Batman The Animated Newsletter #108

Batman: The Animated Newsletter
Weeks of December 23 – January 6, 2001
Volume 4, 7
Rated: PG (as with all other things Batman-related)


THIS ISSUE’S SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: “Putting out a fire in the warehouse district: $3,500. Rebuilding a destroyed wing of Arkham following a massive riot: $2,000,000. Scouring the city for crime on Christmas Eve but all is silent, calm, and bright: Priceless.”

BY THE WAY, this year’s fourth annual GOLDEN OVAL AWARDS ballot is at the bottom of this issue, and all following issues through November and December. Get those votes in and make your voices heard over what you think are the best and worst of Batman in 2001!
(written in the style of Geoffrey Chaucer’s GENERAL PROLOGUE OF THE CANTERBURY

Ev’ry citizen of Gotham liked Christmas a lot,
But deep within Arkham were those who did not.
While Christmas, to most, brought holiday cheer,
Our beloved inmates only received jeer.
A break-out has happened, and promptly in time,
For each of the inmates, speaking in rhyme,
To tell their tragic tale and reason
For absolutely despising the holiday season.

Bane was the first to evade the walls
Of Arkham and enter Gotham, starting up brawls.
Ne’er was there a Christmas since his youthful age
Had he not felt an overwhelming rage.
He lost his father, and mother, and was all alone;
In this cheerful season, he felt like a drone.
A killer, too true, he still had a heart,
And wished for a family of which to be part.

Next, Firefly headed to the record store,
Where he could find music and games galore!
A new album of Cassidy had been released;
Oh, how he hated her now – her life must be ceased!
His desire’s object had hurt him and spurned;
He must retaliate for this third-degree burn!
All alone on Christmas without his dear,
He vowed to destroy this temptress’ career.

With emotions ablaze, Poison Ivy left
For the Christmas tree lot, no intent of theft,
But rather to save her enslaved race
From serving humans as decorations. What a disgrace!
For hundreds of years, plants grown just to be
Cut down and sold about now as a “Christmas Tree”.
It’s bio-ocide on the most horrific scale!
She must save her trees, and she couldn’t fail!

Then on her way, was the smallest of all,
The little brat-girl known as Baby-Doll.
Scorned by a Santa at the mall in her past;
He didn’t fulfill his promises. She was aghast!
He had to pay for the lies he had told –
Lying to a child – his soul has been sold!
What she wouldn’t give for that Barbie and Ken –
She still wants it now, just as she did then.

The Mad Hatter always had a thing to say
About this most upsetting holiday.
Once as a child, there once was a wretch
Dressed in a Santa hat that attacked Jervis Tetch.
That hat he wished he could have controlled,
But as a shy boy, he couldn’t be bold.
From that day forward, he hated this gift-giving season,
Scarring by that incident, his only reason.

“Bah Humbug” the Penguin said from within his club,
Upon doing his books for this criminal hub.
“I’m fifty grand in the hole, that’s no sense to me!
Have Jay, Lark, and Raven been giving to charity?”
They certainly had, to keep Penguin’s legit cover;
Nearly blown once before, they dared not have another!
Without his finances all set into gear,
The Penguin could not rest at this time of the year.

Victor and Nora once shared Christmas Eve
As their wedding night, when their souls did weave.
But now, gone afar, she’s out of his life.
Mr. Freeze could not accept not having his wife.
Though happily married to another man,
This cold-blooded individual had a plan.
He’d stalk his wife to her new house that night,
And with her new husband, ensure she’s all right.

Twelve O’Clock midnight; the alarm didn’t ring
Many years ago for a youthful Clock King.
He set his alarm so he’d catch a view
Of Santa Claus as he crept from the fireplace, through
Into his living room with a bag of gifts.
His clock let him down – for that, he’s quite miffed.
Perhaps if he escapes Arkham in time,
He’ll catch that glimpse finally, after the twelve chimes.

Six hundred Christmasses or more he had seen
During his life thus far. Ra’s Al Ghul wasn’t keen
On such commercially-driven holidays.
There need be some spirituality to interest Ra’s.
“Perhaps when the people lay asleep in their beds,
I’ll hatch my master plan,” said the Demon’s Head.
He’d return the earth to a natural state,
And set December 25th as the date.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” was the name of the movie
that Clayface starred in. It was hardly groovy.
Bashed by the critics and the fans alike,
Calling this remake pointless, silly, and trite.
Every Christmas since, the spurning ate away
At the disintegrating Matt Hagen. Oh, what a display!
Perhaps he could gain the respect of the public once more
With a public display of his talents. He’d have his encore!

Some get a lump of coal – but not Killer Croc.
One Christmas all he received was a rock.
He’d had quite enough as a one-gimmick type villain!
The joke was so old – so who’d he be killin’?
He had a brain too, didn’t they recognize
That you can be smart as well as have immense size?
This Alligator Bag had a bone to pick
With whomever was this prankster Saint Nick.

