Myst, the original point-and-click PC adventure, took the world by storm in the early 90s. Ever since then, it’s tried and failed to break into other media. Myst-based TV shows have been announced by Legendary Entertainment in 2014, and Hulu and 2015, but both projects evaporated. Now Village Roadshow Entertainment — they of the giant “V” you get before some movies — has the rights, and they plan to exploit them like no one else before.

Village has grand plans for Myst: a TV series! A movie! And….a reality show?? Their press release mentions “film, scripted and unscripted TV content.” All of these proposed projects “will rely on and expand upon the game’s existing mythology.”

Admittedly, the game’s plot is rather wide-reaching and rich with spinoff potential (though we’re skeptical about the reality show part). Its canon spans 10,000 years and concerns an ancient civilization known as the D’ni who have the ability to write books that transport people to other worlds. Any of those worlds, or any of the Myst games or books, could be adapted well if the director knew what they were doing.

The original Myst game came out in 1993 and was the product of brothers Rand and Robyn Miller.