jabba the hutt

Be The Slug: Jabba The Hutt Coming To Imperial Assault

Jabba the Hutt will be added to Star Wars: Imperial Assault soon, with his own figure and set of cards. As in the 1983...
dogmight games

How DogMight Games Created A Custom Screen For Critical Role

Once a week, a group of professional voice actors gets together, turns on the camera, and livestreams themselves playing tabletop games. The series is...
coriolis: emissary lost

Coriolis: Emissary Lost Releases January 31

Almost one year ago, Free League Publishing and Paradox Interactive launched a Kickstarter campaign, with the goal of funding an expansion to their award-winning...

Rogue One Characters Join The Rebellion…Tabletop Game

Remember a movie called Rogue One? Soon you'll be able to boost the Star Wars Rebellion tabletop game with the Rise of the Empire...

Free League To Produce Tolkien Stuff

On the verge of the first television series based on a Free League property (Tales From The Loop), it's clear this tabletop maker is...

Steven Universe Beach-A-Palooza Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Earlier this year Cryptozoic showed off its plans for 2020 at its Toy Fair booth in New York...and yes, it was possible to hold...

Tabletop Games Are Kickstarter’s Biggest Attraction

The numbers are in, and during 2017 Kickstarter earned 36 percent more than it did the previous year. What's driving the growth? Tabletop games. As...
mutant: elysium

Mutant: Elysium Kickstarter Launches Today

While you're scarfing down turkey and cranberries, don't forget to support Mutant: Elusiym this Thanksgiving weekend -- the crowdfunding campaign from Free League Publishing...

What Is the Fighter class? – For Those About To Roll, We Salute You!

 Last month, I kicked off 2018 with a discussion on the 6 core ability scores at the heart of every character sheet.  Now...
lost world lunch

Dinosaurs Get Even In “Lost World Lunch” On Kickstarter

Stories about lost valleys full of dinosaurs are nothing new, but they're usually told from the perspective of the discoverer. How would you like...
the dark eye

The Dark Eye Expands With Warring Kingdoms

The Dark Eye is the most successful RPG in Germany, where it goes by the name Das Schwarze Auge. It was created by the...
pax unplugged

PAX Unplugged Is Exactly That

Penny Arcade's PAX Expo has grown into an industry institution, allowing video game fans across the country to experience the kind of game trade...