Why’d Maxie Zeus care, is a question we’re beggin’,
If he obviously is a fully-functional pagan?
He doesn’t celebrate Christmas, or New Year’s, even.
His outward appearance is totally deceivin’.
This is why he is rather upset with this day –
No one any more observes pagan holidays.
To Gotham he’d provide his culture’s background and news –
And they would, in return, all worship Maxie Zeus.

With no one did Catwoman have a bone to pick,
But she’d take this opportunity – and she’d do it quick –
To ransack the city of valuable goods,
Then sneak down chimneys in the slums and hoods,
Delivering wealth to the poor and the poorer.
She would be Gotham’s Christmas Eve warrior.
If she were, by chance, snared by the Batman,
She’d feel no guilt; for once, she was helping her follow man.

Puzzles and problems had always intrigued
The Riddler greatly. He was in his own league.
But the mystery of Santa, Jesus, or both the two
Perplexed him to no end. Would could he do
To prove that a fat man could fit down a chimney
Or that Jesus even existed. Oh criminey!
He’d search all through Gotham for concrete proof
That his puzzled mind had not gone aloof.

Calendar Girl felt especially dirty
For the Christmas Eve on which she turned thirty.
During that year her career downturned,
Her agents neglected her, and by critics, spurned.
Her first gift unwrapped was a magnificent sweater –
But two sizes too big – BIGGER WAS NOT BETTER!
As her body continued to sag and age,
She remembered that Christmas, mixed with sadness and rage.

The Ventriloquist remembers that Eve in hiding
Where he and Rhino were quietly biding
Their time, laying low for the holidays.
The warehouse was cold – they lacked fiery blaze.
To keep warm Rhino thought with his little mind
To burn the first thing he could possibly find.
He accidentally used the Scarface puppet, of course –
And Wesker much teach him a lesson, make him show remorse!

As Harley Quinn gleefully leapt over Arkham’s walls,
She parted from the pack, headed for Gotham’s malls,
With one thing on her mind: LAST MINUTE SHOPPING!
But she would be the last one to be dropping.
Once overcharged at a department store,
She sought her credit card’s revenge – and there was more.
To keep all the shoppers from fraud like hers in the past,
She’d gas the mall, stopping fraud at last!

Burglars and thieves scared Scarecrow as a child,
When he lay in bed, dreaming, meek and mild.
Santa was no different, for he broke in, too.
Of course, this was fake, as Scarecrow now knew.
It was now his mission to make children pause
And believe they truly feared Santa Claus.
Destroying the hope of the youths of the season,
With his sick, twisted pleasure as the only reason!

Two-Face’s Christmas feelings depends on the coin –
And this year bad heads has shown up. Oh, such joy.
One year, while on “Good Heads” he accidentally donated
His coin to the Salvation Army – they couldn’t be separated!
If it took all night, he would find it again –
And only then would his mind finally mend.
To find his original coin, evil plans he devises,
All because his new coin forced his heart to shrink two sizes.

Purposely last, and for only one reason,
The Joker, best for last escaped. He thought Christmas was treason!
The smiles on the children chilled him to the bone –
Nothing could make them smile but him alone!
A commercial holiday was standing up his act –
He’d destroy the Christmas spirit, and that was a fact!
The city would only smile when he desired,
And quickly, the Joker had a devil’s plan conspired.

And as all our friends and foes from within the jail
Escape into Gotham, without any bail,
Batman and his crew keep watch over the town.
They’d keep the city safe from anything bad going down.
The peaceful night would remain disturbed
From the downtown core to every suburb.
Nothing could keep Christmas from arriving,
No matter how hard these Arkhamites would be trying.

New episodes are on the horizon! Here’s what we can expect in the near future…

-PARADISE LOST (2 parts)
These two episodes prominently feature Wonder Woman and her home island of Themiscrya.
Part one: Airs Jan. 21, 2002
Part two: Airs Jan. 28, 2002

The JLA faces off against a handful of their most formidable foes, “The Injustice League”, including the Joker, Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Sinestro, and more!
(see back issues for older info)

-The following artists are selling artwork on eBay. The following are their names and Seller ID’s:
Terry Beatty:
Craig Rousseau: cerousseau
Tim Levins: tlevins
Min S. Ku: min3000gt

