What about ASA Studio’s BFF Or Die sets it apart from the crowd? Something that hasn’t been seen in most mainstream games for a long time….

In BFF or Die you and your friends play as colorful happy-faced aliens who resemble DeadMau5 and complete room-sized puzzles to escape a deadly labyrinth. Here’s the hook: your friends’ presences are required. There is a single-player mode, but if you want to play with friends, you’ve got to LITERALLY play with friends! The game is designed to maximize enjoyment of the kind of social interaction that can only happen when two to four of you share a couch.

It takes guts these days to leave an online mode completely out. But BFF Or Die has been rewarded for its courage. it was successfully greenlit on Steam in just six days. An early prototype of the game was awarded Best Multiplayer Game in the UK leg of Game On 2.0. It  was part of a nine month exhibition showcasing the history of video games (despite not even being out yet). There’s a clear demand for oldschool multiplayer games that isn’t being met by 99% of the industry. BFF or Die could wind up starting a trend if it’s successful.

“We’ve been taking BFF or Die out to public events since the start of development, seeing how people react so we can improve the experience. That’s four and a half years of playtesting and feedback!” sats Shaz Yousaf, co-founder of ASA Studio. “It’s been a journey bringing this game to life and we’re pleased to be able to release the final version soon. We hope people have as much fun with their BFFs at home!”

Check out BFF or Die in action through the trailer below. The game hits Steam September 13!