Adventures in the DC Universe – Issue #01 – April 1997

Adventures in the DC Universe - Issue #01
Adventures in the DC Universe – Issue #01 (Click for Larger Cover)

In Adventures in the DC Universe Issue #01, Each member of the JLA faces villains from their rogue’s gallery, who display the new found ability to escape capture through teleportation.

Title: The JLA in “Now you see ’em…”

Writer: Steve Vance
Pencils: John Delaney
Inks: Ron Boyd
Letters: Tim Harkins
Colors: Bob LeRose
Ass’t Edits: Frank Berrios
Edits: K.C. Carlson


Gorilla Grodd, Blockbuster, Major Disaster, Parasite, Cheetah, Dr. Light and the Scarecrow each attempt to commit crimes which are foiled by their JLA counterparts, but mysteriously escape capture by vanishing to parts unknown. Upon uniting at their Headquarters on the moon, the JLA discover the location of the villains hideout, where they are currently complaining and making excuses for their latest misfortune to a mysterious shadowy figure. Cipher is his name, and he is responsible for providing the baddies with their new found teleportation belts. As Cipher collects the belts from his minions, the JLA bursts in and capture the villains, but during the battle the mysterious Cipher escapes and from an unknown location proclaims the first step of his plan (gathering information about the JLA) a success.

Pages: 22

Quote of the Story:
Aquaman: “But where do we start?”
Batman: “I’ve got something.”
Flash: “Geez, what took you so long? uh… just kidding Batman.”

After much anticipation, the first issue of this series was a horrible letdown. The story was remedial, and didn’t capture any of the characters beyond a superficial level, and their was no significant enjoyable interaction between the heroes or the villains. The art on the other hand was above average. Delaney captured the animated style well enough and I enjoyed several of the little extras in the panels (The Flash’s smoking shoes after displaying his power, and Cheetahs hilarious expression after a solid punch to the gut courtesy of Wonder Woman.). Overall, this first issue missed the mark, but following in the footsteps of the other very successful animated style series is bound to be difficult. And juggling so many characters in only 22 pages doesn’t allow for a great deal of character exploration.

Review by: Brian Mills

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