-From January 21st to the 25th, Cartoon Network will be holding a week-long event pitting the Dark Knight against the Man of Steel. Each day that week, one hour of Toonami (6:00-7:00pm) will feature episodes of Batman: The Animated Series and Superman. During this hour, viewers will be able to call or go online to vote for their favorite hero: Batman or Superman. Then, on January 26th from 1:00-7:00pm, Cartoon Network will air a six-hour marathon of Batman and Superman episodes, with the final two hours devoted to the winner of the viewer vote. -The following is an entire episode-title listing for the first season of JLA:
#1, 2, 3 Secret Orgins
#4, 5 In Blackest Night
#6, 7 Enemy Below
#8, 9 Injustice For All
#10, 11 Paradise Lost
#12, 13 War World
#14, 15 The Brave & The Bold
#16, 17 Fury
#18, 19 Legends
#20, 21 A Knight Of Shadows
#22, 23 Metamorphis
#24, 25, 26 The Savage Time

In “World War of the Sexes,” the Justice League must find out why Wonder Woman’s Amazon sisters have turned against the world, starting with all the men! Can the League stop the female warriors before they conquer the planet?
It’s “Starro Wars” when a giant starfish-shaped conqueror from space uses mind-control to defeat the newly formed League. The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes are left helpless and must turn to a mysterious old member of the Green Lantern Corps for help. But what help is there against a single enemy that can break off into thousands?
Arkham Asylum’s in full lockdown, and one of its doctors is missing. It’s up to Batman to find out which of the inmates is in charge, in “Running the Asylum”. Due out on December 26th.
When Scarface and Ventriloquist disagree on how to pull off a job, they become each other’s worst enemies – but they’re also twice as deadly. Batman follows the puppet-master’s trail of trouble in “Saving Face.”
When the criminal doesn’t match up with the crime, Batman makes the rounds in Gotham’s underworld and learns there may be a crook in the long arm of the law. (And is it just me, or does that look sorta like Lock-Up to you?) In stores Feb 27.
As Batman runs a mysterious mission, a tale unfolds within the walls of the Batcave – a tale of a revealing moment from the year young Dick Grayson entered his life. Featuring a non-stop action sequence by guest-artist Rick Burchett.

-For more animated comic updates, go here:

Superman returns for another cameo in Gotham!
-Within three days of its debut on December 5, the first issue of THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN is already the best-selling comic of 2001 and for the past 5 years, for that matter! It’s already out of stock in the UK, believe it or not! Congrats to Frank Miller and Lynn Varley for achieving this feat!
-Ed Brubaker has confirmed that GOTHAM CENTRAL, a comic series focusing entirely on the GCPD and co-written by Greg Rucka, is going to be happening! Go to this link for the interview:
-Robin’s moving back to Gotham City by the end of Chuck Dixon’s run on the
title. Here’s the cover of ROBIN #99:

-A new BATMAN movie trailer is on the net…sort of. Look under SCOOBY DOO in the trailer section of DARK HORIZONS:

-ONSTAR is holding a contest where a winner gets to have a walk-on role in whatever the next Batman movie will be.

-Speculation has it that YEAR ONE is still underway, but may not reach screens until 2004, contrary to earlier reports of a 2003 release. The reason for another delay is that the WB is already releasing a lot of high-profile franchise movies that year, such as the two MATRIX sequels and TERMINATOR 3, (is that a WB film???) so they don’t want to add BATMAN to the mix.
-(The following scoop is a few weeks older than the previous scoop.) Work is starting immediately to get YEAR ONE ready for an early 2003 release, though Aronofsky wants the final cut done by Winter 2002. Among the new designs already said to be sketched, there are:
*A very gothic Gotham City
*Several designs for Batman
*Designs for Catwoman
*A few designs for the Joker
*New Batmobile designs
(Now, is it just me, or did the Joker not even APPEAR in YEAR ONE? He was only mentioned in text on the last page! Regardless, thanks to the WORLDS FINEST NEWSPAGE and SCREENWRITERS UTOPIA for the scoop.)

-No new news here.

-No new news here

-Don’t count on this one any time soon.

-No new news here. Don’t expect this movie to happen for quite a while. Development Hell, folks.

-No new news here.

-Alan J. Porter, editor of the GOTHAM WEEKLY NEWS (another newsletter) has once again published the “entry form” for the 2001 Alfred Awards (his awards for the best of Bat-stuff over the past year). Go to this link to vote:

-RELEASE DATES HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED FOR ANIMATED BATMAN DVD’s! The big day is April 23, 2002. On that day, you will get:
*1 – BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER, the uncut version! No extras, but it may Be in widescreen and will feature all the original scenes that only the bootleg copies floating around the world feature.
*2 – BATMAN & MR. FREEZE: SUB-ZERO. Also no extras, but if this particular movie sells well, more direct-to-video/DVD Bat-movies can almost surely be produced.
*3 – WORLD’S FINEST (aka, “The Batman/Superman Movie”). Little to no extras, just the three episodes of the first Batman/Superman crossover in their modern animated histories.
*4 – SECRET ORIGINS (aka, “Justice League: The Movie”). Some extras are expected. If this rehash of the three-part episode is successful, expect more JLA story-arcs to jump onto DVD.
*5 – BATMAN: THE LEGEND BEGINS. This will feature the first five episodes of the series, in episode-number order: ON LEATHER WINGS, CHRISTMAS WITH THE JOKER, NOTHING TO FEAR, THE LAST LAUGH, and PRETTY POISON. Intros and featurettes will be included prior to each episode. If this one is successful, expect more DVD collections of BTAS episodes!
-Alex Ross continues his series of painted posters starring the heroes of the DC Universe. Classic DC Silver Age heroines are featured this month, beginning with this portrayal of Gotham City’s own Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl. This 22-inch by 34-inch poster is designed to be displayed on its own or be placed side-by-side with others in the set.

