Batman The Animated Newsletter #35

Batman: The Animated Newsletter 
Weeks of August 16 – September 4/5
Volume 2,
Rated: PG for some “low-key coarse language and occasional griping”

Welcome to another issue of “Batman: The Animated Newsletter”. Enjoy!
Due to shifting schedules, summer vacations of various newsletter contributors, and the rush to get ready for the upcoming school year, this newsletter will have to tide you over for THREE weeks, instead of the usual two. We’ll see you again on September 6, 1999! (Which, coincidentally, is Tim “Two-Face”‘s birthday. And he’s the big TWO-OH! (Yep, 20!) YAY FOR HIM! *COUGH* *AHEM* (Why am I speaking about myself in the THIRD person? (Shouldn’t it be SECOND?)) We just thought we should let ya know.
Also, we forgot to mention this back in , but we have passed our 1100 subscriber mark! In fact, we did it two hours after we delivered WAAAAAYYYYY back. Way to go us!
My co-editor, Dick Grayson, has managed to interview Chuck Dixon (who does oh, so many things in the mainstream Bat-comic-titles) – so just scroll down to read it! 🙂
In addition that, he was able to submit a short-but-sweet interview he had with Ty Templeton and Terry Beatty (of “GOTHAM ADVENTURES” fame); you will find that right below the Dixon interview.
This section will just basically give an insight into what the new episodes are about and hopefully a synopsis of the episode. This section will feature both new Superman and new Batman episodes.

THE LOSS OF THE WB ON WGN: Beginning this fall, the WB will no longer be carried on WGN-TV’s national feed to avoid conflicts with other WB affiliates. WGN-TV will continue carrying the prime time WB in the Chicago area. If you’re outside the Chicago area and know of no other way to pick up the WB, you may call them at (818)977-5000 for more information. This is taken from the info section of the WGN website, // . Thank you for Peter Destructo for pointing this out.

KidsWB will soon be shown on a new channel called “WeB” – I know little about this – but if you can get that channel, I’m pretty sure the WB shows would be on.

Batman Beyond #14?
Airdate: 1999-2000 season
Teenagers at Hamilton Hill High School’s new fad is ‘splicing’ where teens take characteristics of animals and geneticaly splice them into their own bodies. You can guess this goes downhill fast!

Batman Beyond #15?
Air Date: 1999-2000 season
Ten returns to rekindle her love for Terry, and the Royal Flush Gang returns to once again kill Batman – but then again, is there more than meets the eye this time?

Superman #44?
Air date: Fall of 1999
BATMAN’S FINAL CURRENT-DAY ANIMATED APPEARANCE! This episode features Batman and Superman teaming up to take down Ra’s Al Ghul, who has plans to send the world back to its natural, pre-human state. WOOHOO! THE BAT IS BACK! Airs in September.

‘LEGACY (Pt. 1 & 2)’
Superman #48, 49?
Air date: Fall of 1999
This two-parter features the final showdown between Superman and Darksied in which he strips Superman of his memory and adopts him as a son in an effort to take over Earth. Now it seems this won’t air until September! Argh!
(courtesy of Brian Cruz and/or the official BTAS/STAS site)

This section of the newsletter highlights the schedule and times that WB airs The New Batman/Superman Adventures. For most affiliates it airs Monday – Friday at 4pm (ET) and Saturdays beginning at 8am (ET). WGN airs Batman/Superman Monday – Friday at 10am (ET) and Sundays beginning at 8am (ET). There’s a chance that your local WB channel airs it at a differant time. To find out when, we recommend you follow this URL (provided by Toonzone): //

And if/when that schedule is not available, go to the official BTAS/STAS site to check up on the air date schedules. The address is // …Then go to either BATMAN or SUPERMAN, and then click on EPISODES.

PS – Remember that “Batman Beyond” airs 30 minutes AFTER “Batman/Superman” is over, because “Men In Black” has been squeezed in between.

Mon 8-16-99: Superman #14 Blasts from the Past (Pt. 1)
Superman #17 Blasts from the Past (Pt. 2)

Tue 8-17-99: Batman #88 Cold Comfort
Superman #30 Bizarro’s World

Wed 8-18-99: Batman #91 Never Fear
Superman #20 Identity Crisis

Thu 8-19-99: Superman #18 Livewire 
Batman #87 Sins of the Father

Fri 8-20-99: Superman #42 Where There’s Smoke
Batman #99 Critters

Sat 8-21-99: Batman #103 The Demon Within
Superman #54 A Fish Story
B-BEYOND #11 A Touch of Curare

Episode schedules for the week of August 22 to September 5 were unavailable at the delivery date of this newsletter. For current schedules, go to Brian Cruz’ site, via the link provided above.

