! It was a pleasure to have you here for this edition of the newsletter! I’m sure everyone reading has enjoyed it! It’s just a pity that I didn’t manage to get in that magical number of TWENTY-TWO questions…ah well! Thank you Mr. Loeb!

Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton.

There I hope you enjoyed the little Q-&-A session. We’ll hopefully have more up in the forthcoming newsletters! I’d like to thank Jeph Loeb (naturally) for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions! Thanx!
(by Laura Hysert, aka “Phoenix”)

*Note to editors: Holy windbag, Batman! This thing is bloody long! The Batfemme extends her apologies.

“Batman vs. Malibu Barbie”

In every friendship, inevitably, the question arises, spoken with a deceptive casualness:

“So…what TV shows do you watch?”

Always I hesitate to answer, not wanting to lie and yet fearing that the truth will make me the target of silent ridicule. For I am a 22-year-old woman, pursuing a second university degree, and my favourite television show is commonly understood to be a kiddie toon.
I know many of you who would tell me (with an ample helping of self-righteousness) to stop being so sensitive, who cares what other people think, proclaim your tastes proudly and get on with it. But God strike me down if I ever achieve perfection on this earth, and besides, my social insecurities are not the topic of this article. What is the topic, however, is our (and if you’re reading this newsletter I’ll assume you have at least a passing interest in the animated Batman series) devotion to a show that is interrupted shamelessly by ads for Malibu Barbie and neon-coloured breakfast cereals.
In other words, the loyal viewership of the animated Batman series is paradoxically older than the audience it seems to be targeted at.
There are two possible answers to this riddle.
One: Batman is a kid’s show, for crying out loud, so us shamelessly immature teens and grown-ups should leave the things of childhood behind and watch Jerry Springer instead. (Uh…yeah.)
Two: the series is actually targeted at an older demographic, but the marketing gurus haven’t caught up to that fact yet. Either Batman is a kid’s show, or it’s not. Right?
Certain elements of the show favour the “it’s-for-kids-dammit” argument. Batman is a keen guy in a Halloween costume who swings around like Tarzan and fights nifty bad guys attired in lollipop shades. Batman has lots of neat toys and a really cool car and his sidekick is a kid, and even the KID gets to beat up bad guys, too. Whoa. Some of the bad guys, like the Joker or Penguin, can be slapstick-funny and pull all sorts of silly pranks that would make your average six-year-old fall off his couch in hysterics. Many of the more action-and-spectacle-driven episodes of the series are filled with this kind of juvenile eye-candy. Just watch “I’ve Got Batman in My Basement” or “Torch Song” and you’ll see what I mean. All in all, the Dark Knight is pretty popular with the kiddies.
And yet, just as the Clown Prince of Crime has a dark, malevolent edge, so, too, do the series themselves. When I found out my five-year-old niece sometimes watches Batman, I grew uneasy. Why? Because I don’t think Batman
– the character, the myth – is for kids. While he is an excellent role-model who exhibits how to be strong in tough times and fight hard for what you believe in, I think many of Batman’s traits and messages make him best left to the understanding of adulthood. How do you explain Batman’s obsession, his primary motivations, to a five-year-old? How to soothe a child frightened by Batman’s pain-filled rage, by the evil that emanates from his domain, Gotham City? Although to skim by the censors they cannot show the complete abyss of Batman’s suffering nor the bloody realm he inhabits as shown in the comics, the animated series, both of them, have given us terrifying glimpses of this darkness…sometimes, more than just glimpses.
Hence, for every merry “Christmas with the Joker,” there are five episodes with the poignancy and sophisication of “I Am the Night” or “Robin’s Reckoning”; for every toy-fest like “Torch Song”, there is the overwhelming grimness of “Over the Edge”. To label the Batman series as “just for kids” is to ignore the subtle shades of tragedy, pain, hope and redemption that resonate through so many of their characters and stories.
Perhaps, then, the answer lies in neither side of this opposition, or both. And perhaps, to those who raise an eyebrow at my love of a “kid’s show,” I could defiantly proclaim this: Batman’s is a story that operates on many, many levels. It offers fun adventures and colourful characters that appeal to the child, or to the heart that yearns to feel the breathless swoop of childhood again. And it reveals endless emotional and psychological depths for the mind ready to delve into its compelling
questions, the dark beauty that lies within. With so much to give us, it is no wonder that Batman has endured, enticing our imaginations, while so many of his pop culture kin have faded into forgetfulness. He, truly, is a man for all seasons and all ages.

