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Batman The Animated Newsletter #100

Batman The Animated Newsletter #100

Batman: The Animated Newsletter
Weeks of September 10 – September 23, 2001
Volume 4, 0
Rated: PG (as with all other things Batman-related)

THIS ISSUE’S SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: “We’ll keep all of you in our prayers.”

Sorry about this issue not getting into inboxes in time. Not only has school gotten in the way (but yet again), the whole thing with the terrorist attacks in the USA has sort of taken precedent. I’m not an American myself, but my heart (and those of others working here) goes out to ANYONE even remotely affected by everything that’s happened – the airplane crashes, destroyed Pentagon, levelled buildings, and the Twin Towers (to say the least), and all the emergency crews assisting both the dead and the survivors.

Hell, a good chunk of our Toonzone affiliates live in the New York area – our prayers are with them, too. With every one of us using the internet nowadays, chances are we all know at least one person in or around the boroughs of New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, and any other affected area. Our prayers go out to them all.

I just wanted to say something. Even though this is centred on the United States, everyone up here in Canada is feeling the brunt of all the chaos with the airlines, too. The same goes for the rest of the I do have an idea of what is going on and my sympathy (and empathy) goes out to everyone involved in any possible way.

With all that said, we’ll postpone our celebratory 100th issue until we meet again. I’m not really in the mood to party right now, anyway.

Take care, fellow readers.

Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton
-proud Canadian supporting the efforts of our American cousins in the wake of this terrorism.
New episodes are on the horizon! Here’s what we can expect in the near future…

-Finally! UNMASKED will air on the KidsWB on Friday, September 14, at 4:30 pm.
(see back issues for older info)

-Congratulations to the staff at WB studios for the rankings of their superhero shows in a recent WIZARD magazine “Top #100 Cartoons of all time” list. SUPERMAN came in at #21, BATMAN BEYOND at #6, and BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES at #2. (The only show to beat it was, you guessed it, THE SIMPSONS, and that’s pretty impressive.)
-The following artists are selling artwork on eBay. The following are their names and Seller ID’s:
Terry Beatty:
Craig Rousseau: cerousseau
Tim Levins: tlevins
Min S. Ku: min3000gt

-Some stills from the series have popped up on the net!
-Though BATMAN BEYOND will soon be leaving KidsWB, it will be returning to air on the CARTOON NETWORK on October 1st, at 6:30pm as part of the Toonami line-up. UNMASKED is the only episode that the CARTOON NETWORK will NOT be able to air once BATMAN BEYOND jumps networks.
-BTAS has been temporarily removed from the YTV schedule, but starting September 15th, BATMAN BEYOND will begin airing “new” episodes at 10am (starting with PLAGUE). Go to our YTV schedule section for details. Thanks to for the scoop!

-Tim Levins is currently co-plotting of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES with Scott Peterson. It looks like it will be a Catwoman story; no word on whether it’ll be an extra-sized issue like #1, though. This issue will be out in May 2002.
-Levins also confirmed that he hasn’t heard any word on GOTHAM ADVENTURES being cancelled in the near future just as SUPERMAN ADVENTURES and BATMAN BEYOND have. That’s good news to me!
-Oh yeah, ever wonder what he looks like? COMICSCONTINUUM has posted a picture of him on their site. Check it out:
-JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES, the new animated-style comic book based on the upcoming animated series, releases its first issue on November 14, 2001. It is written by Ty Templeton, has interior art by Min S. Ku and Dan Davis, and sports a cover by both Bruce Timm and Alex Ross.
-Other writers for the series already include Chuck Dixon, Paul Storrie, Mike W. Barr, Dan Slott, Len Kaminski, Fabian Nicieza, and Christopher Sequeira.
-Issues in this series will cost $1.99 US, or $3.25 Canadian, just as with GOTHAM ADVENTURES and SUPERMAN ADVENTURES.
Issue #1 description: “The JLA faces a deadly alien threat! When a meteor lands in an American suburb, the League is called on to investigate. Soon they are drawn into an intergalactic conflict, but it seems as if the real threat may be one of their own – Green Lantern! Our heroes’ adventures may be over as soon as they’ve begun!”
Cover to Issue #1:
All I know about this one is that Two-Face finally returns; looks like Nightwing and Robin are in it, too. Here’s the cover:
All we know is that this is going to feature the Ventriloquist (and Scarface too, of course.)
-MAD LOVE will be re-released on November 21st to coincide with the release of the Harley Quinn snowglobe by DC Direct.