-Hasbro has not yet made any official announcements on a JLA toy line, but expect to hear something by the time Toy Fair rolls around in February.
This action figure line is on sale now! Each of the following figures have special glow-in-the-dark capabilities:
*Lunar Attack Batman
*Midnight Hunter Batman
*Night Fury Robin
*Nightshadow Batman
-A new animated statue is coming June 12! Check out this cool piece of Catwoman memorabilia:

For more BATMAN, SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN BEYOND, and related stories and news, check out the WORLD’S FINEST NEWSPAGE at:

CARTOON NETWORK has announced a schedule change for the month of January. The Friday showing has been dropped in favor of an all “Cartoon Cartoon” night line-up. JUSTICE LEAGUE will now rerun every Saturday at 12:30pm (ET). The network will be taking a different angle with the 12:30pm Saturday showing, though. The Saturday showings will restart from the beginning, with “Secret Origins” beginning January 5th. This means that a new episode, which premieres on Monday, will only repeat once in Sunday widescreen, before the next new episode airs.


Tue 12-25-01 BEYOND #51 The Call (Pt. 2)

Wed 12-26-01 BEYOND #52 Countdown

Thu 12-27-01 BEYOND #01 Rebirth (Pt. 1)

Fri 12-28-01 BEYOND #02 Rebirth (Pt. 2)

* * * * * *

Mon 12-31-01 BEYOND #03 Black Out

Tue 01-01-02 BEYOND #04 Golem

Wed 01-02-02 BEYOND #05 The Winning Edge

Thu 01-03-02 BEYOND #10 Dead Man’s Hand

Fri 01-04-02 BEYOND #07 Meltdown

* * * * * *

Mon 01-07-02 BEYOND #08 Heroes

Tue 01-08-02 BEYOND #09 Spellbound

Wed 01-09-02 BEYOND #10 Shriek

Thu 01-10-02 BEYOND #11 A Touch of Curare

Fri 01-11-02 BEYOND #12 Disappearing Inque


Dec. 7 7:30 p.m. The Enemy Below Pt. 1 (episode 6)

Dec. 9 8:30 p.m. The Enemy Below Pt. 1 (episode 6)
Dec. 10 9:30 p.m. The Enemy Below Pt. 2 (episode 7)
Dec. 14 7:30 p.m. The Enemy Below Pt. 2 (episode 7)

Dec. 16 8:30 p.m. The Enemy Below Pt. 2 (episode 7)
Dec. 17 9:30 p.m. Secret Origins Pt. 1 (episode 1)
Dec. 21 7:30 p.m. Secret Origins Pt. 1 (episode 1)

Dec. 23 8:30 p.m. Secret Origins Pt. 1 (episode 1)

Dec. 30 8:30 p.m. Secret Origins Pt. 2 (episode 2)
Dec. 31 9:30 p.m. Secret Origins Pt. 3 (episode 3)
Jan. 4 7:30 p.m. Secret Origins Pt. 3 (episode 3)

