Sony Developing Live-Action Series About Spider-Man’s Pal Silk

Sony is busily mining every square inch of Spider-Man lore for adaptable content. When they're not trying to make something out of the obscure...
chucky tv show

Production Of Chucky TV Show Now Delayed

Can a doll catch COVID-19? It remains to be proven, but if Batman can catch the coronavirus, why take chances? USA and SyFy announced...
super mario bros 35

Mario Enters The Battle Royale Genre With Super Mario Bros 35

It was only a matter of time before Nintendo's Mario personally got involved in the red-hot battle royale gaming craze, given that the plumber...
wonder women of history

DC Presents: Wonder Women Of History

When Wonder Woman first appeared in the pages of DC Comics back in the 1940s, one of the supplementary features of each issue was...
game and watch

Super Mario Bros Game And Watch Announced For November

Super Mario Bros turns 35 next month. Mario himself, having debuted in 1981's Donkey Kong, is closer to 40, but Nintendo has always treated...

The Filming of “The Batman finally resumed after Pattinson’s recovery from Corona Virus.

0 Robert Pattinson experienced a lot of doubts from fans and critics alike when he got announced to be the next cinematic Batman. He has...

One Of The Most Valuable Game Boy Carts Is Getting A Reprint

Ask any collector what the hardest, most expensive Game Boy cartridge is to find, and if they don't say "Shantae," it's at least in...
to your last death

To Your Last Death Announced For Blu-Ray

To Your Last Death is one of the more unique animated films to come out in the last ten years. It's an action-horror story...
monster crown

Monster Crown Receives First Big Content Update

Monster Crown isn't finished yet, but it's getting there. The Pokemon-inspired monster trading and battling game just received its first content update, one of...

Yandere Simulator Complete Demo Finally Released

0 Yandere Simulator complete demo finally released Yandere simulator is one of the most popular games to stream on Youtube in the last decade despite just...
Eiyuden Chronicle

Eiyuden Chronicle Rakes In Over $4.5 Million

Last month the team behind Suikoden, the beloved series of strategy RPGs on the Playstation, launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a spiritual successor...
mythroll armory

Now On Kickstarter: Mythroll Armory’s Perplexing Puzzle Experience

Add a little interactivity to your tabletop RPG adventuring with Mythroll Armory’s Perplexing Puzzle Experience, now currently in the middle of its crowdfunding campaign....