This section tests your knowledge of (Before and during WB) Batman episodes. (Remember: The new episodes that air on WB are in the same continuity as the older ones). The questions can be anything from the littlest thing mentioned by someone or what happened to who in which episode and how. The majority of these questions will be multiple choice.
So start rackin’ yer brain! Here goes!

Answers are provided beneath the “Animated Batman/Superman Sites” section.

7. What is the name of the eatery in which Pamela Isley poisoned Harvey Dent on BTAS?

A: Jack’s Bistro
B: Conroy’s Cafe
C: Rose Cafe
D: Rainforest Restaurant
E: McDonald’s

8. In “The Laughing Fish”, the Joker makes references to TWO North American restaurant chains. What are they?


9. Which type of food is totally disgusting, in Harley Quinn’s opinion?

A: Cattle
B: Beet Juice
C: Pork
D: Fish
E: Hyena

10. In “Mad as a Hatter”, what type of food did Alfred prepare for Bruce, but was never able to serve him because Bruce had to work late?

A: Steak
B: Caviar
C: Turkey
D: Sloppy Joes
E: Veal Parmesean

This tests your visual knowledge of the show. The scenes can be taken from any episode or movie based on the animated series (or a Batman/Superman team-up). Click on the URL to go to the picture. These picutres are courtesy of Robin III’s site, BATMAN:THE ANIMATED HOMEPAGE.


Answers located under the ‘SITE WORTH CHECKING OUT’ section.
THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ‘COMIC’ ADVENTURES This section will give you a brief synopsis of the upcoming comics based on both THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES and SUPERMAN:THE ANIMATED SERIES. Cover price for both series is $1.99 (US) (that’s $2.85 in Canada) and are both Standard format and 32 pages in length.The covers for these comics cna be seen in the COVERING THE BASICS section.

Release date: August 5, 1998
Written by: Ty Templeton
Pencilled by: Rick Burchett
Inked by: Terry Beatty
Bruce Wayne suffers a concussion while trying to foil the kidnapping of several cryogenic scientists from Wayne Tech! Now it’s up to Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl to save them with help from an unexpected source: Mr. Freeze! *GASP!* This issue also includes the return of a villian thought long gone.

Next Month: Deadman is dead! Its up to Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne to solve his murder with help from an unexpected source…Deadman himself! (Confused? I am!) All that and more in GOTHAM ADVENTURES #6

Release date: August 12, 1998
Written by: Mark Millar
Pencilled by: Aluir Almancio
Inked by: Terry Austin
The Parasite – AKA Rudy Jones – is back in Metropolis and has Superman’s powers…AGAIN! With time he’s destroying the city while robbing it blind! The name of the game is POWER! He’s plans on using his newfound powers for power and to impress…a girl???

Next Month: Superman shows up in Gotham to help rescue Bruce Wayne from the Mad Hatter, so he calls upond Batgirl for assistance. Nightwing and Robin and some of the Gotham supporting cast show up as well! All in SUPERMAN ADVENTURES #25



This section will help you figure out (like you need anymore help) what comics to pick off the news-stands. This month there’s a slight difference, though. The SUPERMAN ADVENTURES covershots will be presneted courtesy of THE BRUCE TIMM ARTWORK ARCHIVE; DC has yet to fix the links for the covers on their DIRECT CURRENTS section. We’ll also be including a very special covershot of the forthcoming, hard-cover, behind-the-scenes BATMAN:ANIMATED. This picutre is courtesty of Brian’s great WB CARTOON PAGE! Here we go! To see the covers just click on the URL under the comic title!






Every month we will take 5 covers to 4 Bat-books and 1 Superman book and see whats the best cover! There is no prize or whatever that comes with winning cover of the month. To see the cover just click on the URL provided. Just wholesome useless fun! The five covers we review are:


So with out further adieu, here is the winner for August:


To see the other covers just check out the DIRECT CURRENTS section in the DC Comics website.

