Distribution company Artsploitation has announced it will be shipping out two new indie horror films this summer on demand and DVD.

The first one is the story of Becca, who one day receives an urgent phone call from her older brother Richie. First off, he admits he tried to kill himself. Second, he says he succeeded, but woke back up next to his own dead body. Every time he dies, a new Richie appears where the previous one left off. At this point Richie has done this several times and there’s a pile of dead Richies in his house. Something weird is going on, and it might have to do with the strange, pulsating growth on Richie’s bedroom wall.

We left off the title of this movie until now because it is the strangest part. This is called “Dead Dicks.” While Dick is short for Richie, the title is going to attract attention for a different reason.

Compared to “Dead Dicks,” Artsploitation’s other summer flick feels a lot more subdued. Called “The Dead Ones,” it is about four delinquent teenagers sentenced to clean their high school. But someone else wants to clean the school of THEM! An unidentified gang of thugs, thematically dressed as the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, are hunting them down with the intent to kill. Who are they, and why do they bear such a murderous grudge against the teens?

Check out trailers for Dead Dicks and The Dead Ones below. They’re coming to DVD, Blu-Ray and video this summer from Artsploitation.