A promotional poster for Battlefield 4 created by retailer EB Games has recently surfaced on BF4Central, which if reliable provides some new intel about EA’s upcoming military FPS.

First, it hints at a something called Commander Mode. In 2005’s Battlefield 2, the Commander position was an elite role played by one member of each team (usually whomever had the most senior rank). This player had access to a top-down, real-time strategy-esque interface that granted complete visibility of the battlefield. From here, the Commander could tactically coordinate his forces, order artillery strikes and supply drops, and deploy support vehicles or UAVs. No points were awarded for individual actions, but the spoils for winning the match were great. Battlefield 4 will apparently feature a “brand new” version of this feature.

The second proudly touted feature is Battlelog 2.0. Described as “the next version of the state of the art gaming portal”, this online service will allow players to track every detail of their multiplayer career, from shots fried to enemies killed. You’ll also have the opportunity to ‘go Premium’ a la Battlefield 3, giving you access to exclusive uniforms, weapons and expansion packs – “starting with Drone Strike”, the advertisement reads (TBA). And finally, there’s a thrilling single-player campaign spanning the globe to experience if you’re averse to being teabagged by veterans.

Hoping the folks at EBG aren’t telling us all fibs, Battlefield 4 will launch in Oz on Thursday, October 31st, which likely means an October 29th release for North America and a November 1st release for Europe. Are we excited?

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