Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of big companies put forth free offerings of entertaiment to encourage Americans to stay indoors. Author Leila Sales lacked the resources these conglomerates have, but managed to create an engaging home-bound experience with Ada And The Lost Horizon.

In addition to writing books, and serving as editor at Penguin Random House for over a decade, Leila once helped organize the world’s largest scavenger hunt at the University of Chicago. So, she certainly has the experience necessary to create a hunt far larger…using her accounts on Twitter and Instagram, she’s launched an interactive narrative which anyone can join in (content is safe for the whole family).

The Ada in the title is a young woman searching for her missing younger brother. He’s disappeared, and there may be foul play involved…Ada’s only first clue is a ransom note. But you can help Ada find other clues…using items found around your house, complete the tasks that Leila cooks up and take a photo of the results. The winning photo will have their work canonized as the next chapter of the story.

How to play: 
1) Read each scene when it’s released on Leila’s Instagram and Twitter every other day at 4pm ET. The first scene came out on April 9th.
2) Each scene is accompanied by instructions for a task that can be completed in the safety of your own house. You have 24 hours to complete the task
and share it to social media using the hashtag #AdaAndTheLostHorizon. One player’s completion of each task will be selected to determine the course of the rest of the story.

3) Enjoy other players’ completions, invite your friends to play, and find out where Ada’s journey takes her next!

Read a complete explanation of the game here.
Ada and the Lost Horizon is active now on Leila’s social media accounts.

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