AMA, Bulkypix and Mando are offering you a divine surprise this Christmas, as the miraculous BABEL RISING hits Android. What greater joy, at this peaceful time of year, than to punish those impudent infidels who dare defy your splendour!

In BABEL RISING, you are God! And from the heights of sky, you see that men are agitating themselves… and building a tower. A tower ? To climb up to your heights? How arrogant and impudent they are… Time has come to teach your creatures how small they are and how great you are! You will have to use of all your divine spells, and to prevent them from building the tower.

The game offers a new challenge: slowing down as much as possible the building of the Tower of Babel. Humans are flooding the bottom of the screen and bringing stones. Step by step, they build the stairs and go higher and higher. You have at your disposal six different spells. With the “finger of God” (actually yours), always available, you can crush one human at once. But this spell is not powerful enough to contain the flow of humans. You must then implement more powerful spells, but the loading time is also becoming longer and longer: lightning, tornado, fire from heaven, Tsunami and finally earthquake will have to be used in good coordination and wisely. How long could you hold for humans?

With hilarious animations, clear graphics, a soundtrack worthy of an epic movie and an omnipresent sense of humour, BABEL RISING will have you breathless for hours, especially since it offers unlimited gameplay! you can also compare yourself to players around the world and unlock rewards via OpenFeint. The game is available on all Android devices, starting from version 2.1.

Download game here:

Youtube trailer:

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