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Batman The Animated Newsletter #114

Batman The Animated Newsletter #114

Batman: The Animated Newsletter
Weeks of May 20 to June 3, 2002
Volume 4, 4
Rated: PG (as with all other things Batman-related)

THIS ISSUE’S SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: “Sorry for taking so long…I just flew in from Metropolis and boy, are my arms tired. (Note: I indirectly need arms to type.)”

Recently, many of us have received e-mails saying that our computers may be affected by a virus called “jdbgmgr.exe”. Do NOT follow the instructions this e-mail provides. Do NOT remove this file – if you do, you may destroy your chances of viewing webpages in your internet browser.

I just thought I’d let you know, because this stupid hoax seems to be quite rampant right now, and not many people realize it’s a hoax.

On September 5 of this year, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES will be celebrating its tenth anniversary of production. This ranges everywhere from the show itself to the comics based upon it to books, toys, video games, merchandising…everything started on this date.

As a way to celebrate, co-editor Dick Grayson has set up a page at his WORLD’S FINEST site where he has big things planned for this momentous occasion, including creator interviews, reviews, and a poll that will ultimately decide what the “best episode ever” is.

To check it out, go to this URL:
New episodes are on the horizon! Here’s what we can expect in the near future…

(see back issues for older info)

-Brian Cruz of Toonzone has compiled an image library of Kids WB and Cartoon Network shows. Take a look:
Kids’ WB!:
Cartoon Network:

-The following artists are selling artwork on eBay. The following are their names and Seller
Terry Beatty:
Craig Rousseau: cerousseau
Tim Levins: tlevins
Min S. Ku: min3000gt

-CARTOON NETWORK has just ordered 26 more episodes of JUSTICE LEAGUE for its
-The following is a remaining episode-title listing for the first season of JLA:
#8, 9 Injustice For All
#18, 19 Legends
#20, 21 A Knight Of Shadows
#22, 23 Metamorphis
#24, 25, 26 The Savage Time

Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him – and the life they once shared – to normal. But love is blind. Featuring super-cool guest-art by Brad Rader(CATWOMAN) & Terry Austin (SUPERMAN ADVENTURES).
Gotham’s wild and woolly Lower East Side has a new hero…and it’s not the Dark Knight. No, these days the kids are going wild – literally – for Bane! Just what is going on here? And what is Batman going to do about it?
In stores August 28. Gotham gets strangled by a super-plant whose roots run clear to the Batcave. It’s got Poison Ivy written all over it…but where is she? And has she uncovered the Dark Knight’s secret? Batman must track it – and her – deep into the Amazon jungle to find out.
When the League learns that there’s a giant creature using the moon as a giant monster incubator, they do everything in their power to keep things stable. But as the gargantuan beast starts to hatch, the very Earth itself is threatened with certain doom! And when a stormy old foe uses the opportunity to create chaos, the Justice League finds themselves buffeted by the howling winds of fate!
“Stepping Out,” the troubling tale of a super-hero’s dilemma: balancing a love life with his duties to the JLA. When evil strikes, it’s never convenient – and the Flash somehow must help the Justice League save the world without raising the ire of his beautiful date. This romantic catastrophe is wrapped up in a cover by Justice League animator Butch Lukic.
Superman is taken down in battle and the Martian Manhunter must replace him as a hero to millions. But does the shy, reserved alien have what it takes to inspire all of humanity?
-GOTHAM GIRLS #1 of 5 (miniseries)
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Jennifer Graves and J. Bone; cover by Shane Glines.
In stores August 14. The women of the hit WB Online webtoon burst into the animated DC Universe in an action-packed miniseries! Unable to resist a golden opportunity to fund her beloved lion preserve, Catwoman heists a vial of a mysterious formula for a shady company – only to discover she’s actually working for Poison Ivy and mallet-wielding sidekick Harley Quinn. That sets off an every-villain-for-herself chase across Gotham’s rooftops – and attracts the attention of both Batgirl and officer Renée Montoya, who reluctantly team up to join in the fray! For more information, see the feature article.

-For more animated comic updates, go here:

-Beginning in August, DC Comics will raise the price of Batman: Gotham Adventures, Justice League Adventures, and all other “animated” or “Cartoon Network” titles from $1.99 to $2.25 per issue.
-A trade paperback of BRUCE WAYNE: MURDERER will be released on July 17th.
-Good things don’t last forever. Greg Rucka is leaving DETECTIVE COMICS as of DETECTIVE #775, the October issue. Ed Brubaker will be taking over DETECTIVE in his absence, as well as continue with BATMAN and CATWOMAN. He will still be working on GOTHAM CENTRAL, the new comic series focussing on the GCPD, with Brubaker in the future. For the full story, go here:
-DETECTIVE COMICS #773: A story featuring Sasha Bordeaux’s time in prison. Also featuring Cucilla (one of the many Jokerized LAST LAUGH villains).
-BATMAN #606: Batman and Deadshot meet again.