Jan. 5 Secret Origins (Pt. 1)
Jan. 6 Secret Origins (Pt. 3) (widescreen)
Jan. 7 In Blackest Night (Pt. 1)
Jan. 12 Secret Origins (Pt. 2)
Jan. 13 In Blackest Night (Pt. 1) (widescreen)
Jan. 14 In Blackest Night (Pt. 2)
Jan. 19 Secret Origins (Pt. 3)
Jan. 20 In Blackest Night (Pt. 2) (widescreen)
Jan. 21 Paradise Lost (Pt. 1) <------------NEW!! Jan. 26 In Blackest Night (Pt. 1) Jan. 27 Paradise Lost (Pt. 1) (widescreen) Jan. 28 Paradise Lost (Pt. 2) <------------NEW!! Feb. 2 In Blackest Night (Pt. 2) Feb. 3 Paradise Lost (Pt. 2) (widescreen) BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Episodes of BTAS will be airing from January 21-26 at 6pm, paired with STAS at 6:30pm. These episodes are: Jan. 21 - Deep Freeze Jan. 22 - Blind as a Bat Jan. 23 - Make 'Em Laugh Jan. 24 - Girls Night Out Jan. 25 - Avatar Jan. 26 - Riddlers Reform, Legends of the Dark Knight, Bane, Night of the Ninja. Should this schedule be inaccurate, go to this link: _____________________________________________________________________ CANADIAN EPISODE SCHEDULE (BATMAN on YTV - courtesy of our friends at YTV) YTV has renewed the rights to air more episodes of BATMAN BEYOND every Saturday morning at 10:00am. YTV will air 'new' episodes every weekend, most of them airing for the first time. For an accurate YTV schedule go to: Though YTV currently has the rights to air all 109 episodes of BTAS, it has been removed from the schedule for the time being. Be sure to check back here for updates! -BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is returning to YTV - for just the holiday season. On December 22nd, it will air CHRISTMAS WITH THE JOKER at 7am, HOLIDAY KNIGHTS at 9:30am, and then premiere the BEYOND episode UNMASKED in its usual timeslot at 10am. THIS WEEK: Sat 12-22-01: BEYOND #47 Unmasked NEXT WEEK: Sat 12-29-01: BEYOND #48 The Curse of the Kobra (Pt. 1) YET ANOTHER WEEK LATER: Sat 01-05-02: BEYOND #49 The Curse of the Kobra (Pt. 2) _____________________________________________________________________ COMIC REVIEWS (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES and JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES by Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton) BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES ISSUE: "Running the Asylum" (#45) WRITTEN BY: Scott Peterson PENCILS: Tim Levins INKS: Terry Beatty COLOURIST: Albert T. DeGuzman LETTERER: Harvey Richards COVER ART: Darwyn Cooke ISSUED: December 26, 2001 (Cover date Feb 2002) RATING: *** The famous "Arkham Soap Operas" continue! There's so much character - and ego - within the walls of Arkham Asylum that I think that an entire series could be dedicated to the goings-on of what happens there. Really. I mean, there was that graphic novel from the 80's that was great, so why not do something similar in an animated style? How about just a special? Pleeeease? Anyway, the story itself started nicely, with lots of cameos of the more nefarious inmates: Two-Face, Mad Hatter, Harley, Ivy, Joker, Croc, the whole motley crew. Like Batman, I, too, was caught up in the whole whodunnit-mystery, and thought the whole premise was a great idea for a stand-alone issue. I wished it didn't end. Unfortunately, it DID end, and that's where I find problems. I mean, the idea of the inside-job was fine, but a COOK? Nah. I can't buy it. Not with the story as is, anyway. For me to believe that little rotund man pulled off this crime - even with the help of a handful of supervillains - I'd need more background than what Peterson provides. A story written well-enough can make anyone believe anything that happens, but I don't buy this story as is. That whole "they liked my cooking so they helped me" excuse was quite a stretch. Then again, that whole frozen Clayface incident was kinda cute. This book always has nice little touches thrown in like that. Anyway, I still enjoyed the issue, but it could have been much, much better with such a cool premise. And hey - please consider my idea of an animated Arkham one-shot; I think it'd be a very promising idea! Oh yeah, the "Arkham Asylum, Class of 2001" cover was nice, too. Didn't realize the Creeper was locked up in there, though. ;-Y ______________________________________________________________ COMIC SCHEDULES & COVERING THE BASICS This section gives a little bit more in-depth look into each monthly issue of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES and BATMAN BEYOND. Below each comic listing is a link to the cover of that comic. TALK ABOUT SERVICE! The price for any of these issues, unless otherwise posted, is $1.99 in the US and...grrrrr...a whopping $3.25 (or higher) in Canada. (Both our editors and many subscribers are Canadian, hence the well-deserved "grrr".) If we are unsure of the exact date of when an issue is being released, just check out "DIRECT CURRENTS" for details: -BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES #46 -When Scarface and Ventriloquist disagree on how to pull off a job, they become each other's worst enemies - but they're also twice as deadly. Batman follows the puppet-master's trail of trouble in "Saving Face." Cover: FOLLOWING MONTH: When the criminal doesn't match up with the crime, Batman makes the rounds in Gotham's underworld and learns there may be a crook in the long arm of the law. (And is it just me, or does that look sorta like Lock-Up to you?) In stores Feb 27. Cover: -JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #3 January 9th The Justice League saves four space