michel ancel

Oh No! Michel Ancel Is Departing The Game Business

If you don't know the name of Michel Ancel, you're probably familiar with his most famous creation, a thing with floating limbs and a...

Tatiana Maslany Will Be Hulking Out On Disney+

Awhile back, Disney revealed they were looking into producing a She-Hulk TV series. We've heard nothing since, until this week when the casting news...

Resident evil VILLAGE (Resident evil 8) second trailer released

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KTLs_IHwHE The second trailer of Resident Village (Resident evil 8) just got released. Even though it is marketed as the 8th installment of the...

Nintendo Has Ceased Production Of The 3DS

Nintendo has announced that they have officially halted production on all existing models of the 3DS. It's the end of several eras....not only this...
ship of heroes

The Results From The Ship Of Heroes Invasion Test

Late last month, the superhero-based MMO Ship of Heroes conducted what it called a series of "Invasion Tests." At certain points, the game was...
Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension

Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension Film Festival Scheduled For September 24

If you're ready for a decidedly different kind of film festival, think about attending Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension, a screening of shocking, experimental and...

We’re Somehow Still Getting WandaVision In 2020

Yesterday we reported on the second season of The Mandalorian -- the star attraction of the Disney+ service. Disney planned for it to have...
the mandalorian

The Mandalorian: New Trailer And Poster

We are drifting ever so closer to the October 30 release date for The Mandalorian on Disney+, and as of today, we finally have...

CBS All Access Is Changing Its Name

After spending some time apart, CBS/Paramount and Viacom got remarried in a lavish ceremony last year. Now there's a new/old boss in charge....and what...

GameStop Isn’t Dead Yet, But It’s Getting There

Trade in a $60 new game, get $10 credit, get a $55 used game....sound like a value? To an increasing number of consumers, the...
legends of tomorrow

It’s About Time Legends Of Tomorrow Got Somebody Named “Spooner”

DC conducted the second half of its FanDome event last weekend, and we learned a lot about what Legends of Tomorrow will look like...

Madonna is collaborating with Diablo Cody to write her biopic.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjaIufroS5U Biopics of celebrities had been a hit in the last few years. Children who grew up watching the puppeteer Mr.Rogers have some nostalgia trip...