Chapter 11: BATMAN #603; released May 29. Old wounds are reopened as Batman is put on the one case he never expected. The Dark Knight is summoned to the bedside of a dying ex-cop, whose wish is to have Batman solve the one case the cop could never close: the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne! Guest-appearance by Catwoman! Plus, another piece to the Vesper murder is revealed.
Chapter 12: DETECTIVE COMICS #771; released June 5. It’s one thing to try and solve a murder. Being cleared of the crime is a different matter. While Batman struggles to build a new life, the shadow of the GCPD looms large.
Chapter 13: BATGIRL #29; released June 12. The Bat-team tries to piece them together by recreating the crime, with Nightwing playing the role of the killer and Batgirl, the victim.
Chapter 14: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #30; released June 19. What’s eating Azrael? And why is he using those closest to Batman as punching bags? Join us for the first part of a story where the Agent of the Bat plans to take over Batman’s cowl – permanently!
Chapter 15: AZRAEL #91; released June 19. Azrael’s deterioration takes a savage turn as guest-stars Batman, Robin and Nightwing struggle to keep up! With Jean Paul’s dementia increasing to match his super-strength, Batman feels responsible for all his new acts of violence, since he failed to stop Azrael’s career early on. But will his guilty conscience make him fall victim to an enraged Azrael?
-BATMAN #604; released June 26. Batman returns to the place that started it all – Crime Alley – to think over the events of recent months (Vesper’s murder, his own arrest and escape, his abandonment of the Bruce Wayne persona). But it’s not a quiet moment of reflection. He runs into Catwoman, and they proceed to roof-hop all over Gotham, fighting thugs in between moments of deep thought.
-Chapter 16: DETECTIVE COMICS #772; released July 3. Sasha’s been in jail for months, while Bruce Wayne has long since escaped. When a mysterious stranger arrives with a proposition – implicate Bruce and walk, or rot in prison ’till the day she dies – will Sasha finally give in?
-Chapter 17: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #31; released July 17. Batman tracks down a lead that brings about a startling discovery: Who was behind the Bruce Wayne smear campaign and how much absolute power his enemy actually wields.
Cover: Unavailable.
-Chapter 18: BATMAN #605; released July 24. The entire Bat-crew assembles at the cave for the revelation of Vesper Fairchild’s murderer. But identifying the murderer and capturing them are entirely different matters. A mind sharp enough to frame Bruce Wayne would have to be very, very difficult to snare…

-ONSTAR is holding a contest where a winner gets to have a walk-on role in whatever the next Batman movie will be.

-More confirmation on the 2004 release date of BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Darren Aronofsky’s next film, LAST MAN, is being filmed this summer, and YEAR ONE is likely his next project. This should start filming by mid-2003, aiming for a summer 2004 release date. Thanks to and the GOTHAM WEEKLY NEWS for this tidbit!
-Aronofsky is also saying that Ellen Burstyn, the star of another of his films (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) will appear in his next film. This could be either YEAR ONE or another film he has on his slate, “LAST MAN”.

-No new news here.

-No new news here. It probably won’t be another BATMAN BEYOND movie, though.

-Don’t count on this one any time soon.

-No new news here. Don’t expect this movie to happen for quite a while. Development Hell, folks.

-Though it is remaining in the current timeslot on the WB, in Canada, SMALLVILLE will move from its Wednesday timeslot at 8pm to a Thursday timeslot at 7pm, also on GLOBAL.

-Nothing notable to speak of…yet.

-A SMALLVILLE DVD will be hitting stores in Canada on June 18th of this year. Right now it looks like it’s just the pilot episode, though.
These are the specs.
Audio Commentary by producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and pilot Director David Nutter.
Interactive Map of Smallville.
Storyboard to screen featurette.
A Deleted Scene from the Pilot with commentary.
5.1 Audio and Widescreen Presentation.
Thanks to Toonzone for providing the info!
-JUSTICE LEAGUE is making its way onto GAMEBOY ADVANCE! The game is entitled “JUSTICE LEAGUE: INJUSTICE FOR ALL”, and features more than 14 unique levels, as players pick from one of seven Justice Leaguers (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter) and use the individual character’s special powers and skills to defeat the Injustice League’s evil plans. The Injustice Gang consists of characters such as Lex Luthor, The Joker, The Shade, and more. Justice League: Injustice For All is in development and scheduled to ship in fall 2002 for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The Justice League will also be featured in video games scheduled for release in 2003 on the PS2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube.
-Soon a number of new action figure two-packs will be arriving in Wal-Mart stores. They feature Batman vs. the Riddler (old style), and Batman vs. Two-Face (new style).
-On June 12, 2002, look out for an animated Catwoman statue, featuring the feline fatale sitting atop a safe, also featuring Isis. It is done in the same general style as the Batgirl/Batsignal statue that was released last year. Go to to check it out!

