Here we go again….Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes is now reporting that Nintendo is secretly working on an updated model of the Switch, for a planned late 2020 launch. If that news sounds familiar, it’s because ten months ago rumors broke that TWO new Switches would be introduced in the fall of 2019 — one more powerful, the other smaller.

The latter rumor came true with the reveal of the Switch Lite. Nintendo denied the 2019 rumors, and they provided a similar statement to Polygon: “Nintendo has nothing to announce on this topic.”

DigiTimes’ track record with predicting future hardware has been hit and miss, but this is the kind of thing you could easily make up and get right eventually. It’s not out of character at all for Nintendo to release slightly more powerful versions of their handhelds to juice up sagging sales once saturation sets in. It happened with both the DS and the 3DS. It would be the first time they did this with what’s also being sold as a console, however.

One random Internet commentor said, “if this isn’t at least as powerful as the PS4 or original-model XBox One, it has no point.” It may have no point regardless of how powerful it is. The total number of games exclusive to the DSi and New Nintendo 3DS were about three each. Game makers are, understandably, reluctant to commit to a much smaller userbase, and would rather sell to every Switch owner.

That means those who are hoping for AAA releases like Cyberpunk 2077 to hit Switch would still be out of luck. If we do see a New Switch or Switch Pro or whatever it winds up being called, you’ll probably be just fine with the original model.