A very interesting kind of real-time strategy game has just come to the Xbox One and PS4. Bad North will put you in charge of a group of people trying to stop unending waves of Vikings from wiping you out. You’ll need strategy and good management skills in order to take them out. With each new island comes new challenges you’ll have to overcome. Do you think you have what it takes?

Here’s a synopsis of the game:

Forced out of the only place you’ve called home, you escape in a rickety boat to an unknown isle while a voracious horde of Vikings nip at your heels. If they catch you, your reign—and life—will cease. Every new place you escape to only offers temporary solace as wave upon wave of Nordic marauders crash upon your shores. Fend off hordes of Vikings, then flee to the next island, and continue on until you can find a place to call home.

Welcome to Bad North, a minimalist real-time tactics roguelite where you must stand your ground against the multitudes of Vikings who want to see your head on the receiving end of their axes. Command troops to defend your land, develop them into different classes each with their own unique skills, and equip hero units with items that grant special abilities. Sail from island to island in a procedurally generated campaign and fight your way to victory in a game that is deceptively simple to pick up but with plenty of depth for strategy veterans.

The title is also out right now on the Nintendo Switch, so if you don’t have an Xbox One or PS4, you can get it there.

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