There have been many female assassin action movies over the last twenty years, but since they all tend to follow the same beats, it takes a lot to stand out. Even the “inventor” (or at least “instigator”) of the genre, Luc Besson, got flat results from his most recent attempt, 2019’s ANNA.

One killer-lady movie that DID manage to bore into the public consciousness was 2017’s Atomic Blonde, starring Charlize Theron as superspy Lorraine Broughton. Taking place during the twilight years of the Cold War, it was full of action, adventure, violence and neat neon visuals. Atomic Blonde was a hit, earning $100 million off its $30 million budget…yet there’s never been talk of a sequel until now.

If that isn’t curious enough, the fact that Netflix may get the rights is curiouser still. Sure, it makes sense in this shut-in period of history we’re all living through, but by the time the sequel is shot (which will require the end of social distancing to even make in the first place), theaters will be open again and hungry for tickets. Why not a proven brand like Atomic Blonde?

We don’t know, but according to Discussing Film, Netflix is finalizing the distribution deal right now. Theron is back and has agreed to reprise the role of Lorraine, and has been given a producer role as well. The main producer is Beth Kono, through Denver and Delilah Productions. We may hear more about Atomic Blonde 2 whenever they can start shooting it.

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