(by Aaron Maurer)

ISSUE: “Claws” (#4)
WRITTEN BY: Ty Templeton
PENCILED BY: Rick Burchett
INKED BY: Terry Beatty
ISSUED: July 1, 1998
DATED: September, 1998
RATING: **** (out of 5)

“And then suddenly, there he was between us, this giant wall of man…coiled with rage…With an unfamiliar look in his eye. Because I’d crossed the line. He’d finally seen the real me…The kind of cruelty I’m capable of. He was never supposed to have seen that. I always knew it was the one thing about me he could never forgive…”

–Selina Kyle explaining Batman’s reaction to her attack on Amy Mercedes

Catwoman relates the story of “the night my heart broke… twice” to one of her pet cats: she helps Batman apprehend a gang, and as she is chasing a member down, he tells her that if she lets him go, he will take her to an illegal testing lab where cats and dogs are having strange chemicals tested on them. She lies to Batman, and then the man takes her to the Mercedes Cosmetics lab. When she looks into the building, at all the sick animals, her heart breaks. The animals need around the clock care, so Catwoman finds “someone special” to do the job – Amy Mercedes, the company’s owner. Batman visits the crime scene and sees evidence of Catwoman’s involvment. Selina reveals why she is so mad about the testing to Amy; she dyes her hair with Mercedes products. Batman finds the building in which Amy is being held, and stops Catwoman from harming her, telling her that “Your heart’s in the right place, but this has to end.” Batman releases Mercedes, and, as she is leaving, she hits a cat. While Batman is catching the animal, Catwoman leaps into a rage, scratching Amy across the face, leaving her a set of whiskers all her own. Selina says that Batman could never forgive her, and, as she left, he never turned to look at her even once. Her heart broke for the second time. Selina then explains that she’s been one step ahead of the lawyers ever since then, and that she hasn’t run into Batman since, either. She doesn’t want to, though; she can never look into his eyes again: it would only break her heart once more.

I’ve never really cared for any of the Catwoman episodes of the animated series (exceptions being “Batgirl Returns” and “You Scratch My Back”), but I loved this issue. The psychoses of the villains have always appealed to me, as have the possibilites of some of them regaining normal lives (I liked “Double Talk” and “Second Chance” a lot). I am always disheartened when they don’t, and at the end of this issue where it appears Catwoman will never be able to truly contain her anger enough to be a hero, I was deeply affected. The summary above and these comments cannot do this issue justice; Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty’s artwork brings this standout to life, and it should be a crime to miss it. Also adding to to this issue is an elaborate sightgag (the gang at the beginning of the issue is the cast of Seinfeld) as well as the audience getting to see Catwoman’s old costume in the new style.

All previews of this comic mentioned that it would reveal the secrets behind Catwoman’s new look. This issue doesn’t do that. It reveals why Selina has dark hair on the show, but the costume is never even mentioned. I assume that the new costume is a reflection of her somewhat darker personality (now that Batman has seen her dark side, she has no reason to hide it any longer), but I, or anyone else can’t be sure. Also, I loved the art in this book, but some panels seem wrong or out of place (i.e. bottom right, page 6; or upper middle, page 21). These are minor concerns, though.

If you’re looking for answers behind Catwoman’s costume change, you won’t find any. If you’re looking for a powerful story with great artwork, then you will.


– Now the rumors are that the Bat-franchise is dead and will be restarted later in the future.

– Azrael will become the ‘fourth’ Batman book starting with when it gains a new comic name, “AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT”. He will basically be an older Robin who runs errands for Batman. He will gain the distinctive cover design like the three main Bat-books.
– BATMAN: ANIMATED hits comic store and book store shelves on Sept. 23rd. This date is, of course, subject to change. Written by Paul Dini and Chip Kidd.

