Branding in Seonsu-dong: A 2024 Viki Original K-Drama Series


Branding in Seonsu-dong” is a Viki Original Korean drama series, released in 2024, has 24 episodes, and is categorized as Web Drama, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, and Fantasy or Supernatural.

Rumor or Truth? Let’s Switch Souls!

The setting for “Branding in Seonsu-dong” is Seonsu-dong district, the center of Seoul’s marketing and branding world. (A dong, or neighborhood, of Seongdong-gu in Seoul.) The storyline involves two main characters: Kang Na-eon, a successful tough no-nonsense team leader at a marketing firm, and So Eun-ho, a “righteous” intern at the same marketing firm.

Kang Na-eon asked the CEO of XU Beauty directly if there was something to the rumors about the company using animals. Kang Na-eon already had a reputation for being successful. The CEO responded by asking her if she wanted to continue being recognized as the best in her field.

Kang Na-eon did not blindly accept his response because he didn’t exactly answer her question. She took note that instead, the CEO dangled a “carrot” in front of her, hoping she would bite.

Kang Na-eon challenges So Eun-ho to find proof that the XU Beauty rumors were facts. He finds a place in the factory where the animals used for testing are hidden. The CEO had dangled a “carrot” in front of her. Oh, the irony! Considering that the animals So Eun-ho discovered were rabbits.

Kang Na-eon is currently not in a relationship. But despite her determination to stay independent, she gets entangled with So Eun-ho. If only she had resisted. But one kiss changed everything.

No, she didn’t fall madly in love. The two swapped souls after their first kiss. The soul of Kang Na-eon was now in the body of the righteous intern, So Eun-ho. Kang Na-eon and So Eun-ho lived by completely different values. Her world has been turned upside down. But is that a good thing?


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My personal rating is the same as My Drama List. “Branding in Seonsu-dong” certainly puts a cute spin on the phrase “Walk a mile in my shoes”.




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