Free League Publishing’s Alien Roleplaying Game has been one of their larger successes, as any tabletop RPG using the brand would be. It’s a hit in America, and now everyone else wants their own version. So, in partnership with localized partners from regions all over the world, Free League will be issuing out Alien: The Roleplaying Game internationally!

The full list of publishing partners:

The Alien Roleplaying Game comes with a 300-plus page Core Rulebook, gorgeous backdrop artwork, cards and dice. Rules for two separate modes, an ongoing Campaign Mode and a one-session Cinematic Mode, are also included. The first US printing completely sold out, but a new run was shipped to hobby shops last month.

The website GameTyrant called the Alien Roleplaying Game “an interstellar masterpiece that honors the Alien legacy and builds on the stories that made the series great. It’s a sci-fi adventure that roleplaying fans will surely love, and it’s an accessible system for anyone interested in a good story and a rollicking good time.”

Wherever you live or whatever language you speak, be sure to give Alien: The Roleplaying Game a try. It will be released around the world later this year; publication dates may vary by region.

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