For more BATMAN, SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN BEYOND, and related stories and news, check out the WORLD’S FINEST NEWSPAGE at:

In coming months, the CARTOON NETWORK will have the ability to show all of the WB’s superhero series. Until these dates, only BATMAN BEYOND and JLA will be on the air. Here are the times all will be shown:

Sat 05-25-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 1)
Sat 05-25-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 1)
Sun 05-26-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 2)
* * * * * *
* * * * * *
Fri 06-07-02 JLA Fury (Pt. 2)
Sat 06-08-02 JLA Fury (Pt. 2)
Sat 06-08-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 1)

Mon 05-20-02 BEYOND #45 Speak No Evil
Tue 05-21-02 BEYOND #46 Inqueling
Wed 05-22-02 BEYOND #47 Unmasked
Thu 05-23-02 BEYOND #48 Curse of the Kobra (Pt. 1)
Fri 05-24-02 BEYOND #49 Curse of the Kobra (Pt. 2)
Sat 05-25-02 BEYOND #06 Shriek
* * * * * *
Mon 05-27-01 BEYOND #50 The Call (Pt. 1)
Tue 05-28-02 BEYOND #51 The Call (Pt. 2)
Wed 05-29-02 BEYOND #52 Countdown
Thu 05-30-02 BEYOND #01 Rebirth (Pt. 1)
Fri 05-31-02 BEYOND #02 Rebirth (Pt. 2)
* * * * * *
Mon 06-03-02 BEYOND #03 Black Out
Tue 06-04-02 BEYOND #04 Golem
Wed 06-05-02 BEYOND #05 The Winning Edge
Thu 06-06-02 BEYOND #10 Dead Man’s Hand
Fri 06-07-02 BEYOND #07 Meltdown
Sat 06-08-02 BEYOND #23 Mind Games

Sat 05-25-02 BTAS #21 Feat of Clay (Pt. 2)
Sun 05-26-02 BTAS #64 Read My Lips
* * * * * *
* * * * * *
Sat 06-08-02 BTAS #22 Joker’s Favor

Sat 05-25-02 STAS #15 Ghost in the Machine
Sat 06-08-02 STAS #16 Action Figures

(BATMAN on YTV – courtesy of our friends at YTV)

YTV has just re-added BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES to its timeslot! Set your VCRs though, kiddies, because these episodes come on at 3:30am! Ack!

YTV also has the rights to all of the BATMAN BEYOND episodes, which will air every Saturday mornings at 10:00am, and then Saturday nights (or, technically, Sunday mornings) at 12:30am.

Sat 05-25-02: BTAS #81 Harley’s Holiday
Tue 05-28-02: BTAS #82 Lock-Up
Wed 05-29-02: BTAS #83 Make ‘Em Laugh
Thu 05-30-02: BTAS #84 Deep Freeze
Fri 05-31-02: BTAS #85 Batgirl Returns

Sat 06-01-02: BTAS #86 Holiday Knights
Tue 06-04-02: BTAS #87 Sins of the Father
Wed 06-05-02: BTAS #88 Cold Comfort
Thu 06-06-02: BTAS #89 Double Talk
Fri 06-07-02: BTAS #90 You Scratch My Back

Sat 06-08-02: BTAS #91 Never Fear
Tue 06-11-02: BTAS #92 Joker’s Millions
Wed 06-12-02: BTAS #93 Growing Pains
Thu 06-13-02: BTAS #94 Love is a Croc
Fri 06-14-02: BTAS #95 Torch Song

Sat 05-25-02: 10:00am #39 Untouchable
Sun 05-26-02: 12:30am #15 Earth Mover

Sat 06-01-02: 10:00am #40 Where’s Terry?
Sun 06-02-02: 12:30am #16 Spilcers
(by “Belle Book”)

FURY (Pt. 2)
Written by: Stan Berkowitz
Directed by: Butch Lukic
Aired: April 14, 2002
Rating: ****1/2

Aresia informs Star Sapphire and Tsukuri not only that the reason why they were unaffected by a poison bomb was because the poison only worked on me; she also tells them that her ultimate plan was to have women take over the world – by destroying the men with a poison which created an allergic reaction! Meanwhile, Batman is exposed to the poison, and since J’onn J’onzz is staying at the Watchtower, that means Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl have to find Aresia. Star Sapphire leads them to Aresia, who offers the two women a chance to join her cause, but both Diana and Hawkgirl refuse. What is more, Hippolyta has come to Man’s World to stop Aresia! Can all three of them stop this extremist, or will Aresia succeed in destroying all the men?