-For more animated comic updates, go here:

-Frank Miller’s long-awaited THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN will finally hit stores on December 5, 2001. Issues #2 and #3 will come out in successive months. Each issue will cost $7.95 US.
-As of March 1st, 2002, Chuck Dixon will be leaving DC Comics and moving to CrossGen comics. Dixon currently helms three titles – NIGHTWING, ROBIN, and BIRDS OF PREY – and has written countless mini-series’ and issues for other titles over his many years at DC thus far.
Check out the full story at CINESCAPE:
-Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale report that they have another upcoming project with DC Comics…but that’s all. It might be another Batman miniseries, a Superman mini, or something different altogether. More as we hear it.
-A new Bat-family comic book is coming to comic stores near you! No release date has been set, but NEWSRAMA reports that Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker are joining forces to write for a title tentatively known as “GOTHAM CENTRAL” – focusing on the corrupt Gotham City Police Department.
Featuring the Scarecrow out of Arkham, giving speeches on the ramifications of fear.
-BATMAN #597
The final showdown between Batman and Zeiss.
-DETECTIVE COMICS #765 (in December) cover:
-HARLEY & IVY: LOVE ON THE LAM – a one-shot story chronolizing the duo’s relationship post-NML but pre-HARLEY QUINN ongoing series. It’s due out in September. Written by Judd Winick.
-A hardcover version of DARK VICTORY, collecting all 13 issues, will be released on October 24. Don’t expect a softcover version any earlier than March 2002.

-Wanna check out the new SPECIAL EDITION BATMAN MOVIE? (It’s the one from 1966, by the way.) Go to this link:
-Paul Dini has come out and said that it is very likely that the WB will release an unedited ROTJ movie – but with different cover art to differentiate it from the family-friendly version. It might even be sold only through DC Direct. Expect this as early as late this year or early 2002.

-David Boreaenz is once again at the top of the pile of rumours of actors that might play Batman. Here’s what he might look like:
-WARNER BROS. is currently aiming for a 2003 summer release date for YEAR ONE. Frank Miller has wrapped up all of his comics projects (such as THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN) so he’s focussing his attention on movie production, now.

-While at WizardCon in Chicago, Paul Dini implied that the live action BATMAN BEYOND movie appears to be dead in the water.

-At the WIZARD WORLD convention, Paul Dini has confirmed that there will be more animated Bat-movies on the way. Aside from a second BATMAN BEYOND “Nightwing” film (which is always possible), there could possibly be movies featuring team-ups between Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, and Green Arrow. These ideas HAVE been greenlighted by the WB.

-No new news on this movie for a while…but yeah, it’s still in production.

-No new news here. Don’t expect this movie to happen for quite a while.

-For a promo poster for SMALLVILLE, go here:
-For a current airing schedule for the 1966 Adam West series, click here:

-Gotham Girls need your help. Another Batman newsletter, GOTHAM WEEKLY NEWS, reports that traffic has dropped on the Girls’ site to such an extent that the WB powers that be are hinting that no new productions will get the greenlight. So if you enjoy girly hi-jinks of Gotham’s most notable women or just want to check out some cool web based animation click on over to
-However, these new episodes are still coming out, on the following dates:
Sept. 11: #08 – “Gotham Noir”
Sept. 25: #09 – “Scout’s Dis-honor”
Oct. 9: #10 – “I’m Badgirl”

-BTAS is coming to DVD in early 2002! Stay tuned for further developments!
-DC Direct is going to be releasing a set of PVC figures based on THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, to coincide with whenever it comes out next year.
-It looks like Hasbro is releasing a Batman/Joker two-pack based on the new designs of animated series. No accessories appear to be supplied, though. Here’s a link:
-They also appear to have a Batman/Robin two-pack in the same style, but it looks like the Robin figure is Dick Grayson in the Tim Drake suit. Yeah. Check it out:
-Batman and Superman, too! See?
-All the 85 WB stores across the United States will be closed by October, 2001. However, there is word that the other 30 locations, such as in Canada and across the pond in European countries, will remain open because they operate under separate franchise agreements.

For more BATMAN, SUPERMAN, AND BEYOND news throughout the week, check out the WORLD’S FINEST


(courtesy of Toonzone & Kids’WB!)

