New free-to-play 1v1 arena brawler, Battleverse Champions is coming soon to tablets and smartphones. Players will be able to battle for fame and glory in head-to-head MOBA-style combat that rewards wits and skill in a competitive gaming experience from mobile gaming studio, Tenacious Entertainment.

Battleverse Champions is set in an age where society settles their differences in the arena. Players may choose a space gladiator and five abilities. They’ll be able to personalize their character, and then those abilities to attempt to outplay their opponents with their unique playstyles and combos.

Battleverse Champions will have ranked and casual play, as well as ways to commemorate their wins. Players can practice with quick, unranked matches, play casually against AI or friends. They can also ascend the rank ladder in head-to-head tournaments. As they advance, players will be able to unlock new maps, champions, abilities, and more.

According to the Battleverse Champions website, some of the champions will include:

  • Nika is from a sophisticated high-tech society whose unique trait is ancestral memory. In Battleverse Champions, Nika’s people have seen the destruction caused by civilization and vowed to find balance with nature and their planet. Her species favors fighting with high energy bows and leading their foes into traps.
  • Bud’s exact origin is unknown, but what is known is that it is part of a very ancient multi-planetary hive mind species. Its purpose is to grow and spread throughout the galaxy. Bud has evolved to use potent natural toxins to drain foes slowly.
  • Hugo is of a species of scavengers who mine doomed planets before they are drawn into massive black holes. In Battleverse Champions, his race is looked down upon by other, more advanced civilizations, and so he is frequently underestimated. Hugo has built a pair of massive arms to smash his way to glory, and prove his society’s might.

Hugo Vs. Bud in Battleverse Champions

Battleverse Champions is the first title released by Tenacious Entertainment, which was founded in 2018 by talent formerly from ArenaNet. Tenacious Entertainment announced an investment round last year of more than $3.3 million towards making free-to-play mobile games that encourage competitive play without relying on play-to-win.

For more information on Battleverse Champions, visit the official website or join the developers on Discord.