– If the L.E.G.I.O.N. appearance goes well in the upcoming SUPERMAN season there have been rumors flying of the JLA appearing in season four part of a Superman/Batman crossover, already planned. Sounds interesting.
– Oh and here is just some…refreshing news. There will be more BATMAN and SUPERMAN episodes after next season – but this amount is unspecified.
– Returning next season in SUPERMAN will be DARKSEID (in a big way), SUPERGIRL, STEEL, TOYMAN, PARASITE, METALLO, BRAINIAC, and, of course LEX LUTHOR. A new villianess named VOLCANA will be introduced. – Returning next season in BATMAN will be TWO-FACE (in multiple episodes), JOKER (in at least 3 episodes), HARLEY (in at least 3), SCARECROW, POISON IVY, CATWOMAN, RIDDLER (in at least two episodes), RA’S AL GHUL, and the PENGIUN. Some of the new characters that will be introduced will be CREEPER, ROXY ROCKET, and FARMER BROWN.
– BANE and THE MAD HATTER will also make appearances in “Knight Time” (World’s Finest 2), as well as many previously mentioned Bats and Supes villains.
-AQUAMAN and GREEN LANTERN will be apparing next season. AQUAMAN will be hookless and GREEN LANTERN will be Kyle Rayner, not Hal. -AQUAMAN will play a pivotal part in the seaosn finale next year. Plus the appearances of those two superheroes will be a prelude of sorts to the upcoming JLA series that B/S creators say is coming really close to a reality, and will possibly replace BATMAN BEYOND in the 1999-2000 season. The JLA series is still very “iffy” right now, due to continuity errors that would then plague both the Batman and Superman series.
-Also look for camoes by other DCU heroes this season on Superman, such as WONDER WOMAN.
-In BATMAN BEYOND, many of the current BTAS villains WILL re-appear, but in a mutated form. Dini has confirmed that Joker, Riddler, and Two-Face will CERTAINLY NOT re-appear though.
-BATMAN BEYOND will premiere on the weekend of November 14/15, 1998.

-On August 18th WB Entertainment will release the three-part “World’s Finest” adventure on video. The movie is 80 minutes long…which is kind of odd, seeing how the three episodes combined add up to barely 60 minutes. Included with the movie will be a mini-comic (probably the adpatation) and an offer for the BATMAN & ROBIN CARTOON MAKER. The story features the first-ever animated team-up of Batman and Superman, to take on the Joker and Lex Luthor. Also appearing are Harley Quinn, Mercy Graves, Lois Lane, Dan Turpin, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, and Harvey Bullock.
Retail price is $16.99 – probably about$14-18.99 in Canada.

-Well it seems that SUB-ZERO has long surpassed MASK OF THE PHANTASM for video sales. The recent ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY video sales has SUB-ZERO at #5! That I will admit is pretty impressive! The movie hasn’t left the top-ten direct-to-video sales chart since its release date, March 17!
-Rumor has it that Boyd Kirkland and Randy Rogel have submitted various scripts to WB, with hopes of one of them to become the third animated movie. While rumors of movies featuring either Two-Face or Scarecrow have been circulating for quite some time, the latest rumor is that Ra’s Al Ghul and Bane will team up. This is all in the planning stages right now. There is no news on whether the old or new style will be used in the animation, but I expect a better-quality newer-style look will be incorporated, such as more shading, a more 3D feel, and of course, more CGI. The movie may still be released to coincide with “Batman 5”.

-Personally, I want either a Two-Face or Scarecrow movie – what do the fans want?? (And yes, so far, there are no rumors of a Joker or Harley Quinn movie, like many are wishing for. But remember, these are RUMORS!)

Check this site out to see my scoop actually published!
(Tues, July 21, 1998)

-New KidsWB! weekend! SUPERMAN and ANINMANIACS is gone! WE now have a double dose of SYLVESTER & TWEETY and a triple dose of THE NEW ATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES. The weekday programming remains the same.
The new schedule is (in eastern time):
10:00am-MEN IN BLACK
-Ty Templeton will (temporarily) no longer be doing covers for BATMAN:GOTHAM ADVENTURES. He will now only concentrate on writings.
-13 episodes have been greenlighted for MEN IN BLACK.

