Visit The House On Rodeo Gulch If You Dare

Most of the horror movies you hear about these days traffic in the ghosts and monsters variety. Far less common is the Hitchcockian Thriller,...

The Ice Cream Truck Opens August 18; New Trailer

Distributor October Coast will be bringing The Ice Cream Truck to a neighborhood near you later this month, thanks to the efforts of writer-director...

Joe Dante To Direct Camp Cold Brook

Director Joe Dante of Gremlins fame is now working on a horror movie called Camp Cold Brook. It's about the crew of a "reality"...

Stephen King’s It Is Coming To Theaters September 8

Despite its iconic popularity as one of Stephen King's most well-known novels, It has never been made into a movie. This is because it...

Four Clips From Bonejangles

A group of police are transporting the masked killer known as Bonejangles to prison when their vehicle breaks the middle of a haunted...
wynonna earp

SDCC 2017: Wynonna Earp Renewed For Third Season

Yesterday during SDCC SyFy made the announcement that their whacked-out western horror comedy series Wynonna Earp would stick around another year. The crowd went...

George A. Romero, Father Of The Modern Zombie, Dead At 77

George A. Romero, the Hollywood horror director best known for his zombie movies, passed away this weekend. His best-known work, 1968's Night of the...

Check Out This Cool Stranger Things Season 2 Poster

Netflix has had an excellent summer so far with the premieres of GLOW and the Castlevania cartoon, but they don't want you to forget...

How Ridley Scott Plans To Work Ripley Into The Alien Prequels

Ridley Scott has decided he's just going to keep making Alien prequels until he's either dead or too weak to continue. The problem is...

Curse Of Chucky Premieres October 3

Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers are all sitting around with stalled careers. But Chucky, the ginger doll possessed by a maniacal madman, has become...

New Line Moves Forward With Conjuring 3

New Line Cinema, the studio behind one of modern horror's biggest success stories (The Conjuring and its sequel), has begun production on a third...

Saw Series To Be Revived This Halloween

At what exact point is it safe to bring a long-running series back after you've pounded it into the ground? Does seven years sound...