travelers from an unknown planet named Daxam. Are these weary refugees exiled freedom fighters or escaped convicts? And what happens when they discover the gift of...a yellow sun? Has the League found brand new friends, or brand new foes? Written by Fabian Nicieza Cover: Unavailable FOLLOWING MONTH: Issue #4 February 14th In "World War of the Sexes," the Justice League must find out why Wonder Woman's Amazon sisters have turned against the world, starting with all the men! Can the League stop the female warriors before they conquer the planet? Cover: ___________________________________________________________________ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Due to demand by some of our subscribers, we've decided to give a "Letters to the Editor" section a shot. Feel free to submit something you'd like to say to us, and each issue we'll choose one to post and then reply to. (NOTE: It can be completely uncensored, positive OR negative, though any coarse language will be bleeped out. We want this to be a no-holds-barred column!) * * * * * * Tim, I just wanted to know if "Unmasked" is really the final episode of BATMAN BEYOND ever? Are they going to make more movies? Please tell me that Terry will be around more (and not just in the might be made live action movie). Thanks and have a great holiday!! Lisa Singer 🙂 * * * * * * TWO-FACE'S SIDE OF THE COIN Hi Lisa, and thanks for writing in. As of this moment, "Unmasked" is the final episode of BATMAN BEYOND to be aired, with no intentions of more to come. That's NOT to say that there won't be any more episodes; just as with the BATMAN and SUPERMAN animated series', BATMAN BEYOND has not been cancelled, but, rather, been put on hiatus. That means that new episodes may - MAY - crop up in the future. Remember in 1995, everyone thought BTAS was dead, but two years later, more episodes came. And then a whole new series came. Now, BATMAN BEYOND isn't as popular as the other animated series' out there, but I'd never rule it out. Besides, Terry McGinnis and his supportive cast will never been written off entirely; they just appeared in an issue of SUPERMAN ADVENTURES (#64), for example. They'll always be there for other writers to draw upon. How else do you think creations like Bat-Mite have made it for this long? That live-action BATMAN BEYOND movie won't happen for a while, it seems. With the whole RETURN OF THE JOKER crew-shifting fiasco still settling, it looks like production on that movie won't happen until well after BATMAN: YEAR ONE is in theatres. It looks like the WB wants to get back to basics with Batman before taking it to strange, new neon-pink places (where Batgirl is Alfred's niece). As well-thought-out BATMAN BEYOND is in animation, the general public may not accept it as the first movie to come out of a current 5-year Bat-movie drought. As for OTHER movies, it looks like the WB will be making more animated Bat-movies in the future. Though most of them look to be JLA-centric now, we all know fans are still clamoring for a BATMAN BEYOND tale on what happened to Nightwing. (Heck, we still don't know what happened to Gordon, Alfred, and a bunch of the A-list villains either, but we'll stick with Dick for now.) That movie is always a possibility. So, long story short, don't count on anything major out of the BATMAN BEYOND-verse for a while, but never think it's dead for good. Case in point: the 1960's series. For better or worse, nothing Bat-related is dead for good. ;-Y ___________________________________________________________________ BATMAN: THE ANIMATED TRIVIA (by Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton) This is one of my favourite sections, where I get to boggle the minds of all our readers! (Mwuhahaha!) This trivia is all animated-related in some form, and can deal with ANY aspect of the show or comics based on the show. Remember, answer the questions WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE ANIMATED CONTINUITY. Now have fun - let's see how well you do! Answers are provided below. NEW STUFF It's a new year with new...stuff...everywhere. Howsabout trying this quiz featuring a "new" theme. Just take a look and you'll know what I mean. 691. In the only chronicled appearance of Batman on NEW Year's Eve, where in Gotham City does he find himself? 692. In the animated comics, what was the first issue to utilize the "new" animated look to accompany that of the revamped animated series in 1997? 693. In which episode does Bruce Wayne find himself to be a NEW-lywed? 694. What is the first episode to show Tim Drake as the NEW Robin? 695. Who builds Batman a NEW Batmobile? _____________________________________________________________________ AND THESE ARE OUR FINAL ANSWERS (to the trivia) Answer to #691: Gotham Times Square Answer to #692: BATGIRL ADVENTURES #1 Answer to #693: CHEMISTRY Answer to #694: HOLIDAY KNIGHTS (it appeared a week before SINS OF THE FATHER) Answer to #695: Earl Cooper _____________________________________________________________________ LITTLE FACTS AND BLOOPERS (by Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton) Here is a section that just points out various little facts and bloopers that we have noticed while watching BTAS, STAS and BEYOND countless times. