The Flashback Interview: Joanna Cassidy

I go back a long way with my next interview subject's work. I first saw Joanna Cassidy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I...

First On-Set Photos From The Witcher Season 2

The television and film industry is slowly firing the machine back up, and as you might imagine, it's a delicate and tricky process. Netflix...

The Flashback Interview: Stuart Pankin

My first exposure to my newest interview subject's work came from the late 80s to the early 90s. I saw Stuart Pankin on both...

The Heroes Of The CW Pose With Stylish Face Safety Gear

Just because you're from another planet, inherited miraculous powers from a science experiment, or gained possession of a sentient super staff doesn't mean you're...
beyond good and evil

Beyond Good And Evil Moves Beyond Video Games

Which do you think will be released first -- the next George RR Martin book, or the Beyond Good And Evil sequel? Feels like...

The IDW Publishing Comic-Con Roundup

This year's experimental Comic-Coin@Home has concluded, and chances are, you didn't have the time to watch every single panel of interest -- especially since...

Live Q&A With The Cast Of Other Space To Be Held Tomorrow

Earlier in the month, we mentioned that the neglected, prematurely cancelled comedy Other Space had found a new home on streaming app DUST. It's...
jurassic world

Jurassic World Gets Animated In New Netflix Series

Take it from someone who was there: Jurassic Park was by far the biggest movie of 1993. The toys and merch were everywhere. Every...

Netflix Announces Witcher Prequel Series

It was already going to take a while before we saw the second season of Netflix's The Witcher, and now the pandemic has made...

The Walking Dead Lives: New Trailers, Return Dates

Thanks to a real apocalypse, AMC has been forced to program a schedule that, for the first time in years, cannot lean on The...

G4 Is Being Resurrected

One of the more surprising announcements of Comic-Con (the 2020 streaming version) came from one of its advertisements. It depicts a dark warehouse lit...
adult swim con

Your Full Schedule For Adult Swim Con

The only good thing about 2020 is that you don't have to pay to attend Comic-Con! The festivities commence tomorrow and involve a variety...