DC Comics and Warner Bros is going through a bit of a rough patch with their movies. And they’ve basically taken all of 2018 off in terms of their live-action showings…except for one film. Aquaman. The film is being made by James Wan, and despite being basically 7 months away, we’re only now getting glimpses of the film. Pictures were shown off by Entertainment Weekly recently, but the question of the trailer still fills fans minds. Previously, Wan noted that the reason the trailer was taking so long was because of the effects, but now, we have a release date.

On Wan’s Twitter feed, he revealed that the first trailer for Aquaman will arrive at San Diego Comic-Con.

It’s an appropriate location for the trailer, after all, many eyes are going to be on the WB/DC film slate there, as many are hoping for clarification on what’s coming, what’s not, and when. Since the conference is in July, and many guess that the 21st will be the date it’s unveiled, it actually will help lead the 5-month charge to the films release.