It’s been a long and grueling road for the last human survivors on Earth, huddled inside their walled cities while giant humanoid creatures with distorted faces roam around looking for snacks. Attack On Titan is far from a happy story — its most recent episode on Toonami dealt with having to choose which of two lives to save from the brink of death — but it’s that fight for survival that keeps people hooked.

And despite a decline in popularity in recent years, despite venomous attacks from Internet bloggers accusing the series of being Nazi propaganda (disclaimer: if you watch this show and turn into a Nazi as a result, Popgeeks cannot be held responsible), a significant chunk of anime watchers want to know how all this ends. We’ll find out soon — the manga it’s based on is winding down, and the anime just finished airing its third season in Japan. A trailer appeared today confirming the fourth and final season will be its last.

The Attack On Titan anime first aired in Japan in 2013. Several delays later, the second season finally appeared in 2017, and we’ve been getting them at a steady clip since. The biggest development over the series’ arc has been the revelation that humans have figured out how to turn themselves into Titans. Unfortunately most of this power belongs with the enemy, save Eren, the victim of an experiment.

Currently Attack On Titan can be seen on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and live broadcasts of the dub on Toonami. If the past is any indication, Toonami should begin airing the final season in early 2021.

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