All episodes #86 and onward of BATMAN are considered THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES while the original 85 are considered BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (BTAS) episodes.
“Yabba Dabba Doom”
(courtesy of Brian Cruz)

THE CARTOON NETWORK was able to get the exclusive rights to 52 episodes of the classic BTAS, as well as both animated movies. BTAS airs Monday-Friday at 6pm (ET) and then repeated again at midnight. If our schedule listings is not complete or up to date then please go to TOONZONE for the complete episode schedule at:

(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

All of Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton’s reviews of the new-style BTAS episodes and BATMAN BEYOND can be found via these links, which link to “Two-Face’s Tower of Tranquility and Terror”:


Written by Rich Fogel 
Directed by Curt Geda 
Animation by Dong Yang 
Original air date: September 20, 1997 
My rating: *** 

“Sins of the Father” is the origin story of the third Robin, Tim Drake. After “Sub-Zero”, Dick Grayson (the original Robin) became Nightwing, and needs to be replaced. Note: Tim Drake is the third Robin in the comics, but the second Robin on BTAS. (BTAS overlooked the brutal but important death of Jason Todd.)

In the BTAS incarnation of this character, Tim Drake is a down-on-his luck kid, who has pretty much been orphaned by his father, Stephen Drake. Tim is very street-smart…and idolizes Batman, for he possesses a collection of newspaper clippings about the Dark Knight and even a real batarang at his below-average residence. 

Enter the villain. Stephen Drake used to work for Two-Face, and has something that Two-Face desires…and he and his mean are searching for him. They eventually stumble upon Tim at his home, and take him hostage. 

Enter the hero. Batman saves the day, and in a hurried escape, takes Tim back to the Batcave in the new Batboat. One event leads to another…Tim’s father is found dead in Metropolis, Tim discovers Batman’s secret identity, and Batgirl makes her uneeded appearance…and after Batman’s continual dissuasion, Tim becomes the new Robin. 

I liked this episode. Two-Face is genuinely evil, and Batman is the stone-cold man he should be. Alfred makes his first “improved” appearance, and it now appears that Batgirl has full access to the Batcave. Tim Drake is a good Robin replacement, for he really is a “boy wonder”. At the end of the episode, Dick Grayson enters to see Bruce training Tim…a very touching, and cool ending. 

This one should have been a two-parter, though. That’s the only downside. 


Remember that guy named Chuck Dixon? You know, he wrote DETECTIVE COMICS, and wites ROBIN, NIGHTWING, BIRDS OF PREY, as well as other assorted books? Ring a bell? Yeah, I thought so to. I had the oppurtunity for Chuck to answer some of my questions recently and this is what Dixon had to say. Trust me, it’s pretty cool to see him in an intevriew in WIZARD magazine a few months agon, and then to see yourself actually interviewing him. So sit back and read!

BTAN #1: First off, as always, tell us abit about yourself.

CHUCK DIXON #1: I’ve got basically the same “origin” as other guys who turned pro in comics. I was sick a lot as a kid and my mom bought me lots of comics so I could work on my reading. I graduated high school and spent the next thirteen years working donkey jobs until I could break into the comics book business full time.

BTAN #2: When did you realize that, well, you could actually make a living writing comics? Did it just hit you like an anvil or did you always just know?

CD #2: I always knew I wanted to do it. I wasn’t sure I could ever make a living at it. I was willing to do it part time and work a ‘real’ job to supportmy writing. Luckily I didn’t have to. My first real “fulltime” assignment was SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN; a guaranteed 50 pages a month. That allowed me to get married. Then my stint on the Punisher allowed me to buy a house.

BTAN #3: Which do you think is easier: Being a writer, or being an artist (penciller, inker, whatever)?

CD #3: For me, it’s writing. I can’t imagine the discipline required for putting art on boards. When I was a kid I wanted to be a penciller ’cause they were the superstars (still are.). But, while I have some native ability at drawing, I lack the discipline required to turn out a page a day and didn’t pursue that line.

BTAN #4: Seeing how this is an animated themed newsletter I guess I’ll jump right into it: What is your favorite BTAS episode? Why?

CD #4: ALMOST GOT ‘IM is my hands down favorite. The pacing, characterization, and the humor are all on the money. Plus it’s CRAMMED with story. Another fave is A BULLET FOR BULLOCK ’cause it’s adapted from one of my stories. How cool is hearing your own dialogue spoken by actors?

BTAN #5: If you had a chance would you write an episode of BTAS? What would it be about?

CD #5: I’d love to try my hand at it. But the intimidation factor would be awesome. I think Batman: The Animated Series has the best writers on TV.

BTAN #6: Why do you think Batman is still around today, and will be still be around? I’m suprised (the movie) BATMAN & ROBIN didn’t erase him off the earth, to be honest.

CD #6: Bob Kane himself admitted that Batman was cobbled together from a dozen different popular and literature icons. You’ve got the best of Zorro, Dracula, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Sherlock Holmes and the Shadow all rolled into one character. It’s the ultimate male fantasy. To be wealthy and feared and have all that great stuff hidden away in your own underground lair. And the bat symbol itself plays a big part. It’s easily one of the top ten most recognizable symbols in the world. Right up there with the Chevy shield and the swastika.

BTAN #7: In the past 5 or 6 years, we’ve had alot happen to Gotham. We had the Knight trilogy, Contagion, Legacy, Cataclysm, and now No Man’s Land. Which crossover have you enjoyed the most?

CD #7: Knightfall worked the best and was the most fun. We had a very strong framework to build on and were left plenty of room to improvise.

BTAN #8: Seeing how Bats is still stuck in NML, I’ll guess I’ll ask you this: How are you enjoying NML? People say DC has gone too far with this crossover, do you agree?