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to do so! Enjoy! CONTRIBUTED BY STAFF: Forgive us. We've been out shopping. CONTRIBUTED BY OTHERS: So have you. Hurry up! Only two more days to go! ____________________________________________________________________ FIGURE THIS OUT! (by Marc Rosenzweig) Happy Holidays and welcome back to Gotham City's very own toy info centre and another addition of FIGURE THIS OUT! After taking the opportunity to get some holiday shopping done, I had to whip out my laptop and get this down on "paper"! Toys R Us has just received their HASBRO shipment & OOH my GAWWD! Another version of the standard Batcave has been released but with a twist! The good people at Hasbro felt thought, "What good is a Wayne Manor/Batcave without a butler to help take care of it?" This latest version of the Batcave (titled a SHADOWCAST BATCAVE) comes with the elusive Alfred figure. Until now, this has only been available as a Toys R us EXCLUSIVE earlier last year in a 4 pack set just like the Commissioner Gordon figure! The cave is made from the same standard molds used by Hasbro since 1992 when it was first released. The colors have been changed as to separate this year's model from those manufactured previously and the Bat-computer screen stickers have been redone in the new animated style. If you do not already own one of the six different versions of this cave already, now is the time to go out and buy one just so you can get your hands on the ALFRED figure! At a retail price of just $49.99 it's a steal! They have been offered on eBay for the last few weeks and were selling as high as $80! Save your money and save your time...these will be available through the holiday shopping season. So add this to your want list so Santa or Hanukkah Harry can put this little ditty under your tree or in front of your menorah! Staying in line with the limited edition figures, Hasbro has also released an ANIMATED SUPERMAN 4 pack that I have only seen at Toys R Us. I haven't had time to visit my local TARGET yet so I don't know who else might have these. You may want to check K-Marts and Wal-Marts as well. The special edition figure in this package is that nosey report...LOIS LANE! Sculpted in the animated style, Lois sports a Red skirt with a matching blazer. She comes with her own pad and pen so she can take notes while on assignment. Also included in this box set is a re-painted Superman figure, Lex Luthor and Brainiac. Nothing special about the three accompanying figures, but I wouldn't pass this one up! I don't know how long these will be in stores as the Alfred figure was so hard to get originally, don't expect Hasbro to ever release a Daily Planet Play set, so don't take a chance and don't miss out. At a retail price of $19.99 you can't afford not to buy this one yourself, don't bother waiting for it to be a present under your tree! Until next we meet! GOD BLESS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ONE AND ALL! Marc Rosenzweig ____________________________________________________________________ FEATURED BATMAN INTERNET ENDEAVOURS FOR THIS ISSUE (feel free to submit something for our consideration) This space for rent. ____________________________________________________________________ TWO-FACE'S TRADING POST For the next few issues, we here at BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER will be providing this space for all you subscribers for trading, buying, selling, and whatnot, just in time for Christmas (and beyond). So, without further adieu, here is what we have in store: WANTED: 1) LOOKING FOR BTAS EPISODES: Over the Edge, Love is a Croc, The Ultimate Thrill, Cult of the Cat, Old Wounds, Knight Time, Girls Night Out, Judgement Day, Beware the Creeper, Mad Love Contact if you can or would like to help. 2) LOOKING FOR BTAS EPISODES: I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am looking for anyone who can help me out with obtaining episodes of any Batman/Superman cartoon - live action shows. By obtaining I mean dubs. If you think you can help me out please e-mail me at 3) LOOKING FOR EPISODES: JLA episodes, particularly the upcoming INJUSTICE FOR ALL two-parter. E-mail this address if you can or would like to help: 4) LOOKING FOR EPISODES: All TNBA episodes and all Justice League episodes (Non-wide screen format only) Contact if you can or would like to help. FOR SALE: Nothing as of yet. NOTE: Batman: The Animated Newsletter has takes no responsibility in business transactions. We're working on the honour system here, people, so PLAY NICE! ;-Y ____________________________________________________________________ ANIMATED BATMAN/SUPERMAN SITES: Wow, our links section has grown so big that we've had to eliminate it from the newsletter! Fear not, you can still find all these links at the WORLD'S FINEST NEWSPAGE, if you follow this link...that's hypocracy for ya! NEWSGROUPS ----- news:alt.comics.batman news:alt.animation.batman news:alt.comics.superman news:rec.arts.sf.superman news:rec.arts.animation news:alt.animation.warner-bros ____________________________________________________________________ QUESTIONS, SUBMISSIONS, AND FAN-MAIL If you have any questions, problems, links do not work, or anything else, then please e-mail this address with your problems and we'll try to fix them as soon as possible. Also if you'd like to send any fan-mail then please send it to this address: As for submissions, feel free to submit an article or opinion on anything pertaining to BTAS. Keep in mind that as the editors, we have the right to edit your submissions if we deem it necessary. Such instances would include problems with length, grammar, and language. If we do feel we must edit something, however, we will do our utmost to ensure that the opinion