Screambox Studio, makers of AngerForce: Reloaded, are about to unleash Ancient Abyss — described in their words as a “Rogue-Zelda,” a game that borrows elements from both roguelikes and Zelda-esque adventure games.

As with a roguelike, you’ll find yourself in a seemingly endless maze with randomly generated environments. Death is permanent — once you lose, you must start the game over. But as with Zelda, there’s an emphasis on exploration and discovery. It may be risky to venture off the well-worm path and into the shadows, but you’ll find rare rewards if you do so.

• RogueZelda: An action game that combines RogueLike and 2D Zelda elements, allowing players to experience exploration and discovery in a randomly generated maze. The game combines the depth of a RogueLike game with a thrilling perma-death experience.

• Explore: The game is full of unreachable and hidden areas, but players have the opportunity to master new skills and acquire new items at any time in the game. These new abilities will help players explore further to discover treasures and secrets hidden within the maze.

• Stimulating Combat: A wide selection of melee and ranged weaponry allow for multiple styles of play and create a unique combat experience.

• 2D world with dynamic lighting: Beautiful pixel art, intuitive and smooth animation and excellent dynamic lighting effects create a wonderful visual experience.

You’ll want to check out Ancient Abyss when it lands on Steam in 2019. Here’s a little taste…