Sony and their “scary” arm Screen Gems have put forth the final trailer for their sci-fi thriller Brightburn.

Everyone knows how the Superman story begins: an alien baby from a doomed planet is sent across space to Earth. The spaceship lands in a Kansas cornfield and a farm couple raises him as their own, where he learns truth, justice and the American way. But what if he was just a bad seed and rejected all that?

Maybe young Brandon Beyer might have turned out OK, but after facing harsh bullying in school, he decides he’s in a position where he doesn’t have to take it. He makes short work of them, trashes the school, and from that point makes life miserable for everybody he crosses paths with. As we can see, the police eventually get involved, but they’re as helpless as anyone else.

As the trailer ends, the kid floats there outside the broken window, the effects of his carnage evident throughout the house, and he pleads his case: “I wanna do good, Mom. I do.” Who taught you your virtues, kid — Daenerys Targaryen?

Every single Brightburn trailer has contained the scene where Mama grabs Brandon and blubbers, “Whatever you’ve done, I know there is good inside you!” Her unconditional motherly affection is touching and all, but we have the feeling this is headed toward a Good Son ending where she is the only one who can stop him — and with permanent means. What’s his Kryptonite?

Brightburn starts playing this Thursday, May 23.

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