CD #8: No comment.

BTAN #9: At the Chicago ComicCon, the new creative teams and storylines were announced for Batman’s Y2K relaunch. One thing that caught my attention is that one part of Gotham will be remade over with a ‘Glass & Light’ (or something along those lines)image. Is this what the BATMAN of the future hinted about in the NIGHTWING #1,000,000 issue? Is there anymore little small details you can shed about this?

CD #9: I’m actually surprised at this. I’ve been lobbying for almost two years that the center of Gotham be built of tempered fiberglass in modular sections so that Midtown Gotham could literally be rebuilt inside of a few months. These towers of glass would allow light (moon and sun) through and seem to glow in the darkness around them. I thought it would give Gotham a different look from other DCU (and real) cities. I’m just suprised to find out someone listened to me.

BTAN #10: Also, It’s reported that Batman will once again undergo a costume change. Is this to accomadate the ‘new’ Gotham? Does this mean there are certain dangers we can look forward to come Y2K?

CD #10: I haven’t been apprised of the costume changes or even that there will BE any.

BTAN #11: Everyone knows you write alot of books, one of them being the critically acclaimed ROBIN. Now we’ve seen alot of stuff happen to poor ol’ Drake. He’s caught that disease during CONTAGION, been smacked around by Jean-Paul, had a friend shot, got dumped by his girl Ariana,
and has the crappiest luck around. Will his luck be getting worse post-NML? Is there any details you can drop?

CD #11: His luck does not improve. His father will take steps to limit what he sees as Tim’s delinquency. This will present new challenges to Tim and Robin. I’ve already written three stories into the new year and I think Robin’s readers will LOVE these changes.

BTAN #12: Another book you write is NIGHTWING. Once NML is over and he moves back to Bludhaven, is there going to be any changes we’re going to notice? Also, do you think the new creative team on NIGHTWING will alter the series in anyway. Scott McDaniel had a specific style, and now
we have the great team of Greg Land and Drew Geraci. Will this new creative team cause a sort of atmosphere change?

CD #12: There will be a shift in emphasis away from all-action toward more atmospheric stories. That’s Greg and Drew’s strength. There’ll still be plenty of action though. No changes to the book. We’ll return to the storylines that NML interrupted.

BTAN #13: Now the difficult question, out of all the stories you’ve wrote for DETECTIVE COMICS, ROBIN, NIGHTWING, BIRDS OF PREY, and about the 1000 other comics you’ve written, which do you have to say is your favorite story, and why?

CD #13: The ‘Nam #66. It played like a movie in my head and I laid it down, without re-writes, in just a few hours.

BTAN #14: If you had a chance, would you write SUPERMAN. Most writers say they wouldn’t touch those books with a twelve foot pole becuase of the history behind them. Would you, you think, be able to leave your mark on Superman if you had your chance? Maybe you have a SUPERMAN project coming up…?

CD #14: I did Superman: The Oddessey [Check it out!] and I’m doing SUPERMAN/ALIENS 2 right now. I’ve not been asked to join the Superman titles. I’d say that I don’t have a lot of Superman story ideas in me. But I once said that about Batman AND Green Arrow. I also once said that I wasn’t sure I could write more than a year of ROBIN. Never say never, I guess.

BTAN #15: Is there any little upcoming stories to plot-lines you can fill us in on? There are going to be questions abound when NML ends, and the post NML begins. Is there any suprises you cna prepare us for…?

CD #15: If I prepared you they wouldn’t be surprises.

BTAN: Thank you, Chuck Dixon. You’ve provided with some great info as well as some interesting teasers. Everyone,a round of applause to Chuck Dixon! Thank you!



Can’t distuinguish what’s true & rumour? Well I asked some questions to Ty Templeton and Terry Beatty about some of the rumours that have been floating around and this is what they’ve had to say:


BTAN: I heard that you are doing issues #41 & 42 of SUPERMAN ADVENTURES. Is this true, and could you give me any info on the stories?

TY: “Best I can answer….I co-plotted and fully scripted #41, but, though a plot was prepared for #42, it’s going to be scheduled later for reasons that aren’t interesting enough to go into, and hasn’t yet been scripted, but it’s going to be soon…
“The Gotham City co-star is in the script that was originally for #42, and now, we’re not sure when it’s going in, possibly #44 or 45. Don’t know who drew #41, I’m told it’s already drawn, I think it was Amancio, and I’m sure I’ve misspelled that. [Aluir Almancio is the artist’s name]
“There was an offer to do more SUPERMAN ADVENTURES scripts after the first two were done, but between Avengers, the fitful and startful graphic novelproject, and about twenty other things I have going, I doubt I’ll be doing any more Supermans for at least a few more months. It’s darn tempting though, since Superman was a hoot to write. I’m sure there’ll be more between me and Supey in a couple of months, but I’m trying to concentrate on Avengers and the supersecret other stuff that has NOTHING to do with Comix. (Didn’t that sound important?)”

-Ty the Guy.

AND now good ol’ TERRY BEATTY:

BTAN: Do you know of any upcoming storylines or when Rick Burchett is returning to GOTHAM ADVENTURES?