This was a really intense and thought-provoking episode. Here we see the terrible results that can happen if someone is taught lessons of hate for a group of people of a certain sex (like Aresia), or ethnicity (like the suicide bombers in the Middle East) or even nationality (like the terrorist hijackers of September 11). Aresia has learned only too well the lessons Hippolyta taught her about disdain of men, and this helps to lead her on her course of extremism. Not even Hippolyta’s revelation that Aresia survived because a man tried to save her can stop Aresia, and this leads her to her death. However, the episode does end on a message of hope, because Hippolyta and Wonder Woman might have learned that there are good and bad men in the world. In a similar manner, perhaps if people in the Middle East learn that there’s good and bad people in both camps (say, the Israeli and the Palestinian camps), perhaps the hatred can cease. Understanding the other person’s side and giving up a black-and-white view of others, however, is the key.

The only members of the Injustice Gang who appear here are Star Sapphire and Tsukuri, and I’ll deal with them now. The only really important thing we learn about Star Sapphire is that she has had some issues with men over the years. That’s not surprising, since she was the girlfriend of Hal Jordan (the best-known Green Lantern) in the Silver Age Comics, and became an enemy of that Green Lantern. We don’t know what her connection to John Stewart (this Green Lantern) is, but the creators of this episode might well have transferred her relationship to Jordan over to Stewart. As for Tsukuri, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, and apparently she became loyal to Aresia, which is why she joined the Injustice Gang. However, her loyalty to Aresia isn’t as strong as her instinct for self-preservation, which is why she escapes the plane at the end and abandons Aresia. Just as there’s good and bad men in the world, there’s good
and bad women in the world.

As for Aresia herself, I feel kind of sorry for her. I think I can understand why she became such an extremist. She was a refugee, a witness to terrible treachery in the outside world. And she may have felt herself to be an outsider on Themyscira, since she wasn’t “to the manner born”, as Shakespeare’s Hamlet might’ve put it. She obviously was bitter for both those reasons. Maybe her crusade was in part an attempt to prove herself as a true Amazon. However, she went too far, and Hippolyta had to reveal that Aresia would’ve died if the captain of the ship hadn’t saved her and brought her to Themyscira. Aresia’s a tragic villain, and perhaps I was intended to feel pity for her, if Hippolyta’s prayer that the gods give Aresia peace at last is any indication. Perhaps in turn, we should feel pity for all those who become destructive because they learn messages of hatred. I don’t know if Osama bin Laden’s included, but then again, I’m not the one who should judge him.

Next comes Hippolyta, and here she has to learn some very hard lessons. First, she has to confront the results of the message of hatred (or at least disdain) toward men that she has long felt and preached. Second, she has to reveal the truth of how Aresia came to Themyscira. In so doing, she has to realize that her opinion that the sea captain “wasn’t important” was wrong, and that her failure to tell Aresia the whole story may have contributed to the tragic outcome. Perhaps she will moderate her hatred of men enough so she can at least tolerate their existence. I hope so.

What about the Justice Leaguers? I won’t discuss Green Lantern or Superman since they said nothing and did little, so I’ll go to the Flash and the Martian Manhunter. What little we saw of the Flash was typical of him. He was witty, but his immaturity made me glad he never encountered Aresia. She didn’t need any more bad examples of men. As for the Martian Manhunter, he was around long enough to determine that the poison was an allergen, not a virus. He was the last male Justice League member to be infected – because he touched Superman’s clothes. Apparently the poison lingered on his costume once Aresia bombed him with the poison in Part 1.

Batman was the fourth male Justice League member infected, and I’ll bet as soon as his vision began to blur, he realized he had been infected with the poison. However, he was able to resist the poison’s effects long enough to stop a runaway bus. Also, it’s interesting that Wonder Woman had asked him how he was doing at the end. Perhaps he was just the last one whose status she wasn’t sure of, or maybe it was just a polite question. But considering that she kissed him on the cheek in Part Two of “The Brave and the Bold”, I wonder if she has some feelings for him. Not that I would mind — they’re my two favorite characters.

Hawkgirl was the woman who was the most balanced in this episode. Yes, she still goes into berserker mode when battle calls. However, it was she who pointed out that Aresia had taken the messages she’d learned to their logical conclusion, and that Amazons taught hatred (or at least disdain) of men. She also was the one who told Hippolyta that maybe she should reconsider the importance of the sea captain. She’s strong enough to handle a man, but she knows that men are still important.

Finally, there’s Wonder Woman. She had a lot of lessons to learn in this episode as well. First, she had to come face-to-face with the dark side about her home island, in the hatred of men that Hippolyta felt. While Diana doesn’t feel such hatred, even she has been affected by the messages, inasmuch as she asks Hawkgirl if men are that essential. But by the end of the episode, she realizes that there are noble qualities in men, and admits it. I’d say this is the episode where her “growing up” becomes complete, and she loses what remains of her naivete about the outside world.

One final note before I sum this episode up. Just because a woman shows sexism where men are concerned in this episode, doesn’t mean men are off the hook either. Some men are just as guilty of sexism toward women as some women are toward men. And men need women just as much as women need men. The important lesson here is balance in one’s viewpoint.