Kids’WB! currently airs BATMAN BEYOND on weekdays and weekends. Remember, Kids’WB! is notorious for switching schedules around at the very last minutes. Batman Beyond currently airs at 11:30am (ET) on Saturdays and during a 3-4pm block on Monday-Thursday. Check out these links if we are unable to update our schedule:


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Wed 09-12-01: B-BEYOND #27 Eyewitness

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Fri 09-14-01: B-BEYOND #47 Unmasked <-----new!! series finale!!! after this point, batman beyond will no longer be aired on the wb network. _____________________________________________________________________ canadian episode schedule (batman ytv - courtesy of our friends at ytv) has returned to and all 52 episodes are available for air! check it out mondays both 3:30pm 4pm! zeta project follows beyond. come september 15th, it'll air regularly saturdays 10am. though currently rights 109 btas, been removed from time being. sure back here updates! week: sat 09-15-01: #?? plague next week (this may slightly inaccurate) 09-22-01: #?? ??? review: (spoilers!) 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"dick grayson" uusually, there's never really any buss around animated artists unless they responsible breaking mold (mike parobeck) or into mainstream (ty templeton rick burchett), but folks below exception. work under their belt, matter how big small, proven that a major part naimated, indie, comicscene in near future. below my picks 'best upcoming artist' writer'. i was able do short q & session fellows who's names wil very familliar sounding future. best writer paul storrie #23, upcoming: justice league adventures) 1. would you descibe your jl adventures? well, working book based cartoon yet debut held some interesting challenges. fortunately, dc provide details about way characters portrayed interact. probably describe issue ofjl adv. is battle against bizarre villainess provides j'onn opportunity help his teammates teach little something and, turn, an insight character as well. 2. leaguer enjoy drawing most? why? now, writer, that's tough one answer! j'onn most me write, i'm looking forward maybe having chance focusing hawkgirl well. i like developed her show. 3. if had favourite comic character, approach it? let's see *favorite* (not own devising, course) captain america. how writing cap? while being faithful exceptional portrayals past, i'd focus fact that, despite cap man time,patriotism itself isn't dated. it possible aware world works day age still believe america's ideals. plus, cap, you've got ton action, him wading through army badguys. i think try craft villain battle, guys gals who real challenge him, counterpoint don't connection facism nazis.  4. yourself doing five years now? what hope worked then? heck yeah, myself now! love comics. make full-time career them. then, toughie. chuck dixon ever, ever needs fill-in nightwing, that. captian america, obviously. the question dream on. an (or better yet, run) regular bat-books. green arrow hawkeye. (hey, archers!) certainly hope, passed, few creator-owned projects completed. i've couple developing right now.  thanx, paul! artist min s. ku beyond, superman adventures, fun... it's hoot coolest bruce timm style! such honor writers industry. i readers treat...i just disappoint art department. should've read "which except batman" because batman, hands down! he's darn cool! close second toss up green lantern. hawkgirl's look so classic (i'm glad didn't change too much early comics) she spunk her; jon stewart lantern, show's creators gave military background...his personality plays off nicely leaguers! (both questions answered together). comics now. feel blessed living! i've already drawn league, content accomplishment. i adventures becomes hit spins titles! i'd single stand-alone stories, keep sense continuity spin-off books. min! lookout talents. definatly going places! stands, storrie's amazing also stil available. yourselves favor pick them up! -dg (batman: gotham leighton) (superman dick grayson) batman: issue: "tuesday night" (#42) by: scott peterson pencils: craig rousseau inks: dan davis colourist: lee loughridge letterer: albert t. deguzman cover art: bob smith, terry beatty, issued: 5, 2001 (cover date nov 2001) rating: *** tuesday night. even prefer good ol' superhero vs supervillain story, commend tale normal night simple patrol robin. i'm when trade centre attacked (09-11), couldn't draw parrallels dynamic duo's search rescue efforts city ablaze issue. peterson's minimal dialogue great, not fabulous visuals davis, wouldn't nearly effective. fire beautiful (but deadly) thing, proved counts. hoping we'd get firefly culprit rather than computer glitch sun flares, tragedy befell u.s. (and free world) today, sometimes grand-scale chaos comes faceless, unknown. knew originally thought fire-fighting tale. kudos everyone involved . quiet, peaceful everyone, wherever be. ;-y ______________________________________________________________ schedules covering basics section gives bit more in-depth each monthly listing comic. talk service! price issues, otherwise posted, $1.99 us and...grrrrr...a whopping $3.25 higher) canada. editors many canadian, hence well-deserved "grrr".) unsure exact released, "direct currents" details: -batman: #43 october 3rd harley quinn? take sidekick find out. answer awaits deep harley's history...that is, dark knight survive traps set over gotham. cover: following month: know two-face finally returns; looks nightwing robin it, too. here's etters due demand subscribers, we've