Bayonetta 3 Introduces second playable character Viola


Bayonetta 3 is burning the hype that fans have been waiting for long. The Release date trailer reveals another playable character. Her name is Viola, and she looks like a homage to Nero from Devil May Cry 4. Some fans may not know that Both Bayonetta and Devil May Cry are creations by the same man. Hideki Kamiya was a former Capcom Employee who made Bayonetta some spiritual Successor to Devil May Cry. Well, when Bayonetta was first released, there was no new Devil May Cry game, and Capcom is trying to replace it with the failed and controversial reboot d.M.c.


Bayonetta 3 official release date trailer

Bayonetta 3 lets the player play as Cereza, the little girl from the first Bayonetta game. She is actually Bayonetta herself from the past, but we play as a grown-up version of her this time. Bayonetta and Cereza are the same people, but Cereza is younger. You can see with her fashion sense as she dresses in a baby doll dress instead of the usual tight leather Bayonetta wears.
Instead of the Usual Angels and demons we fought in the previous games, the most common enemy will be the homunculi, Man-made creatures from the future that bleeds teal.
The Second playable character is Viola, a time traveler from the future. She is a short-haired blond tomboy with purple streaks.

Viola summons a giant cat named Cheshire instead of demons. Unlike Bayonetta and Jeanne, She has a less sexualized design. Viola seemed like a homage to Nero from Devil May Cry 4. Both are younger characters with different fighting styles from the main character.

Some fan favorite characters from previous games will also be in this sequel like Jeanne, Rodin and Luka.

Bayonetta 3 is will seduce you on it’s release for the Nintendo Switch this coming October 28, 2022.