I still would’ve liked to learn how Aresia got all those books, and that takes away a little from the episode, but it’s still a very good episode, and it’s my second-favorite overall (after “Paradise Lost”).

Belle Book

* * * * * * * * * *

Written by: Andrew Kreisberg
Directed by: Dan Riba
Aired: April 28, 2002
Rating: ****1/2

A robot controlled by Lex Luthor wreaks havoc on Metropolis, and knocks out Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and J’onn J’onzz. Superman teams up with Batman to destroy the robot, but when the robot’s about to fall on all three unconscious superheroes, the Flash tries to use his speed to save his friends. This causes all four superheroes on the ground to simply vanish from Metropolis — and wake up in Seaport City, complete with ice-cream trucks! To puzzle them even further, Green Lantern goes after a burglar, and the guy thinks he’s somebody named the Green Guardsman in disguise! The mystery is solved when the real Green Guardsman, along with the Streak, Black Siren, Catman, and Tom Turbine, show up: the four Justice Leaguers were blasted into a parallel dimension where Green Lantern’s favorite comic-book characters, the Justice Guild of America, actually exists! Meanwhile, Musicmaster (the burglar Green Lantern went after), along with three other members of the Injustice Guild (the enemies of the Justice Guild) decide to pull off four crimes for the right to create the best plan to stop the Justice Guild and the Justice League! The two teams team up to stop the villains, but while trying to do so, Hawkgirl makes a stunning discovery!

Random story time here. I’ve been a long-time fan of the Carmen Sandiego computer games. One of the newest games is called “Carmen Sandiego’s Quick Think Challenge”. In that game, the player has to defeat robots called “Know-bots”, who have stolen knoweldge for various henchmen of Carmen; then capture the henchmen. One Know-bot is called Cynic-Bot, and he always says “Shock City!” when you defeat him.

The point of this story is, I felt like saying “Shock City!” by the end of this episode! However, until that point, the story was rather charming — and corny, but that was the point of the story, too. It gently but affectionately spoofs the Golden Age Justice Society of America, as well as the whole Infinite Earths sagas, the live-action Batman series, and the Superfriends series. The junior mascot for the Justice Guild reminds me of Wendy and Marvin from the Superfriends series, while his “Holy hijacking, Catman!” line reminds me of Robin from the live-action Batman series — and gave me a good laugh, too! The unintentional racism and sexism that these characters display is not something I’m fond of, but it’s fun to see the reactions of Hawkgirl and Green Lantern to it, and besides, it’s also a spoof of the forties and fifties. Then Hawkgirl finds the graves of Scott Mason (the Green Guardsman), and sees the other graves, and it’s like, “What’s going on here?!” Add in J’onn J’onzz’s mysterious dizziness and visions, and I’m even more puzzled.

Well, I’d better start off with the Injustice Guild. Musicmaster’s mistaking Green Lantern for the Green Guardsman is what introduces the Justice Guild to us, though only by reference. At this point, they’re wild, colorful, but definitely a cut below the best villains the Justice League has faced. I mean, one of the villains the JL faced was a real-life Greek god, for goodness sakes! But it should be interesting to see how the Flash and Black Siren get out of the predicament they find themselves in.

As for the Justice Guild, at first they come off as being cool, in a corny kind of way. I mean, the reminders to the mascot that he’ll be a crime-fighter as long as he eats right and stays in school, and their belief that J’onn J’onzz’s dizziness is something milk can cure, is rather corny, but fun. Certainly, they must’ve been cool, or else Green Lantern wouldn’t have looked up to them as a child. But once Hawkgirl discovers the graves, we’ve got some big questions to answer. Are these Justice Guilders robots programmed to act like the real Justice Guild (and therefore might not even be aware that they’re impostors, like the Bat-duplicant in “His Silicon Soul” from B:TAS)? Or are they something else entirely — something worse? And what about the mascot? Is he an innocent dupe? Or is he connected somehow to whoever destroyed the real Justice Guild? And what happened totherealJusticeGuild, anyway?

Now for the six Justice Leaguers that appear in this episode. It’s nice to see Superman striking that robot from behind, using his strength effectively for once! And it’s just as nice to see him working with Batman to destroy the robot. They may have different styles of crimefighting, and different strengths, but they counterpart each other quite nicely.

Apparently, the Flash’s inadvertent transport of his fellow Justice Leaguers to the world of the Justice Guild is similar to something that happened to Barry Allen’s Flash in the comics. Beyond that, the Flash is himself, teasing Hawkgirl for bringing in cookies, and wanting to work with Black Siren. He also had to keep from laughing when the Justice Guild did their roll call — a roll call that had me chuckling as well.