TERRY: “Don’t know for sure when Rick is coming back. I do know he’s lined up a lot of other work to do first! In the meantime, Tim Levins is turning in some wonderful pencils.
“Upcoming stories? Poison Ivy is featured in the issue I just inked [] – and the next issue is a kidnapping tale — don’t know yet if it features a classic villain or not. 
That’s all, folks…”

BTAN: Thank you both Ty & Terry!
(by Laura Hysert, aka “Phoenix”)

Laura is still on hiatus – here’s hoping she returns soon! *BEGS* COME BACK LAURA!!! 
(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

This is one of my favourite sections, where I get to boggle the minds of all our readers! *EVIL LAUGH* This trivia is all animated-related in some form, and can deal with ANY aspect of the show or comics based on the show. Remember, answer the questions WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE ANIMATED CONTINUITY. Now have fun – let’s see how well you do! Answers are provided below.

New quiz! I’ll list 5 characters here. Now, what you have to do is give me the name of the actor(s) that provides their voice. Enjoy!

161. Firefly

162. Dick Grayson (as Nightwing)

163. Ferris Boyle

164. The Scarecrow

165. Batman

Answer to #161: Mark Rolston
Answer to #162: Loren Lester
Answer to #163: Mark Hamill
Answer to #164: Henry Polic II, Jeffrey Combs
Answer to #165: Kevin Conroy, Gary Owens, Michael Ironside, Will Friedle (if you wanna count Terry is Batman, that is)
(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Here is a section that just points out various little facts and bloopers that we have noticed while watching BTAS and STAS countless times. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to do so! Enjoy!

1) Ahhhhh…Bane has appeared in another movie recently, guys! OK, not really, but still, if you rent “8mm” – the new Nicolas Cage movie by Joel Schumacher – you’ll notice that there is a guy in that movie named “Machine” that has a striking resemblance to Bane. Fortunately, this rendition of the character isn’t one that looks like all they need is a big hug to stop their life of crime…

(by “Harvette D. Robyn, II”)
2) Bruce has no shoes on while working out in “Eternal Youth” but later does.

3) When the Mad Hatter reveals himself to Miranda in “Animal Act”, he takes off a GREY wig and his own hair is orange, but in the very next frame, HIS hair is grey and the wig is orange.

4) In “Night of the Ninja”, Kyodai makes his escape over the edge of the building after Robin steps in and saves Bats from becoming sushi. Robin rushes to the edge of the building and looks down, seeing nothing but traffic below. Unless they were magically transported to the United Kingdom, all the cars are driving on the wrong side of the road! Traffic is flowing on the left side of the road instead of the right as is normal for the USA. Tah dah! Another boo-boo caught!

(by “CKent15”)
5) In the episode “Pretty Poison,” when Poison Ivy is in her cell at the end, we can see some writing on her cell wall that presumably says “kiss my ass.” (The last two letters of the offending word are blurred by shadow.)

6) The title “Mask of the Phantasm” obviously refers to the masked killer that Batman fights. But ever notice that, throughout the entire movie, (s)he is never once actually referred to as “Phantasm”? Just as “the man in the costume,” “Andrea’s father” (allegedly), or by some mistaken citizens, “Batman.” Never “Phantasm.”

7) In the episode “Heart of Ice,” Batman learns of Mr. Freeze’s origin through a video tape that recorded the whole incident. But if it really was recorded by one of the lab cameras, why/how is it able to get different shots, i.e. panning around the room, cutting angles, close-ups of characters faces? Shouldn’t it be one continuous shot?

(by “Lisa Blank”)
8) In “Love is a Croc”, when Baby-Doll tells Killer Croc that they will die and take all of Gotham with them when the reactor explodes, she’s wrong. Reason one: it wouldn’t explode. Reason two: only the people inside the nuclear plant would have died: Baby-Doll, Croc, Batman, and Batgirl.
(by Kevin Smith)

Beanie Babies. The very words send chills up my spine. I have friends who were unfortunate enough to work in retail stores that sold them. The behavior they described being perpetrated by grown adults over these stuffed pieces of decorated fabric is pathetic. However, I’ve learned that not all Beanie Baby collectors are in need of rabies shots. My best friend collects them. I help – it’s all of the fun and none of the stress.
So, when Warner Brothers came out with Batman Beanies done in the style of the New Adventures, I *had* to get my hands on some. In this article, I’m going to talk about only the Batman Beanies – available at your local (or non-local) Warner Brothers Store. The line up is Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Catwoman.
Batman himself is pretty close to being the worst of the lot. The animated characters don’t transfer perfectly to Beanie form, so he’s not the swingiest looking chap you’ve ever seen, but it sure is kewl to have a Batman Beanie! He has a long double layered cape – black on the outside and dark gray on the inside – a yellow utillity belt, finned gloves. The only thing that doesn’t transfer well is his face. he looks like that man on Cartoon network who dresses up as Space Ghost. He also doesn’t have much of a profile, but I guess the only way to do that, was to have a big seam in the middle of his face. However, his body captures the stocky, muscular look he has on the show fairly well.
With Robin, we get a little bit better. Hi face is flat, but the nose is stitched on, so it looks more like his character on the show. His cape is made of a smoother cloth than Batman’s and is also double-layered. His hair somewhat reminds me of Freakazoid’s but I’m willing to overlook it for a decent face. His gloves seem to have a solid fin thing going on, that I actually like. And there is a nice stitching job done on the front of his 
“R” symbol, and three buttons.
Next we have Batgirl. She is giving her classic smile, but her eyes are nearly not big enough. Her hair is done with a velvet like cloth and actually does well in portraying Batgirl’s hairstyle. However, the blue in her outfit is sacrificed for a yellow and black motif. Her cape is yellow on the inside with a smooth, shiny fabric that was used for Robin’s cape. The best part is that while the outside of her cape isn’t blue, it’s made of black leather like material instead – as well as her cowl. Her boots and finned gloves are from the shiny yellow material, and her yellow belt is leather like too. They actually do a good job at creating the female form.
The best in the series is definitely Catwoman. Except for her face, she is made completely out of the shiny black leather like material that comprised Batgirl’s outside cape. Catwoman has a red lipped Cheshire Cat grin to go with her eerie pale green skin. The black leather like material really suits her hourglass figure. 
And there you have it. These Beanies run for about seven to eight dollars at Warner Brothers, and can also be bought on E-bay for slightly more.

