heroes of hammerwatch

Heroes Of Hammerwatch Now Available On Switch And XBox

It's here, folks...Heroes of Hammerwatch, the roguelite action RPG from Crackshell and BlitWorks, is no longer a PC exclusive. Console gamers can now take...

Goner Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Loco Players, a game development studio from Spain, has launched their crowdfunding campaign for their first-person survival horror title Goner, coming to PC. You play...

Monster Crown Now Available On Steam Early Access

SOEDESCO promised, and...it came out on time. Monster Crown, the mon-collecting and battling game from developer Studio Aurum, is now on Steam Early Access...

Blasphemous Unleashes DLC The Stir Of Dawn

Team17 and The Game Kitchen's Blasphemous, best described as the 2D version of Dark Souls, suddenly has a lot more content. A free DLC...
gdc summer

Welcome To GDC Summer

It's time once again for the Game Developers Conference! And if you haven't already guessed, it's gone streamy! GDC Summer is the new name...

BlazeSky Coming To Steam Early Access August 17

Those who are into sci-fi action RPGs like Wing Copmmander should pay close attention to BlazeSky, a new entry into the genre arriving in...
beyond good and evil

Beyond Good And Evil Moves Beyond Video Games

Which do you think will be released first -- the next George RR Martin book, or the Beyond Good And Evil sequel? Feels like...
the missing link

The Missing Link: The Zelda Sequel That Never Was

Video game hacker Kaze Emanuar has been a thorn in Nintendo's side for several years now. He's an expert at cracking apart the code...
maid of sker

Maid Of Sker Is Available Now

Wales Interactive, makers of games like Don’t Knock Twice, The Bunker and The Complex, have announced the release of their new survival horror title,...
nix the paradox relic

NIX: The Paradox Relic Now Playable On NES

Everyone loves metroidvanias....even more so when they actually work on the systems they were born from. Programmer Dustin Huddleston has spent the last few...

Hideo Kojima’s next game is going to be a horror one!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCI396HyhbQ Remember P.T? It is the short demo for the Hideo Kojima and Benicio Del toro Horror video game project Silent Hills. Silent...

Eiyuden Chronicle Hits Kickstarter Goal Within Two Hours

There was once a series of strategy RPGs on the Playstation called Suikoden. They were underappreciated in their day, but had a passionate cult...