J’onn actually made me laugh a bit when he said that they weren’t in Metropolis anymore! It kind of reminded me of Dorothy’s line in The Wizard of Oz — “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” I could understand why J’onn didn’t want the boy to go along on the mission with the Justice Guild and Justice League – as I said before, the Justice League has faced some very dangerous villains. I’m also willing to bet that his mysterious dizziness and visions will provide a key to understanding what’s going on.

As for Green Lantern, this episode revealed a somewhat softer side to him. It was neat seeing that John Stewart had heroes he once looked up to, and his statement that if it hadn’t been for his hero-worship of the Justice Guild, maybe he wouldn’t have his ring anymore, was really touching. It should strike a chord in all those who look up to superheroes, and wish to be like them. It’ll be hard for him to face the fact that these guys aren’t the superheroes he once looked up to, and when that happens, I bet I’ll feel very sorry for him. One final thing — I wonder if his respect for the Streak is what kept him from losing his temper when the Streak unintentionally patronized him due to Stewart’s being black.

And finally, there’s Hawkgirl. This episode also spotlights her. She’s so independent that her reaction to the idea of not taking part in discussions but getting milk and cookies (and later dessert) is so hilarious! Same goes for her reaction to the Flash’s teasing her when she brings out the cookies. I crack up at the very thought of her words in that episode! The ending is what will probably bring out her detective side, since as a police officer from Thangar, she’s probably trained in detective work, and there’s no Batman around to do the detective work anyway.

* * * * * * * *

Written by: Andrew Kreisberg
Directed by: Dan Riba
Aired: May 5, 2002
Rating: *****

Hawkgirl reports her discovery of the graves of the Justice Guild of America to Green Lantern and J’onn J’onzz. Green Lantern refuses to believe it — until he sees the graves. As he and Hawkgirl go looking for answers, the four male members of the JGA and J’onn J’onzz have to stop the Injustice Guild from getting away with all the money from Seaport Bank — and rescue the Flash and Black Siren, both of whom have been captured by Dr. Blizzard. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl go to the library, and in the basement, stumble on a stunning discovery which explains a lot: the remains of an old subway station devastated by an attack, and several newspapers which reveal that there was a World War III (of sorts) in that parallel Earth, and that the real Justice Guild of America died in the battle which devastated that Earth. The Seaport City that everyone else saw was an illusion, a living memory of the past. So, who created the illusion?

Whoa, what an episode! Okay, I know Anthony Garritano (another person reviewing the Justice League episodes on the Toonzone Forums) doesn’t like it, thinking it’s too corny and stereotypical. However, I think it was really well done and quite bittersweet. Just about every question I had at the end of Part One is answered. We learn why J’onn J’onzz had his bouts of dizziness — he telepathically “saw” Ray’s memories of the devastation caused by a nuclear bomb. We learn what happened to the real JGA. We discover who (or what, in this case) the real JGA are — illusions created along with the fifties world in which they once lived. And most important of all, we see who is behind the perpetration of the lie, and discover why he did it. I noticed one thing in particular — both the newspaper articles and the view of the devastated parallel Earth once the illusion was destroyed, show us the tragic results of hatred and war, something that humans all too often fail to realize in time.

I’ll get to the Injustice Guild first, since they’re minor villains here. They weren’t too important, except as plot elements. They had the advantage at first, but ultimately Catman and the Flash were able to defeat them (the Flash by using the horns on his helmet to spring a leak). It was satisfying to see them defeated by the JGA and handed over to the police.

Ray was far more interesting, and more important. In some ways, I could sympathize with him. He looked up to the JGA, and the loss of his heroes must’ve been terrible. Then the radioactive fallout mutated him, giving him psychic powers. He had the ability to mold the world according to his desires. So he recreated the world (and the heroes) he knew as a child, so he could have his heroes again. Unfortunately, what Ray didn’t realize is that you can’t really regain what you lost by creating illusions. You have to move on, to rebuild, and Ray never learned that. Worse, he prevented others from moving on, and tried to stop the truth from coming out. He had to be stopped. But I couldn’t entirely hate him. Instead, I saw a boy who lost everything and couldn’t move on. Sad.

Well, I wondered at the end of my review of Part One whether the Justice Guild were robots programmed with the abilities of the real JGA, or whether they were in fact something worse. Turns out the answers were neither. They were illusions created by Ray, but because they were created from Ray’s memories of the real JGA, they had the same willingness to die for what truth, justice, and peace that the real JGA must’ve possessed. That indicates that for all the corniness of the world in which these characters lived, there was something valuable about the real JGA, and that that something was the willingness of both the real and the illusionary JGA to stand up for what they believed in — and to die for it, if necessary.

So, what about the Justice League? I’ll skip Batman and Superman — they had nothing to say in this episode, and their only appearance was to listen to the Flash’s account of what happened. So, I’ll start with the Flash. The Flash was himself, as usual — making wisecracks, and telling Black Siren that the horns on his helmet were both decorative and practical. And what was his biggest regret about the destruction of that illusion? Apparently not seeing Black Siren again. Typical. 🙂

Next is J’onn J’onzz. He was the one who revealed that Ray was behind the whole illusion, and it was his telepathic powers that revealed what Ray really looked like, and helped to shatter the illusion he created. Other than that, he recognized that Green Lantern took the bad news Hawkgirl gave really personally, as well Stewart might.