(by Aaron Maurer)

NOTE: Mr. Maurer DID submit a review of GOTHAM ADVENTURES #17 on time this week, but we have pre-empted his review at the last moment so we can review a certain comic that came out this past week. This past Wednesday (August 11), Harley Quinn made her big debut in the mainstream Bat-universe. I realize that this is NOT an animated comic, BUT felt that this is important for the animated universe anyway, for she is the most important BTAS original to make the jump from the “animated” to “mainstream” universe of the Bat-mythos. OK…that was a long-winded explanation now, wasn’t it? So sit back, and enjoy! We’ll have a review of of GOTHAM ADVENTURES in the next issue of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER. (Looks like you have a little break, Mr. Maurer!)

(Reviewed by Tim “TWO-FACE” L.)

PENCILED BY: Yvel Guichet
INKED BY: Aaron Sowd
ISSUED: August 11, 1999 (Cover date is September)
RATING: **** (out of 5)

“My love for my Joker was stronger than their madhouse walls.”
-Harley Quinn, talking about…well…come on, read the quote and figure it out! ;-Y

SUMMARY: Harley Quinn finally makes her mainstream debut in a special one-shot by her creator, Paul Dini. Told in flashback, Harley tells newfound friend Poison Ivy about how she and the Joker met, how they “bonded” (ewwwwwwww), how she became a costumed criminal, how she and Mistah J had a falling out, and how she swore revenge: she wanted to kill the Joker for spurning her.

COMMENTS: The art for this issue was wonderful! I really liked how colourful everything looked, despite the grim surroundings. All the major characters – Batman, Joker, Harley, and Ivy – all looked terrific; ditto for the great cover by Alex Ross. (I can really see a Nicholson influence there, can’t you? Don’tcha wanna just dance in the pale moonlight with ‘im?) The story itself was something I was less enthusiastic about, but it was still enjoyable; the only reason I didn’t give it a great rating was because it was rather simplistic. I do congratulate Dini for seamlessly fitting this story into NML, however; and it was really cool to see the Penguin make an appearance, too. The delightfully deadly note left on the pier at the end was terrific. Oh, and who thought of “Batman & Robin” during the rocket scene? I did!
AND I guess it looks like the debate about whether the Joker and Harley have ever “consumated their fiendish union” is now settled. Hope ya’ll are happy. (I wonder if Mistah J’s hair is green EVERYWHERE…makes me wonder if my namesake is the same way…but I digress…ew.)

CRITICISMS: OhhhhhK, I think everyone knows that I have a major Harley bias here – in that I feel that every story featuring her will be rather poor before I actually read it. I’m sorry, but that’s how I’ve grown to react to the character after seeing her terrible treatment on the animated series these past two years. That said, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised; a good Harley story! YAY! We haven’t had one of these in…years? One criticism, however, is that this issue is short…yes, it is 48 pages long, but I feel like the story was condensed too much – especially in the retelling of Harley’s origin. I understand that it’s pretty much the same as the animated version, but still – Dini shouldn’t assume that we know that.
Harley was TOO silly here. She hasn’t shown any sign of maturity when compared to the animated version. I was hoping for someone who, while still silly and crazy, was a little more dark and disturbed; I never got that impression here.
I felt that, even though Poison Ivy’s part was written well, she had no point to be in this story. And I didn’t like how she “souped up” Harley’s physical abilities. She never did that on BTAS – her drugs merely made her immune to Ivy’s poisons, NOT Bane’s long-lost venom-powered niece or whatever she turned out to be. I think the story would have been much more touching if Harley went back to kill the Joker WITHOUT any help (‘cept maybe Batman’s)…but I digress.
The last problem I had was the oh, so quick turn-around at the end. The Joker merely says “sorry”, and suddenly Harley forgives him? This, after she’s sworn to kill him? I know that she’s an extreme personality and all, but having her desire for death turned transformed into amour and adorance so easily was TOO MUCH – even for her. It made her look like a complete wimp – which she shouldn’t be. Maybe a softie, but not a wimp. (Reminds me of the terrible ending to the otherwise good episode “Harlequinade.”)

