Bloodborne Becomes A Card Game

Bloodborne happens to be the latest entry in the growing "so hard you explode" genre of video gaming, once thought to be extinct with...
mega man

Introducing Mega Man Pixel Tactics

Pixel Tactics is a card game whose mechanics resemble strategy video games, and the art style (pixels, naturally) is meant to reference this. With...
force and destiny

Star Wars RPG Gains Force And Destiny, And Sentinels

If I asked you what Sentinels are, you would probably say "the giant robots that hunt down mutants in the Marvel Universe," unaware there's...

New Walking Dead RPG Cleans Up On Kickstarter

When Adam and Brady Sadler placed their new Walking Dead RPG tabletop game on Kickstarter, they expected the license to buy them some extra...
star wars armada

Star Wars Armada Expands With The Corellian Conflict

Star Wars Armada is a strategy board game where one must manipulate the forces of the Rebellion or the Empire in a space battle...

Board Game From Decemberists Video To Become Real Product

Here where I live, in Portland, there's this adult alternative band called The Decemberists. Back in 2009 they created a music video where they...
stay out

New RPG Proclaims, Stay Out Of My Dungeon!

Tabletop game creators 2 Handsome Games have created quite the unique concept with their new RPG Stay Out Of My Dungeon! It's a cooperative...

Dungeons & Dragons Art Documentary In Production

One of the most admired traits of Gary Gygax's decade-old creation, at least from afar, are the gorgeous fantasy paintings that have graced its...

Dumpster Diver: The Card Game Of Garbage

Guess what? There's a tabletop card game in the works where the mechanic of gameplay involves rooting through the trash and finding more valuable...

Someone’s Making A M.A.S.H. RPG

Tabletop game enthusiast Mark Plemmons has announced a crowdfund for MASHED, an RPG game where you play as a medical surgeon during the Korean...