Among us 2 got cancelled but…….

0 I have good news and bad news "Among us" fans! Let's start with the bad news. The sequel for the Indie mega-hit Among...

Hypnotize Your Friends With This Miniature Polybius

The story goes that during the golden age of arcades, a mysterious cabinet appeared that was all black except for the words "POLYBIUS" in...

Microsoft Just Bought Bethesda Studios For $7.5 Billion

Bethesda Studios is one of the largest game publishers of our modern age. They're responsible for Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Dishonored and other...

New Sneak Peek At Spider-Man: Miles Morales

During Sony's latest Playstation presentation last week, the team at Insomniac put together a new trailer for Spider-Man: Miles Morales that includes some impressive...
michel ancel

Oh No! Michel Ancel Is Departing The Game Business

If you don't know the name of Michel Ancel, you're probably familiar with his most famous creation, a thing with floating limbs and a...

Nintendo Has Ceased Production Of The 3DS

Nintendo has announced that they have officially halted production on all existing models of the 3DS. It's the end of several eras....not only this...
ship of heroes

The Results From The Ship Of Heroes Invasion Test

Late last month, the superhero-based MMO Ship of Heroes conducted what it called a series of "Invasion Tests." At certain points, the game was...

GameStop Isn’t Dead Yet, But It’s Getting There

Trade in a $60 new game, get $10 credit, get a $55 used game....sound like a value? To an increasing number of consumers, the...
console wars

Console Wars Commences September 23 — Watch The Trailer

If you've never read Blake J. Harris's Console Wars, you should get on that. It's one of the best books around about the video...
doodle world

Take The NES To Doodle World In This Clever Indie Game

Indie game developer Nate Peters has just put the finishing touches on Doodle World, his homebrew NES game....and just in time; he was running...

Xbox series X and Xbox serie S released date announced!

0 Before we go straight to the point, let's look back at the evolution of the Xbox console. When Xbox has first announced It was this...
hyrule warriors

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Announced For Switch

The original Hyrule Warriors was an interesting experiment, blending the formula of Dynasty Warriors with the most fanservice-y tribute to the Zelda series imaginable....