snyder cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Will Exist In His Own Continuity

As you know, Warner Bros. has finally bowed to demand and agreed to put the Snyder Cut of Justice League into production. It's an...

Netflix just revealed their top 10 most watched movie originals

For a long time, Netflix had been secretive on the ratings of the originals they have on their Library that is why sometimes fans...

Squee Presents Sneak Peek Of All Hail The Popcorn King

Hansi Oppenheimer is the independent filmmaker behind The Squee Project, a media network celebrating representation, feminism and diversity in pop culture. Through The Squee...

Uncork’d Releases Limbo This August

Uncork'd Entertainment has announced they'll be releasing their next horror flick, which happens to be half courtroom drama, next month....Limbo. Limbo is a dance where...

WrestleMassacre Movie Review

Schlock horror is a genre you either love to death or dismiss with disgust. The same can often be said about professional wrestling, the...

The Flashback Interview: George McGrath

One of the first TV shows to make an impression on me was Pee-wee's Playhouse, and my newest interview subject, George McGrath, played a...
trust me

Trust Me: A Witness Account Of The Goatman Released On ALTER

Last October, the independent horror short Trust Me: A Witness Account Of The Goatman started playing in select theaters and film festivals. If you...
the tent

The Tent Sets Itself Up On Demand

The true test of an an actor is when they have to carry scenes solo, or nearly solo. Post-apocalyptic tales are reliable for this...
childlike empress

Childlike Empress Has Returned To Produce A New Fantasy Film

Tami Stronach. whom you might know better as the ruler of all storybook fantasy in 1984's The Never Ending Story, is back. Childlike Empress...
halloween kills

Halloween Kills Bumped Down To 2021

Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween....2021? That may be the time kids can actually start safely trick-or-treating again, but it will...

The Flashback Interview: Leigh French

When I was five years old, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was revived for CBS. I was a little too young to understand the...
alien predator

Marvel Comics Obtains Rights To Alien And Predator

Dark Horse Comics has been publishing material related to the Alien and Predator movies for nearly its entire existence. They took a chance on...