Movie News
-WB is due to make an announcement about production on Batman 5 this month
– originally thought to be a casting press release, it is now thought to be about whether the movie is getting the go ahead now, or if they’re waiting a couple more years to produce it.
-Look for BATMAN & ROBIN to air later this month or next on HBO (what a waste of commercial time!)
-It looks like Batman 5 will hit theatres no earlier than Summer of 2000. The budget and crew is undetermined at this time but WB is expected to make an announcement in August about the film.
-Sadly, Joel Schmacher is still tied to the project as director, but promises a darker, less flamboyant movie with a smaller, more centralized cast. (Of course, compared to “Batman & Robin”, “Batman Forever” fits all those characteristics).
-Plus: WB is planning on shooting scenes in Vancouver and London to get the spooky ‘X-files’ type shots in the next movie. Upon visualizing Batman and Robin chasing the Scarecrow through the dark woods (a la X-Files), it looks pretty awesome to me.
-But now George Clooney is saying that WB is pulling out of BATMAN 5 so what the hell is going on?
-Still no news on whether the Kurt Russel rumors are plausible.
-“Ain’t It Cool News” has reported that Joel Schumacher (who is still tied to the movie), is in talks with WB about the fifth film, and is hoping to show the world what a genius Frank Miller is by making a movie based on the critcally-acclaimed “Year One” story (Batman #404-407).
-One thing is for sure – when this movie is released, it will not be as disappointing as “Batman & Robin” turned out to be.

Comic News
-The Batman creative teams for late 1998-99 have yet to be officially released but so far there’s quite a list:
Neal Adams
J. Scott Campbell
Kurt Busiek
Mike Deodato Jr.
Karl Kesel
Tom Grummet

More to be names at a later date. There is rumored to be 26 creators signed on so far.
(by Kevin Smith)


*Note: For a complete look at every figure made from the cartoon, pick up Lee’s Action Figure News & Toy Review #69 I believe it’s the July edition.

The second wave of figures of TAS line brought some nice surprises. We got a Bruce Wayne figure with Snap-On Batman Armor. Ok, so Bruce Wayne’s “racing outfit” looks nothing like normal clothes. (No, I’m not a superhero in disguise!), but I thought it was kewl that the Batman “cowl” looked just like the motorcycle helmet he wears in episodes like “Two-Face” Part II. The card art was nothing to scream about, yet not overtly horrible at the same time.
The big surprise for me was the Man-Bat figure with Flapping Wings and Tow Cable. Never did I expect this one! The sculpt is really close to the show, but very hard to balance. I happen to have a shelf with a lip, so his wings fold over the lip, and his feet push against the lip. That way he stands up “on his own.” Or, one can try applying putty to his feet to help him stand on his own. The tow cable – yeah, whatever. The wing flapping action is kewl, and it’s nice that he has bending elbow joints, but they get loose easily, and he doesn’t flap his wings so well. The card art is great, true to the show’s design.
Then there was the Joker. Like Two-Face, Kenner dropped something into the white paint, and so we get, not the white color his face was in the show, but the bluish color his face is in the new style. Yuck. Also, he was missing the black shadowing around his eyes, so he doesn’t look as sinister. He came with a smile gas mask (like in “The Last Laugh”) and “Laughing Gas” Spray Gun, which was just a stupid water shooting orange thing – good for spraying younger siblings with! I liked the sculpt, because it allowed me to pose him with his finger pointed (at my Batman) as if to say “I got you!” The card art was mediocre, because the body was drawn well, but the face and head totally sucked. It looked as if the style was changed.
Kenner released a Scarecrow figure as a late edition to the second wave. The version released had red glowing eyes, two unpainted teeth, and yellow straw hair. Personally, I always preferred the Scarecrow’s look from the first episode, since it looked the closest to the comic version, but at that point, I was happy to get any incarnation of the Scarecrow! He came with a crow that could “sit” on his arm and “Thrashing Sickle,” which, with the help of a wheel on his back, could spin around as he held it. Still, I thought it was a good figure, and he isn’t terribly hard to balance. The card art was ok, except the crow looked like it was done in a different style, and the Scarecrow had odd wrinkles under his eyes.
Catwoman was also released with the late second wave. As usual, Kenner delayed putting the female figure on the back of the card(ala Catwoman from Batman Returns line). I don’t know what Kenner was thinking when they sculpted her. Balance was definitely not one of the top criteria on this one. She came with a whip,(from the Returns line, used in the Legends line too) Whipping Arm Action, and Claw Hooks(Which are stupid, because they were ridiculously huge, and useless to a cat burglar ). Also included, was a little rubber Isis, (her cat) that sits around her neck and helps to cover up the fact that Catwoman’s neck is too short, and her shoulders are so square and tense, she looks like she’s having a panic attack. Also, like the Returns Catwoman, she’s got a funky attack position, that’s hard to balance. Her feet are big flat paddle looking things. Plus, her eyes are painted so that each eye looks to a different side. The card art is acceptable, except that the cat around her neck looks nothing like Isis.
Also during this wave, vehicles like the Batmobile, and Batman on the Batcycle were released. Included, were the Jokermobile, and stupid ones like the Hoverbat, and the B.A.T.V. Later came the insipid Bat-signal jet, and the impossible to find Robin Dragster. The stupid variation Batmans in this wave consisted of Skydive Batman, who was black and orange (Criminals won’t be able to spot you!), and Infrared Batman, who was black and red.
Next time: Wave Three!
DC Comic’s ships new Batman (as well as Superman and other DCU characters) comics every month, this includes spin-offs and the animated based books and tie-ins. In September shipping books DC will be raising the costs of comics once more…but not the US price. The Canadain price will jump from 2.85 to 2.95, probably due to the dwinding Canadian dollar (ugh). Like another knife in the back DC will also be raising Candian prices of their other comics as well. To get the full scoop check out the DC website (URL below) for more info.

