Bruce Lee still remains the most iconic star of karate kung-fu films, and his demise left a hole so great that for quite a while, there were several bootleg movies being released that used his name, likeness or both to sell themselves. Some actually involved Lee rising from the grave to kick his legs around once more.

A group of filmmakers from the Middle East now has plans to return to the Lee era with the subtly named “HE IS BACK.” In spirit, at least. They’ve cast an expert martial artist from Afghanistan with the hope that he can capture Lee’s spirit (in the movie this may happen literally). Plot synposis is as follows:

Starring newcomer Abb Li – a martial artist discovered in Afghanistan – “HE IS BACK” is about a poor young man from Afghanistan who has devoted his life to helping his village. Within him is a special power that will help him fight an encroaching evil that threatens not just his home, but also the world.

Director Chitah Yajnesh Shetty will make his debut with “HE IS BACK,” and the movie will be produced by Suresh Sharma & Suresh Babu Malge. Overseeing the production is Showtime Sinema & SBM Pvt Ltd in association with Ninjoor Pictures. The film has only just been announced and will not begin shooting until next year.

Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll spot scenes from “HE IS BACK” being shot in the USA….but portions will also be filmed in Kosovo, Cambodia, Thailand and Russia. Filming begins January 28th, 2019.

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