BOTTOM LINE: Looks like I still like to dwell on the dark side of things, huh? I guess Big Bad Harv still has the upper hand today…either way, I can safely say that this comic is enjoyable and probably the best issue of NO MAN’S LAND for a good month or so. I feel that it does to Miss Quinn justice, but I hope that her character matures by next week when she appears in the mainstream again. Buy it for the art, by it for the simplistic-but-fun story, buy it cuz it’s one of the two “events” that DC promised when they brought NML to our attention months ago. I’m sure that if a very discriminating reader like myself enjoyed it, you all will, too.

-Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton

This section gives a little bit more indepth look into each monthly issue of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES and SUPERMAN ADVENTURES. Below each comic listing is a link to the cover of that comic. TALK ABOUT SERVICE!
The price is $1.99 in the US and..grrrrr…a whopping $3.25 in Canada. (Both our editors and many subscribers are Canadian, hence the “grrr”.)

September 1st or 8th?
Synopsis: Man-Bat is back. Kirk Langstrom’s wife’s disappearance coincides with attacks by Man-Bat on numerous corporate labs. What’s the connection, and how can Batman stop the creature without one of them getting killed? 
Cover: //

Synopsis: Poison Ivy makes a come back in a story featuring none other than…breakfast cereal?
Cover: //

BATMAN BEYOND #1 (ongoing)
September 15th or 22nd?
Uhhh…don’t know much about this…it’ll be out in September, though.

FOLLOWING MONTH: Issue #2. Starring Inque! Comes out in October.

September 8th or 15th?
Synopsis unavailable.
Cover: //

Synopsis: Unavailable
Cover: Unavailable

-Terry Beatty has been and will be selling Gotham Adventures and Batman Beyond original art on ebay. His Seller ID is: Do yourself a favor and check out some great art!
-Next season, it seems Pokemon will now be appearng 10 times a week on Kids’WB! Twice every weekday and twice every weekend. This could effect BATMAN/SUPERMAN’s chance of regaining it’s hour format on weekends this fall.
-It seems WB is airing some ‘sneek peek’ commercials for next season. Aside from the news of THE DEMON REBORN episode clips being shown during commercials breaks, now we are seeing clips from the new BATMAN BEYOND season. This actually gives us a reason to watch commercial breaks!
Highlights include, in the BATMAN BEYOND commercial, the return of Ten, a clip of Stalker, plus Terry transforming into a Man-Bat-like creature. Plus the commercial very quickly shows some possible new allies. The new season is coming…very fast!

-BTAS/STAS will return in the fall of 2001 with NEW EPISODES, when Batman Beyond goes on hiatus.
-The STAS episodes LEGACY and DEMON REBORN have been left for this coming season. Great. Three more episodes to be scattered throughout the season. Perfect. Blech.

-Yet another BATMAN BEYOND contest looms on the horizon. Wanna know more about this newest BATMAN BEYOND contest? Well check out this URL: //
-BATMAN BEYOND will be one of the main focuses in the upcoming WIZARD Presents TOONS: THE ANIMATION MAGAZINE. This will be WIZARD’s second animation magazine; I recommend you pick it up. It is a very cool – and funny – animation magazine with great articles and info. It will be released sometime this August. Pick it up!
-The BATMAN BEYOND CD will come out in stores on August 31st. Check out this section of Batman: The Animated Newsletter in for a full play-list. The CD runs about 40 minutes. For more info, and a picture of the CD cover, go to this address: //
-A new villain named “Stalker” will be introduced. This villain will be a cross between a bounty game hunter and a celebrity stalker.

-Man-Bat reappears in GOTHAM ADVENTURES #18.
-Poison Ivy will be appearing in GOTHAM ADVENTURES #19.
-It’s a nearly-safe bet that Two-Face will be in #22 (just as he was in BATMAN ADVENTURES and BATMAN & ROBIN ADVENTURES).
-Ty Templeton’s up comig two issue stint on Superman Adventures issues will be co-written with Dan Slott.

