If Edgar Allan Poe was still alive today, he would be 210 years old. And in honor of the occasion, mobile developer Gametopia has updated their Poe-themed game, Allan Poe’s Nightmare.

You play as the famous macabre scribe, whose own creations have come to life and are tormenting him. The unique visuals are hand-drawn and use just four colors: white, black, green and red. The soundtrack is full of classical pieces by the likes of Dvořák, Bach, Chopin, Brahms and Prokofiev, and samples their most frenetic and stress-inducing works.

Allan Poe’s Nightmare allows the player to discover (or rediscover) the work of this great writer, testing his reflexes through five delirious levels, based, among others, the poem “Annabel Lee” or the story “The Mask of Red Death.” The player will unlock Chevalier Auguste Dupin’s notes, the famous detective created by Poe, to discover who has pushed him into this alternate reality of nightmares and what his true intentions are.

If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, it’s never been cheaper to find out. Allen Poe’s Nightmare will be available at a discount price starting January 19. For the week afterward, ending the 26th, the game will be 50% off on iOS and Android. Quoth the raven: “That’s a neat deal.”