On April 23rd of last year, the team at MP1st wrote about a near-impossible-to-find Battlefield 3 Easter egg that was being teased by now former DICE Voiceover Producer Tomas Danko. Ridiculously difficult to spot and even harder to repeat at will, the chances of a player finding it were slim to none, but one man has succeeded where thousands have failed.

That man is ‘JackFrags’, a British YouTube personality known for uploading informative and entertaining Battlefield-related footage (amongst other things). For many months, he’s been carrying out exhaustive detective work to uncover what Danko’s enigmatic Tweets were referring to, and this week his commitment to solving the mystery finally paid off.

To learn what Battlefield 3’s most secret Easter egg is, as well as how Mr Frags managed to find it, click play on the video embedded below. And before you ask, no, it’s not a dinosaur. Or a Dead Space helmet. Or a spaceship. Or promise of cake.

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