fuzzy pickles

EarthBound Tribute Album “Fuzzy Pickles” Released In Honor Of 25th Anniversary

EarthBound turns 25 years old this summer. Overlooked on its initial release in 1995, the quirky RPG soon gained a following that increased exponentially...

HEROES: A Video Game Remix Album For A Good Cause

The online video game music remix community known as Pixel Mixers and the gaming music news site GameGrooves have united to produce a one-of-a-kind...

Editorial: 5 More 90s Things I Like

A short while back, I wrote an article entitled 15 90s Things I Like, an article where I listed my most favorite pop culture...
wizard of legend

Wizard Of Legend Is The Latest Game To Be Given The Prescription For Sleep

Two years ago, Wizard of Legend was released for consoles and PC. It's a procedurally generated roguelike where you guide a wizard through ten-floor...
hang onto your hat

Hang Onto Your Hat Jazz-ifies The Mario 64 Soundtrack

If you ever wondered how the melodies of Mario 64 would sound rendered by a big-time jazz band....Hang Onto Your Hat. That's the title...
the real folk blues

The Real Folk Blues Charity Single Supports COVID-19 Relief

It's a tune you know well, though you kinda need to be fluent in Japanese to sing it accurately. "The Real Folk Blues" is...
streets of rage soundtracks

Classic Streets Of Rage Soundtracks To Be Rereleased Soon

Streets of Rage 4 is out! This critically praised revival of the brawler franchise contains plenty of new rockin' melodies, but also a few...

The Flashback Interview: Deborah Dutch

My newest interview subject, Deborah Dutch, is a talent I'd been hoping to interview for several years. I would see pictures of her shared...

Preorders Now Open For Indivisible Soundtrack PLUS

Indivisible was one of 2019's best indie games (and it'll be even better when it comes to Switch, whenever that happens). And one of...

Editorial: 10 YouTube Channels To Watch While Social Distancing

We're all feeling the stress of the coronavirus epidemic, and many of us are looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained during the chaos...

Editorial: 15 90s Things I like

A look back at most of my articles for Pop Geeks, as well as my previous writing base of RetroJunk, will show you that...

Yooka-Laylee Soundtracks Now Available

One of the good things about the Bootleg Banjo series (better known as Yooka-Laylee) is the terrific soundtrack composed by the original note wizards...