Poland-based Shockwork Games is readying their turn-based tactical stealth game Alder’s Blood for release. You are a Hunter — a professional monster slayer, and not an easy job in the game’s world. No matter how skilled the Hunter is, monsters are still much more powerful and cannot be defeated in direct combat. To kill them, you have to get clever on the battlefield…sneak up behind them, use magical spells and team up with other Hunters to slay monsters as a team. Otherwise, you’re lunch!

  • Stealth, ambush-based combat. Try to outsmart and outwit all the horrifying creatures you’ll be facing, as they are way stronger and you don’t stand a chance in a direct assault;
  • Diverse, challenging opponents. From werewolves to vampires, all monsters have their unique attacks and skills and can easily see, hear, or smell you from a distance. So be careful not to reveal your position too early;
  • Stamina-based characters. Cautiously manage your energy level between attacking, moving and casting spells. In the end, you’re only a human and running out of energy will seriously fatigue you;
  • A grim world plunged into half-darkness. In this world our god has finally turned his back on us, and his corrupt presence can change the intensity of the battlefield: from summoning monsters, through changing the weather, to transforming creatures into powerful avatars of his will;
  • A vagabond’s exploration system. Travel the world, bringing your mobile base along with you. Take shelter in and manage your camp, but be wary of enemy ambushes;
  • A unique fusion of dark Victorian fantasy and the Wild West. Immerse yourself in a world completely different from the one you know – a universe shaped by struggle, where mankind has not had the freedom to develop or advance any of its technology.

Shockwork Games will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Alder’s Blood on August 6. The game will be coming out anyway whether the goal is met or not, but the campaign will help Shockwork deliver the title in its most polished and complete form. No specific release date has been revealed.

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