and the basic message of the submission does not change, as that is the most important part of any article, and everyone is entitled to it. And if you do submit something, please don't just submit a basic review of an episode or a comic or something (because we have people writing for those purposes already) - write about an issue you'd like to discuss. ____________________________________________________________________ BATMAN: THE ANIMATED ARCHIVES The very kind people at TOONZONE were nice enough to give us our own little section of their huge and diverse website. The archive contains past newsletters and is semi-regularly updated with the latest one. To check it out go here: TOONZONE's BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES ____________________________________________________________________ LIKE WHAT YA SEE? WANNA SUBSCRIBE? HERE'S HOW!!! For those of you who are seeing this at the WBC HOMEPAGE BTAN ARCHIVES section and want to subscribe, just follow these simple instructions: To subscribe email, put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line, and put the e-mail address you'd like the newsletter to be sent to in the body of the message. We have also set up another back-up e-mail subscription address, here: For more information about the newsletter just email either of the previous e-mail addresses - preferably the prior. Thank you for your time, and thanks for reading! Tell your friends! -Tim TWO-FACE Leighton and Dick Grayson, editors ____________________________________________________________________ TO ALL GOOD THINGS... ...there must be an end. We would like to thank the endless amount of contributors for contributing their editorials, columns, news, reviews and other articles. We hope you've all enjoyed it as much as we've enjoyed making it! Thank you for reading! See ya next time! CREDITS FOR BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER EDITOR AT COLLEGE, & WORKING, TOO!: Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton CO-EDITOR AT COLLEGE, ALSO WORKIN': "Dick Grayson" AIR DATE SCHEDULES: Toonzone, Cartoon Network, and YTV EPISODE REVIEWS: "Belle Book" EDITORIAL: Help Wanted!!! COMIC REVIEWS: Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton, Dick Grayson 'RETURN OF THE JOKER' GIVEAWAY: Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton FIGURE THIS OUT: Marc Rosenzweig "BTAN ARCHIVES" MODERATOR: Eileen Delgadillo TRIVIA: Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton PROMOTIONS, JUST GETTIN' THE WORD OUT: Dick Grayson, Eileen Delgadillo, Brian Cruz, Brian Davis THOSE WHO FILL IN FOR OTHERS WHEN THEY FOUL UP:-Y Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton DELIVERY: Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton E-MAIL RECEPTION HANDLING: Tim "TWO-FACE" Leighton THE CREATION OF THIS NEWSLETTER INSPIRED BY: Alan J. Porter BATMAN CREATED BY: Bob Kane & Bill Finger (who else?) Batman and all related indicia are trademarks of DC Comics, Copyright c 2001. ___________________________________________________________________ 2001 "GOLDEN OVAL AWARDS" POLL FORM After last year's rather...dismal turn-out we've decided to do away with many of our categories and just stick to the basics. Below are 32 questions dealing with the animated universe and the mainstream comic universe. We've also included a section focusing on this newsletter so, if you wish, you can write to us and tell us what you like or don't like so we can adjust the newsletter to better serve you. Sound fun? Alright! Fill this out and e-mail it right back to if you'd like to be included in our poll for the best and worst of 2001! We must receive entries by January 31, 2002, as results will be posted in our first issue delivered in February of 2002. ANNNNND you can only vote once! NOTE: No episodes of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES are eligible, and only BATMAN BEYOND episodes that came out in 2001 (was that ONLY "UNMASKED"?). JUSTICE LEAGUE episodes are eligible too, of course. As for the comic series', all issues of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES from #34-45 are eligible, and all issues of BATMAN BEYOND from #16-24 are eligible. JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #1 and #2 are eligible. For the BTAN section, Issues #83-110 (or whatever we have by the end of the year) are eligible. (Long live the archives!) THE REALMS OF THE ANIMATED UNIVERSE #1. BEST EPISODE #2. WORST EPISODE #3. BEST DESIGN #4. WORST DESIGN #5. BEST VOICE #6. WORST VOICE #7. BEST 'GOOD GUY' #8. BEST VILLAIN #9. BEST WRITER #10. BEST DIRECTER #11. BEST "ANIMATED" COMIC #12. WORST "ANIMATED" COMIC #13. BEST "ANIMATED" COMIC COVER #14. BEST PIECE OF MERCHANDISE THE MAINSTREAM COMIC BOOKS #15. BEST HERO #16. BEST VILLAIN #17. BEST SUPPORTING CHARACTER ("Good" or "Bad" or neither) #18. BEST STORY-ARC #19. BEST SINGLE-ISSUE STORY #20. BEST MINI-SERIES #21. BEST WRITER #22. BEST ARTIST #23. FAVOURITE MOMENT OF 2001 BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER #24. BEST ONGOING ARTICLE/SECTION #25. WORST ONGOING ARTICLE/SECTION #26. WHAT YOU LOOK FORWARD TO THE MOST IN EACH ISSUE #27. WHAT YOU LOATHE THE MOST IN EACH ISSUE #28. WHAT DO YOU FIND MOST HELPFUL? #29. WHAT STILL NEEDS SOME TWEAKING? #30. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE ISSUES? #31. SHOULD WE HAVE MORE CONTESTS? #32. BEST "BTAN" ISSUE ___________________________________________________________________

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