Livescream is a feature length gaming horror film from Octopunk Media, written and
directed by Michelle Iannantuono and starring Gunner Willis. The uniquely designed film unfolds through a live-streaming interface where Scott, a popular video game streamer, begins to play a mysterious horror game sent to him by an anonymous fan. When his followers start dying one by one, he soon realizes there is something extremely sinister about the game and the consequences are real.

Gunner Willis (Ozark, Vice Principals ) delivers a virtuoso performance as Scott, and
multi-hyphenate filmmaker Michelle Iannantuono has created an immersive,
gut-wrenching experience fueled by her love for gaming.

“Nearly every creative choice I made for Livescream was inspired by a game, a game
player, a game developer, a reference to a popular video, or some aspect of the culture.
Over these years I have observed, and felt in my own heart, the deep, intimate
connection between streamers and their fans,” said Iannantuono.

Iannantuono took home the Best Director award from the prestigious Nightmares Film
Festival and the festival favorite film garnered several other Directing and Acting awards on the indie horror circuit.

Livescream is now available on VOD for rental and purchase in the United States on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft/XBox, Playstation Store, and Vimeo.

A Blu-ray release from FilmSpawn/HorrorPack is also available.

View the trailer below:

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