Release dates of BATMAN comics in August:

August 5th
Batman:Gotham Adventures #5 (1.99)

August 12th
Superman Adventures #24 (1.99)

These comics are based on the current continuity Batman. The current storyline is now that Gotham is down for the count Gotham might get kicked even harder.Can the heroes save it?

August 5th
JOKER MINI STATUE-relist (no price available)
MARTAIN MANHUNTER (Batman cameo) (1.99)

August 12th
AZRAEL #46 (2.25)
BATMAN #559 (1.99)
JLA:YEAR ONE #10(of 12) (1.99)
NIGHTWING #25 (1.99)

August 19th
BATMAN VILLIANS Secret Files (4.95)
JLA #23 (1.99)

August 26th
CATWOMAN #62 (1.99)
JLA ANNUAL #2 (2.95)
ROBIN #58 (1.99)

Early solicitation
September 16th
BATMAN:GOTHAM ADVENTURES T-SHIRT (no price currently available)

September 23rd
BATMAN: ANIMATED (by Paul Dini, and Chip Kidd. The perfect gift for any Bat-fan.)
This is one of the best Batman/Superman sites on its net…what makes it different is that it’s the OFFICIAL site, which is odd seeing how offical sites for shows usually suck. This sites offers background info on characters (greatly needed to understand a lot of the newer episodes, esp “The Demon Within”), plus schedules, games and much more. The layout is superb and real easy to manuver but you’ll need an updated browser to get a lot of the special extras on the site


This site has undergone a huge and recent revamp for the better. The new layouts are amazing and the links are much clearer than before (and they were excellent before!). The animation section is better then ever and if you’re a person who only likes to look at the new stuff then check out the UPDATES section. It gives the info on all the recent updates on the site. The revamp keeps it orignal feel but adds stuff aplenty!

The URL is in the BATMAN/SUPERMAN website section.


These are some of the best BTAS sites on the web at this time. Most sites are updated or have been recently and all are up and running.
If you’ve watched Batman on WB there’s a fair chance you’ve watched Superman as well. This show has picked up 40% more viewers this past season thanx to Batman. This series is one of the most underrated shows on TV becuase it’s stuck under Batman’s (pun intended) shadow. There’s one website that treats it as its own show and its a damn good website! I recemmend all who have seen this show to check out this site:


Answer to #7: ‘C’
Answer to #8: ‘B&E’
Answer to #9: ‘D’
Answer to #10: ‘C’

A – Heart Of Ice
B – World’s Finest (Pt. 2)
C – P.O.V.

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TOY REVIEW: Kevin Smith
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