decided give "letters editor" shot. you'd say us, we'll choose post then reply to. (note: completely uncensored, positive negative, coarse language bleeped want no-holds-barred column!) * from: "joybender" face biggest network date, go years. sucess era showcases superheroes only featured superfriends. doubt sudden popularity cause start giving lantern flash cartoons. guess where concievably need. whose story compelling loved group, affect chances show again? two-face's side coin wish rest staff fall. could it! however, smash success (like superman: series), me, compares series. none shows same crews quality; were primarily action (albeit ones), looked far its followers did. before tv geared towards children family-viewing humanity fashion before. rules changed saw movie franchise years, drifting character-driven property thrived greatly sequence upon sequence, bat-world. no, comparing joel schumacher band hacks understand the...yeah. trust produce quality product. shift gears action-oriented outlook, one, assume concerned, coming only, perhaps, direct-to-video movies. course. again, tell. doesn't months quite evident company intent making difficult transition pages seamless possible. (fans dying scared touch simply grandiose. why tested waters various team-ups down pat, out.) spectacular. pokemon-dominated kidswb, keeps output, executives fans) continue support might, might run equally impressive heck, bat-fans should lucky. provided 161 bat-centric (btas including crossovers) 54 superman's name. members jla, fan-base even jla live promise greatness (which definately merchandising!), form type come. wow, did kevin conroy luck what, huh? ___________________________________________________________________ trivia sections, boggle minds readers! (mwuhahaha!) animated-related form, deal aspect remember, within context continuity. now fun well do! answers below. related indica match "thing" list closely associated him/her! a: 10/6 b: tight-rope c: secret service d: badge e: rocks f: terrorism g: ceo h: japanese tang (fish) i: silver dollar j: suspended animation k: psychiatry l: donuts m: lillian n: isis o: street-kid 596. 597. killer croc 598. mad hatter 599. nightwing/robin (dick 600. 601. joker 602. alfred 603. catwoman 604. harvey bullock 605. ra's al ghul 606. (tim drake) 607. poison ivy 608. nora fries 609. commissioner gordon 610. quinn final (to trivia) #596: g #597: e #598: #599: b #600: #601: h #602: c #603: n #604: l #605: f #606: o #607: m #608: j #609: d #610: k facts bloopers points noticed watching stas countless times. anything contribute, so! enjoy! contributed staff: gone fishin'. others: kathi heckenlively) 1) regarding terrible trio episode. apparently voiceover director coordinate actor peter scolari voice character. listen carefully, throughout switching blond haired robber wearing shark head brunette guy bird head. happened masks masks, talking bruce. made confusing track characters. robyn johnson) 2) balance talia wind "cell" sorts sonic disrupter used blast whole underneath them. when wakes finds mask removed, he exclaims, "my mask! what done it?" seconds later reaches behind pulls face. uhm...hello??? why ask lying nape neck?? figure out! marc rosenzweig) welcome gothamites! am middle researching release 9 jack box figures limited offer super heroes. i awaiting information sources warner bro's studio offices burbank. once received information, passing juicy tid-bits reading pleasures. until issue, remember 1966 airing sci fi monday 7/23/01, 11:00 4:00pm(ish). dont forget those vcrs! bat-time bat-channel! internet endeavours (feel consideration) unofficial guide (now affiliate world's finest) redesigned relaunched features. it contains complete guide/companion cast credits, plot summaries reviews, filmographies quick reference. screengrabs (provided finest tomorrow beyond) complement entry, actor's index guest stars alike. meahwhile, links sites, on-line interviews profiles producers. batman/superman sites: grown eliminate newsletter! fear not, newspage, follow link...that's hypocracy ya! newsgroups ----- news:alt.comics.batman news:alt.animation.batman news:alt.comics.superman news:rec.arts.sf.superman news:rec.arts.animation news:alt.animation.warner-bros questions, submissions, fan-mail problems, work, else, please e-mail address problems fix soon send address: article opinion pertaining btas. mind editors, edit submissions deem necessary. instances include length, grammar, language. if must something, utmost ensure basic message submission does change, important article, entitled it. review (because people purposes already) write discuss. archives kind toonzone nice enough huge diverse website. archive past newsletters semi-regularly updated latest one. here: toonzone's newsletter ya see? wanna subscribe? here's how!!! seeing wbc homepage btan subscribe, instructions: subscribe email, put subject line, sent body message. thank time, thanks reading! tell friends! -tim leighton grayson, things... ...there end. endless amount contributors contributing editorials, columns, news, articles. enjoyed time! credits college, working, too!: co-editor workin': schedules: toonzone, kids'wb!, reviews: zanna/justin occasionally editorial: wanted!!! leighton, grayson 'return joker' giveaway: out: rosenzweig "btan archives" moderator: eileen delgadillo trivia: promotions, gettin' word delgadillo, brian cruz, brian davis fill others foul up:-y delivery: reception handling: creation inspired alan j. porter created kane bill finger (who else?) indicia trademarks comics, copyright 2001. simply, sucks.