Hawkgirl was very interesting. She used her detective skills very well in this episode, and I liked seeing her comfort Green Lantern. The final scene with them makes me wonder if those two are getting closer to each other. If so, that’s not too bad, as they’re very similar in nature.

Finally, there’s Green Lantern. I really empathized with him in this episode. At first, he didn’t want to believe that the Justice Guild he saw was not the real JGA. That was understandable, since they were his heroes, and who’d want to face the possibility that one’s heroes might’ve died? I don’t think I would. I felt sad for him when I saw him by the graves, and saw his grief. And then he had to endure the loss of his heroes all over again when Ray’s illusions were shattered and he saw the JGA fade away. Once the Justice League was back in their own universe, his grief over the loss of his heroes (including the illusionary ones) was genuine. As I said, I could really empathize with him, since I might feel the same way if I had a real-life superhero to look up to, and that superhero was tragically destroyed.

In fact, the final scenes of that episode brought tears to my eyes, and actually caused me to cry, and only the ending of “Paradise Lost” did that so far. For that reason alone, I give Part Two of “Legacy” a perfect rating — five out of five stars.

-Belle Book


ISSUE: “Actions” (#48)
WRITTEN BY: Scott Peterson
PENCILS: Tim Levins, Rick Burchett
INKS: Terry Beatty
ISSUED: March 27, 2002 (Cover date: Apr 02)
In recent months, I’ve been reading in online forums that many fans of this series are losing faith in its ability to produce good stories. I’ve defended this series on many occasions, via fan-mail, reviews in my Batman newsletter,
and online posts, but after reading , I figured it was time to say my piece.
I’ll start with the art. I appreciate the talents of Burchett, Levins, and Beatty, but having a mish-mash of art styles within a single issue is a bit jarring. (The HARLEY QUINN series staff does this, too, so you’re not alone.) I know many people think that Burchett is the best there is – and he’s great, that’s for sure – but I also appreciate Levins a great deal. (Tim Drake did look a little weird and potato-head-like in some panels in this issue, but that’s it.) Beatty’s colours are always superb. Bottom line, I have no real problem with the artwork, as long as it’s consistant within each issue.
As I’m a writer myself, it is the writing that I am always most concerned about. When Scott Peterson originally took over from Ty “the Guy” with , his first couple of stories were pretty…awful. Since then, he has gotten better, but only on rare occasions are the stories superb – everything else is average. BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES was a superb TV series, and in the earlier incarnations of this book, the stories matched. Nowadays, it seems to have been watered down into a “moral of the month” story with too many splash pages and far too simple stories.
had potential. Digging in Dick Grayson’s past is always a great start for a great story. Alfred’s narration was good. However, I was a little peeved to see that we didn’t see much of Dick’s early days, after all; it was page after page of Batman fighting circus freaks, looking for “an important item” for Dick. After all this, we find out that Dick’s cherished item was…a teddy bear??? That did not fit his character at all. I was hoping it would be something pertaining to his parents, but no, it was just a stuffed toy. At age 10, I doubt Dick had a thing for dolls.
I’m starting to fear that this series is going into a downward spiral hauntingly similar to the AZRAEL series. I don’t like the comparison much either, but it’s true. Peterson has been writing the title too long, and the stories are getting pretty lame, but nothing is being done about it – just as with Denny O’Neill at AZ. I’m thankful for Peterson in extending the life of the animated series this far beyond the cancellation of new episodes three years ago, but I believe the only thing that could save this book from cancellation (like BATMAN BEYOND and SUPERMAN ADVENTURES) would be a change in creative teams – most notably the writer. Keep Peterson on as the editor, just as he was before – back in the glory days of this title.
New blood is the only way to get this book back to being what it once was – almost as good, if not better, than the mainstream Bat-books.

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Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him – and the life they once shared – to normal. But love is blind…

Gotham’s wild and woolly Lower East Side has a new hero…and it’s not the Dark Knight. No, these days the kids are going wild – literally – for Bane! Just what is going on here? And what is Batman going to do about it?

When the League learns that there’s a giant creature using the moon as a giant monster incubator, they do everything in their power to keep things stable. But as the gargantuan beast starts to hatch, the very Earth itself is threatened with certain doom! And when a stormy old foe uses the opportunity to create chaos, the Justice League finds themselves buffeted by the howling winds of fate!

“Stepping Out,” the troubling tale of a super-hero’s dilemma: balancing a love life with his duties to the JLA. When evil strikes, it’s never convenient – and the Flash somehow must help the Justice League save the world without raising the ire of his beautiful date.


