Disney Infinity

Will Disney Give Marvel and Star Wars Its Own TV Channels?

There is absolutely no deny that Disney has become an epic powerhouse of properties and content or the last decade. First, it bought Marvel,...
Legends of Tomorrow

Ray Palmer To Lead The Legends of Tomorrow?

Whether you liked it or hated it (there was a swing of reaction amongst fans), the Arrow finale planted the seeds to a LOT...
Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Revival is Back Along With David Lynch!

Twin Peaks is the very definition of a cult classic. It was a very different kind of show when it aired, and many gravitated...
Arrow Season 4

Is “The Arrow” Truly No More?

We're only a few days removed from the shocking Arrow Season 3 finale, and there are a LOT of questions that fans really want...
The Simpsons - Harry Shearer

The Simpsons Showrunner Al Jean is Confused by Harry Shearer’s Exit From the Series

When it comes to shows lasting a long time, an inevitable truth is that some characters will either move on or be retired in...

Titans Won’t Be Like Other Hero Shows on TV

There are a LOT of TV series featuring superheros these days, and more are coming. For TNT's first venture into this genre, Titans, they...
Jem and the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms: Truly, Truly, Truly Confused

For quite a few years, I've done my best to keep an open mind about remakes and re-imaginings of older movies, TV shows and...
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

CW Reveals First Pic and Trailer for Legends of Tomorrow! Plus Constantine Unlikely...

During it's Upfronts media reveal today, the CW dropped many pieces of information about it's upcoming fall season. On the whole, not much as...

Harry Shearer Leaving The Simpsons

The voice actor behind Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Principal Skinner, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Scratchy and Lenny (NOT LENNY!), and probably many...
Supergirl series

CBS Unveils First Footage of Supergirl!

After much speculation and buzz, the first footage of Supergirl has come via CBS' Upfront media event. And they didn't just reveal a trailer,...
marvel's agents of shield

ABC President Addresses Shelved Agents of SHIELD Spinoff

Though not a certainty, it seemed incredibly likely that Agents of SHIELD was going to get a spinoff starring Season 2 newcomers Bobbi Morse...
Save Constantine

Arrow Wants to Save Constantine, Offers Potential Crossover

Many comic book fans were saddened the other day when it was revealed that NBC had cancelled Constantine. Rumors were going around that DC...