As you all know by now, actor Chadwick Boseman tragically passed away last weekend after a nearly five-year battle with colon cancer. Boseman chose to tell no one about his illness and keep working as long as he could. It’s behavior fitting of a true king, which is why Boseman’s most iconic role fits him so well: the Marvel superhero Black Panther.

Marvel Studios has not announced as of yet what they plan to do about the character — whether they’ll retire him or recast. Chances are we may have seen the one and only Black Panther movie with T’Challa as king, but there are many, many more stories about him out there. Why not check out a few? They’re free.

Comixology has discounted every Black Panther comic in its library to zero dollars this weekend. From his origins in the 1970s to the contemporary series of today, there are dozens of adventures starring the African monarch to absorb. Even comics related to Black Panther, like a Killmonger comic and the Shuri series Marvel released last year, are free.

Here is an extensive list, gathered by Reddit users. Note that the sale only applies to single issues, so they must be purchased that way. Wakanda Forever!

Full list:

2018 to now:

1977 – 1979:


1998 to 2003:

2005 to 2008:

2008 to 2010:

2010 to 2012:

2016 to 2018:

Agents of Wakanda (2019 – ):

Flags of our father mini:

Vs Deadpool (2018):

Long Live the King (2017 – 2018):

Sound and Fury one shot (2018):

And the Crew (2017):

World of Wakanda (2016-2017):

Rise of (2018):

Shuri (2018):