Adult Swim Premieres For The Weekend Of September 16


Did you see last week’s Primal? Did you see the last few Primals? If not, why not? The season finale is tonight, but it’ll make little sense unless you’ve seen the last few. And it’s not too late for that — they’re streamable anywhere. Don’t miss such a cool show.

The back half of this season has told one continuous story, and it’s wrapping up…there’s only one immediate threat left, but it’s a big one. The Viking chieftain from an earlier episode is on a mission of revenge, transformed by a god of the underworld into a gigantic lava man! We have absolutely no idea how Spear and Fang have any hope of confronting this guy — they can’t even touch him. The preview below provides no hints either, instead revealing a bit of Mira’s backstory (which is still interesting).

Primal airs tonight, Thursday, September 15 at 12 AM ET/PT. If you miss this showing, you can catch the same episode when it reruns on Toonami Saturday night at 12 AM ET/PT. The entire season will be on HBO Max the next day. Watch it so we get a Season 3.

Then on Sunday, get ready for the SECOND Rick and Morty Thanksgiving episode that doesn’t premiere on Thanksgiving! It’s called “Bethic Twinstinct” which most likely means it will be centered around Beth’s friendship with Space Beth (if you don’t know how there can be a “Space Beth” you’ve been away from the show for too long). The episode description provided by AS simply says, “Gotta love yourself or else no one ever will, broh.” All these are gonna have “broh” in the write-up, huh? Hope that doesn’t get old.

Rick And Morty airs Sunday, September 18 at 11 PM ET/PT, and appears the next day on HBO Max. Check out sneak peeks of both shows below as well as a short commentary on last week’s R&M episode, “Rick: A Mort Well Lived.”