Hitchhiking To The Edge Of Sanity Arrives On Amazon Prime

Scott Peterson, writer and director of the award-winning "Out of the Loop", has just released his latest documentary, Hitchhiking To The Edge Of Sanity. In...
the honeymoon phase

The Honeymoon Phase Arrives This Friday

Dark Sky Films is putting out their new sci-fi horror film The Honeymoon Phase in two days. The film will be released simultaneously on...
the prey

Watch The Red Band Trailer For The Prey

Dark Star Pictures is releasing The Prey in virtual theaters and VOD later this month. As a general rule, we can't go one year without...

Luz: The Flower Of Evil Coming September 15

Dark Sky Films has announced they're bringing the Colombian fantasy horror film Luz: The Flower Of Evil to the US next month. The movie...

Watch Out For Clownface On DVD And Digital

Wild Eye Releasing has just published the new slasher film Clownface on DVD and digital platforms. There's a legend going around this small community...that of...
the faceless man

The Faceless Man Coming To Digital August 28

Freedom Cinema is bringing over the Australian horror film The Faceless Man to digital platforms in the US. It'll debut later in the month. Emily...
her deadly groom

Her Deadly Groom Now Available On Demand

A&E Networks is now offering the suspense thriller Her Deadly Groom (originally a Lifetime TV movie) on digital platforms. Allison just got over a breakup,...

Immortal Comes To Digital September 1

Different Duck Films has announced their anthology horror movie Immortal will be hitting digital platforms early next month. If all horror has one common theme,...

The Flashback Interview: Joanna Cassidy

I go back a long way with my next interview subject's work. I first saw Joanna Cassidy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I...
range runners

Range Runners Releases September 8

We've covered a lot of films distributed by Uncork'd Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures, but never both at once. Range Runners is the first...

Mulan to be released for rental on Disney Plus

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-eFm--k21c 2020 is already the worst year ever for all of us living creatures right now and is also the worst year ever for one...
widow's point

Widow’s Point Coming To DVD And VOD September 1

101 Films has announced it's bringing the ghost story Widow's Point to home theater formats early next month. A successful writer has based his latest...