Official PlayStation Magazine UK had the opportunity to speak with Mark Lamia, the head of Treyarch studio. During their conversation, Lamia revealed new information regarding the zombies mode in this year’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

“Our zombies fans want more zombies,” he revealed somewhat unsurprisingly. Hang on though, he’s going somewhere with this. “They literally want more zombies and they want more ways to play” (see). That means Black Ops 2 will be expanding on what the previous games have done before with the undead.

“They want bigger maps” says Lamia. “They want even more interesting things to do inside these levels. So we are crafting new worlds, creating new game modes and bigger worlds.” Much of what this new zombies will bring is partly due to an undead tech upgrade. “We’ve actually put [zombies] inside of our multiplayer engine and it’s capable of doing twice as many zombies, twice as many co-op players.”

Eight player zombies is more than just a bigger set up, it’s changing the entire game. “There are actually new modes,” says Lamia. “There’s classic mode that you guys are used to but there are going to be new modes. [Twice as many co-op players] introduces some interesting new gameplay modes. Perhaps you can think of some team game modes where there might be fun to be had?”

Seems like Black Ops 2 zombies is getting a huge step-up from its predecessor. We can also assume that because they’ll be using their multiplayer engine for zombies, this would allow 4-player split-screen, as opposed to just two.

But he wasn’t done yet. Lamia added, “There’s a lot there. It’s its own game mode. There’s a totally new creative fiction. We’re going for it this time on zombies.”