-BATGIRL: the new NO MAN’S LAND Spin-off series! Last month DC chose the Chicago WizardWorld Comicon to announce a slew of changes to the core Batman and Batman family of titles starting in January 2000, today at the San Diego Comicon International, the publisher officially announced a well-anticipated addition to the family…Batgirl, a new character that has proved instantly popular with readers, gets her own ongoing monthly series beginning next year, co-written by former Batman group editor Scott Peterson (Batman: Gotham Adventures) and Kelly Puckett (Batman Adventures), and illustrated by Damian Scott and John Floyd (NML’s MARK OF CAIN story arc). Set to be remain a core member of the Bat-family within Gotham City, the series will follow the mysterious teenage hero – who was trained from childhood in the ways of assassins- as she learns to work for a hero who won’t allow her to kill.
“It’s very much a coming of age story,” said associate Bat-editor Joe Illidge. “Heroism in various aspects will be explored. The series will be an examination of one girl’s entry into this big social strata that she hasn’t been involved in too much. She’s been traveling all over the world, but her language has been martial arts, and now she’s going to find out that maybe the hardest thing in the world is not being a combatant, but it’s being a 17-year old.” (courtesy of THE DAILY BUZZ & MIKE DORAN)
-Check out the newest interview with Paul Dini, as he discusses the origin of Harley Quinn, her role in the DCU and BTAS, as well as future plans for BATMAN Y2K: //
-Wanna know what BATMAN’s post-NML costume is gonna look like? Well, courtesy of Scott McDaniel’s (NIGHTWING artist, soon to be BATMAN artist) website we get a glance at it. The link is here: //
This just shows how DC is finally taking grasp at the animated world of BATMAN/SUPERMAN. Metropolis, as well as some SUPERMAN villians, are getting the STAS makeover, and, as evidence from the link above, so is BATMAN and his home turf GOTHAM. This is no doubt gonna be a stellar year for both BATMAN & SUPERMAN.
As of right now, two of the four core Bat-titles will be upping to 40 pages a month instead of the regular 32 page length. DC has confirmed that a couple of core BATMAN titles will debut in new ‘formats’ when the new creative teams and directions debut in January 2000:
DETECTIVE COMICS, written by Greg Rucka with art by Shawn Martinbrough, increases to 40 pages for longer, more complex crime stories; and
BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS, written by Devin Grayson, with art by Dale Eaglesham and John Floyd, will be backed up each month with special BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE features from various, high-profile creators. Its unknown if BATMAN and BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT will also
increase their page count to 40. (Courtesy of ANOTHERUNIVERSE.COM’s NEWSARAMA)
-For more, see the “Road Through No Man’s Land” section below.

-Paul Dini says that the direct to video BATMAN BEYOND movie will now hit shleves Thanksgiving 2000. He says the sript is done and everything is set to go. Asked about whether or not we’ll see more Batman/Superman he simply said that when BATMAN was cancelled on FOX it was thought the show was done for good, then it appeared for two seasons on WB. Who knows?
-This was taken from CINESCAPE ONLINE:
Frank Miller doesn’t like to let information on possible projects slip out prematurely, an audience at the San Diego Comic Con learned well Thursday. But when Miller was asked whether there were any plans for a full length animated feature of his comic classic Batman Dark Knight, he said, “That’s entirely up to [the Batman animated producers]. As long as the name Bruce Timm is on it, I’m there.” 
Meanwhile, the comic legend refused to address Internet rumors that suggest that the Wachowski Brothers (Matrix) are interested in developing a film based on his Hardboiled series or rumors that he had been approached by Warner Bros. to write a screenplay based on his Batman: Year One story. “I really don’t mean to be rude here, but if there were [such projects in the works] I wouldn’t tell you,” Miller said to such inqueries. “There are too many things that could go wrong … I’d have kind of let the cat out of the bag and then there’s no cat,” he explained.

-A CATWOMAN video game will be available for Game Boy Colour this summer! Where did THIS come from? It appears to be based on the COMICS version of Catwoman, not the animated or movie version. Go to this address to read all about it: //
– There’s a whole slew of back-to-school stationary-type Batman stuff at the WB Studio Store here. One pocket folder/notebook in particular of Batman that’s really nice – looks like the BTAS design, that cool pose with Bats looking over his shoulder with the cape pulled around him. There are also a few new t-shirts, but they’re all in kids sizes, unfortunately. There’s one of Batman and Robin from TNBA, only Robin appears to look a little older. Two other designs are also TNBA design action poses. Nice to look at, but hard to fit into unless you’re
really small. Check your local WB store of their website at: //
*thanx to Gookie*
– New Batman-Superman vinyl coin bank, a slightly scaled-down version of the earlier coin banks each of Batman and Superman. I have the Batman one signed by Conroy, Burnett, and Dini. It’s the same pose as the new ceramic cookie jar, if you’ve seen that one.
– 4 different Harley items in the new WBSS catalog:
Ron Lee Sculpture (along with Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Batgirl)
Harley maquette
“Deadly Beauties” masterpiece sculpture – “framed” maquette of hand-painted resin picturing Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman
Harley/Ivy ceramic cookie jar.
– Also from the new WBSS Catalog: quite a few new Batman items. They’ve scaled-down the $55 busts of Batman and Superman to $20 ones which are the same model, just on a smaller scale, and just as nice; Limited edition hand-painted cel from “Rebirth”, Batman Beyond, limited to 350 copies; lots of kids items that I’d love to have just because they look cool, but will probably prevent me from purchasing any of them; and finally, a “History Of The Batmobiles” limited edition lithograph going for a whopping $195. Still, it’s very nice, but doesn’t include the
futuristic Batmobile however.
– From “Lee’s Action Figure News & Toy Review”, an action figure from the Batman Beyond line not previously mentioned in that infamous Toyfare insert. “Power Armor Batman”, which frankly looks pretty cool, and is the first sculpt in toy form of Terry’s head. The other two figures in the line are “Sonic Boom Batman” and “Hydro Force Batman” – nothing to care about there if you’re a serious action figure collector. But there will be a new Batman Beyond Batmobile that’s NOT that icky powder blue color like the first vehicle Hasbro released. This one’s all black, just like the tv show, but does have some yellow stripes and red accessories. Other than that, it looks pretty cool.
– And the new edition of Toyfare has some even better pics of these toys, plus “Radio Rage Blight” which is so frickin cool it’s uncanny. I can’t wait for this toy to be released. Toyfare’s got a better photographer, so if you’re gonna buy one of these mags to see the pics, get Toyfare. Besides, Toyfare’s a better mag anyway, IMO.
*thanks to Gookie for all that info!*
-The Playstation version of the SUPERMAN video game has a tentative release date of September 16, 1999.

