In 1994 Revolution Software and comic book creator Dave Gibbons teamed up to create a landmark of PC dystopian fiction, Beneath A Steel Sky. 25 years later, the steel sky is still up, but we’re moving beyond. A sequel, Beyond A Steel Sky, is now in the works, and both parties — Revolution and Gibbons — are teaming up once again to make it happen.

The announcement was officially made during Apple’s keynote this week, and a few clips of the game were shown during the Apple Arcade reveal video (linked below). The 1994 original was a point-and-click adventure; based on the trailer and screenshots, it doesn’t appear its sequel will follow that template.

  • A unique, rich game experience in an bounded sandbox world, interwoven with a deep narrative.
  • A story that enables players to profoundly affect and subvert the gameworld and its characters.
  • Elegantly simple, intuitive controls that allow complex situations to emerge, offering a gameplay experience that will appeal to the novice as well as the experienced gamer.
  • Custom-written cutting-edge graphics technology delivers a beautiful, realtime, comic-book-styled world in HDR & 4K to complement the artwork of Dave Gibbons.
  • Original comic book vignette to be created by Dave Gibbons.

Although Beyond A Steel Sky was announced during the Apple Arcade reveal, it thankfully won’t be exclusive to that service, so you will NOT need an overpriced Apple machine just to play it. Look for Beyond A Steel Sky on PCs, Macs and consoles later this year.

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