Filmmaker Joe Begos, best known for his previous two films, Almost Human (2013) and The Mind’s Eye (2015), is about to introduce his third, Bliss — a love letter to trashy grindhouse cinema.

Known for her dark and macabre artwork, painter Dezzy Donahue (Dora Madison) is in a professional rut. Unable to finish her newest commissioned work, Dezzy looks to reignite her creative juices by letting loose-as in, taking every drug in sight and tearing through raucous house parties and heavy metal bars. After a few nights spent with her debauchery-loving friends Courtney (Tru Collins) and Ronnie (Rhys Wakefield), though, Dezzy notices changes within herself. On the positive side, she’s finally painting again, but she’s also developing a strange desire for blood. As someone who has never been able to control her vices in the first place, Dezzy is quickly and violently consumed by this bloodlust.

On the same day that Bliss comes out on VOD, it will open on the big screen in a limited number of theaters. Dark Sky Films, distributors of Bliss, did not share the list of participating theaters with us yet, so if that doesn’t change before the film comes out, you might have to check your local listings. However you see it, Bliss will premiere its bloodthirsty attitude September 27.

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