If this were a normal year, now would be about the time we would be knee-deep in E3 hype with pre-announcements and leaks coming from everywhere. But 2020 is anything but typical, and the traditional auditorium presentation has been replaced by a lockdown-friendly series of online reveals. Steam will be holding its own next week in the form of a summer festival starting June 9.

The best thing about the Steam Game Festival is that consumers will be able to play free demos themselves, instead of reading press reviews about them. We don’t know all the demos that will be present yet, but publisher Black Tower and developer Code Heretic have confirmed one for their upcoming tactical rogue-like deck-building game, Against The Moon.

AGAINST THE MOON is a turn-based RPG about humanity’s confrontation with chthonic monsters. The game blends elements of Roguelike and card strategies, providing replayability and variety of strategic challenges. To win, the player will have to make difficult decisions, sacrifice heroes and their assistants.

The demo version of Against The Moon will include the prologue and the opening adventure of the game. You’ll be given a starter deck of characters, units and abilities and explore the opening area. In addition to the demo, you’ll be able to tour a virtual booth promoting Against The Moon, and the team at Code Heretic will hold a special Q&A session.

The Steam Game Festival runs from June 9 through June 15. The full version of Against The Moon will be out in July.