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Uhhhhh…I like Batman.

(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

This is one of my favourite sections, where I get to boggle the minds of all our readers! (Mwuhahaha!) This trivia is all animated-related in some form, and can deal with ANY aspect of the show or comics based on the show. Remember, answer the questions WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE ANIMATED CONTINUITY. Now have fun – let’s see how well you do! Answers are provided below.

(Part Two)

As you can see, I’ve listed a group of Batman’s foes below. I’ve also listed a number of name-meanings. Match each person’s civilian name (ie, Selina, not Catwoman) with each meaning. You just might learn something new about these characters – and why writers gave them these names to begin with!

Note: #728, 734 same name

728. JACK NAPIER (assuming this is the Joker’s alias)
743. TALIA

No Bane, no Mad Hatter, Harley Quinn,

A: Army Warrior
B: Gift of God
C: Lunar Glow
D: Youthful Assistant
E: Land by the Road
F: From the Church
G: God is Gracious, Merciful
H: Honey
I: Winner, Conqueror
J: Mistress of the Sea
K: God of the Forest
L: Strong as an Eagle
M: Famous throughout the Land
N: Happy Guardian
O: Battlefield
P: Morning Dew
Q: Bright Fame

Answer to #728: G
Answer to #729: K
Answer to #730: C
Answer to #731: N
Answer to #732: A
Answer to #733: H
Answer to #734: G
Answer to #735: I
Answer to #736: E
Answer to #737: O
Answer to #738: L
Answer to #739: B
Answer to #740: J
Answer to #741: D
Answer to #742: F
Answer to #743: P
Answer to #744: Q
Answer to #745: M
(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Here is a section that just points out various little facts and bloopers that we have noticed while watching BTAS, STAS and BEYOND countless times. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to do so! Enjoy!


(by Marc Rosenzweig)

Hello Fellow Gothamites,

Just back from the International NYC Toy Fair 2002!

As far as Batman goes, unfortunately, there was not much to see. However there
are some interesting items to be discussed.

Hasbro has still got some time left to pull a rabbit out of their hat to secure the license for Batman before the deadline date of December 2002. Until then, Hasbro will go on to release their scheduled production of the new Mission Masters 4. This series, which was originally made up of the entire range of Batman series (Batman Beyond, the comic book version, the Animated version), is currently comprised of previous released (always popular) animated figures all re-deco’d. Hasbro took a new turn at the color wheel and went with a GLOW IN THE DARK painted scheme. The MM4, wave one standard figures assortment with its glow in the dark costumes and fluorescent accessories consists of:

-Midnight Hunter Batman
-Night Fury Robin
-Night Shadow Batman
-Lunar Attack Batman.

The “must have” pieces in this line up will definitely be the villains (as with most Batman lines). The Joker and Mr. Freeze will be the two hot tickets to have, soon to be released at a local toy store near you.

Check out the photograph links which was taken at the Hasbro showroom.

As any true Batman toy collector knows, you can not have an assortment of just “regular” figures. Hasbro has made some good money on producing extensions to their DC lines with what is known as DELUXE FIGURES. This set has some great Deluxe figure/vehicle schemes that makes this line very awesome to look at as they pose on yours or your kid’s desk, as well as being extremely fun to play with. In the Deluxe figs/vehicle Blister set, you will see the ever-elusive Nightwing on his hyper-jet ski. In keeping the continuity of this series release, these Deluxe figures are deco’d with the same glow in the dark trim.

Hasbro has also continued to release two Wal-Mart EXCLUSIVE FIGURES. As they have just put out a small carded animated Batman and animated Superman figure without any accessories. The Shorter, smaller card is a nice quick way of getting it to market and it looks nice too.

This Batman figure also has a friend with a big Red “S” on his chest, released on his own small card. You need to hurry though, as I was just able to grab a Batman figure only.

As the news of Hasbro giving up the Superman license, the Superman pieces are going quickly. So if any fellow fans out there have a spare Wal-Mart exclusive Short card they are will to get let go of, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

(feel free to submit something for our consideration)

This space for rent.

For the next few issues, we here at BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER will be providing this space for all you subscribers for trading, buying, selling, and whatnot, just in time for Christmas (and beyond). So, without further adieu, here is what we have in store:

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All TNBA episodes and all Justice League episodes (Non-wide screen format only)
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1) I am looking to sell some VHS which have some BTAS/TNBA episodes on them. These VHS tapes were originally available from Columbia House. They each come in a hard case which has information printed on it about the episodes contained.
All VHS tapes and hard case containers are in excellent condition. E-mail if interested. Tapes available are listed below.

*Tape “Title” (by Columbia House): episodes contained
COPS AND ROBBERS: P.O.V., Vendetta, Riddler’s Reform, A Bullet for Bullock
FRIENDS AND FOES: Beware the Grey Ghost, The Mechanic, The Man who Killed Batman, Sideshow

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