(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Yes, I know this isn’t really an animated topic, but I thought, hey, it’s Batman’s 60th anniversary, and this is the big event that celebrates it, so I should have a section dedicated to this year-long crossover. Besides, so far it’s been excellent in every issue. We have this section split up into two parts – the first saying what has already happened, the second previewing what’s to come. Enjoy!

JANUARY – APRIL: For synopses of what happened in the first four months of NO MAN’S LAND, go see Issues #26 and #27 of “Batman: The Animated Newsletter”. Follow this link: //

MAY, JUNE: For synopses of what how things really heated up in the fifth and sixth months of NO MAN’S LAND, see of “Batman: The Animated Newsletter”. Follow this link: //

JULY: For synopses of the many things that happened in the month that all of the other major players in Gotham broke back into the city, see of “Batman: The Animated Newsletter”. Follow this link: //

AUGUST: Batman teams up with a person named Lynx to combat a bunch of thugs using Gotham citizens as slaves to give the city a source of electrical power; meanwhile, Bane is starting to set his plans in action… Nightwing is locked-up in Blackgate, where he convinces the other inmates (among them, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, The Ventriloquist, Firefly, Black Mask) to let him live, so he can be used as a “bargaining chip” when Batman comes to the island. Lock-Up is told that Nightwing has been eaten alive. Azrael has made Nicholas Scratch look like a fool – and many of his followers have lost faith in him. And Harley Quinn has finally been introduced to the mainstream: she meets the Joker, is set free from Arkham via the earthquake, helps him get supplies and valuables from the Penguin, is abused by the Joker, meets Poison Ivy, goes back to kick Joker’s butt (and Batman’s as well), and after Joker says “sorry”, gets back together with ‘im. End o’ story!

That’s 43 issues of NML so far. For a complete list, e-mail us.

-August: The Joker and Harley return in “The Code”, where they confront the Huntress; Robin is still out searching for food.
-September: “The Underground Railroad”, in LOTDK #123 and SOTB #91. Batman hardly appears at all in this story; Robin, Penguin, and Joker have larger roles. Then in “Goin’ Downtown”, Two-Face, Penguin, and Bane collide in another major turf war – in BATMAN #571 and DC #738. And don’t forget “Batman: No Man’s Land #0”, featuring what Batman did in the first 100 days of NML before re-appearing to confront Scarface.
-October: Superman returns to Gotham, saving the city from Petit and his renegade ex-cops. Then Two-Face breaks his deal with Gordon, kidnaps him, and puts him on trial.
-See below for more.

-The Nightwing/Lock-Up brawl continues from of NIGHTWING to #36 and #37.
-Batman sends Robin out to get emergency food rations BUT is confronted by Mr. Freeze and the Ratcatcher in the process. Robin then goes up against Killer Croc in Robin #71.
-The Huntress takes on the Joker and Harley Quinn in August.
-Leslie Thompkins and the Huntress are the focus of BATMAN CHRONICLES #18, in August.
-Superman will return to Gotham in SHADOW OF THE BAT #92, in October.
-Commissioner Gordon is kidnapped by Two-Face in BATMAN #572 and DC #739, in October.

-The Ratcatcher confronts Robin in the sewers under Gotham.
-Bane returns in September to destroy Gotham – and finally fulfill his plans – in “Goin’ Downtown”.
-Lock-Up is in trouble when Nightwing tries to take over control of Blackgate Prison in September!
-Mr. Freeze will appear in Robin #70 in September.
-The Joker and Harley Quinn return to battle the Huntress in Batman #570 and DC #737.
-Killer Croc and a wounded Mr. Zsasz re-appear in BATMAN CHRONICLES #18 in August. Croc then re-appears in ROBIN #71 in October.
-Two-Face re-surfaces in September in “Goin’ Downtown”, another major turf-war story, also featuring Bane and Penguin. In October he kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and puts him on trial in the two-part “Jurisprudence”. He later re-appears in another big way later on in No Man’s Land, apparently as the second-last villain to be defeated. (How fitting.)
-The Penguin also returns to a prominent role in “Goin’ Downtown”.
-Ra’s Al Ghul, meanwhile, is in Washington D.C. battling Anarky in his new ongoing series.

“A mysterious new villian hires Batmans greatest foes to destroy him and the ones he loves. To save them and himself, Batman is forced to play a game where the line between reality and unreality cannot be seen.







An unoffical, but offically made Batman 5 script for loyal Batfans everywhere written by Greg Curry. BATMAN: ANGEL OF DARKNESS arrives August 21 on the Batman Newsletter.”————-End quote

* – indicates a shameless plug for a site a certain double-faced editor created with his bare hands – in other words, a cheap advertising technique.




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