Adventures in the DC Universe – Issue #03 – June 1997

Adventures in the DC Universe - Issue #03 (Click for Larger Cover)
Adventures in the DC Universe – Issue #03 (Click for Larger Cover)

In Adventures of the DC Universe Issue #03 – You can’t Cheetah and honest man!, Cheetah kidnaps Dr. Sandsmark in a plot to absorb Wonder Woman’s powers using a sacred dagger.

Title: You can’t Cheetah and honest man!

Writer: Steve Vance
Pencils: John Delaney
Inks: Ron Boyd
Letters: Bob LeRose
Colors: Tim Harkins
Assists: Frank Berrios
Editor: K.C. Carlson

Arriving at the city museum, Wonder Woman discovers that her friend Dr. Helena Sandsmark has been kidnapped and a newly arrived sacred dagger stolen. A speedy investigation confirms Wonder Woman’s suspicions that Cheetah is behind everything. Apparently the wielder of the dagger can absorb the powers of a blood sacrifice, and Cheetah has Wonder Woman’s powers in mind, but she did not acquire the scroll containing the necessary ritual. Wonder Woman rushes off to confront Cheetah and save Dr. Sandsmark. After a contentious battle, Wonder Woman manages to fool Cheetah and save Helena using replica scroll. 

Pages: 16

Quote of the Story:
Helena Sandsmark- "Well, even if she does come looking for it, I think it’s safe—not even a supervillain
could figure out this museum’s filing system!"


The best story in the series so far. It’s a well-plotted story and the characters have some depth. The artwork is expressive and very enjoyable, with several spectacular panels. Hopefully this bodes well for the future.

Rating: starstarstar

In Adventures of the DC Universe Issue #03 – Batman in "Cruise to Nightmare", Bruce Wayne’s charity party gets an unwanted guest, Poison Ivy. Can Batman save the day?

Title: Batman in "Cruise to Nightmare"

Writer: Paul Dini
Pencils: Bruce Timm
Colorist: Mark Chiarello
Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
Editor: Charles Kochman

While playing his Bruce Wayne charade at a charity party at sea, Poison Ivy arrives to take possession of the donations. Following some entertaining banter between Bruce and Ivy, Wayne is thrown overboard. And after a quick change, the Batman springs into action, defeating Ivy and her goons and surviving the effects of her kiss. Minutes later a drenched Bruce Wayne is saved and returns to his charade.

Pages: 6

What can I say, I love Paul Dini and Bruce Timm and yet again they don’t disappoint. A great little story with all of the little touches that made Batman the animated series such a success and so enjoyable.

Rating: starstarstarstar

Review By: Brian Mills

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