Adult Swim Premieres For The Weekend Of April 9


Last week we printed the episode of Shenmue that aired that week would be the season finale. I swear that’s what the press release told us — we can’t be held liable for typos from official sources. THIS week they claim Robot Chicken will be airing its season finale — I guess we’ll just see if another one shows up next week.

First off is the first-ever airing of the Robot Chicken episode “May Cause Season 11 to End” (if this is another typo, it’s a pretty big one). According to Adult Swim’s official description of the episode, “The Robot Chicken gang thinks Barbie George Washington would’ve made a fine Floundering Father and the Nerd fixes the Mandela Effect with disastrous results. Robot Chicken says farewell, but is it goodbye?” Very unlikely — this show makes too much money.

One day before then, Toonami kicks off with another new episode of the latest AS / Crunchyroll co-production, Shenmue: The Animation. Here’s where we are in the story:

“In “Comeback,” To find Yuanda Zhu, Ryo follows Ren, the leader of Heavens. Gathering information from Ren’s acquaintances they reach the location where Yuanda Zhu is said to be, but they soon find out that this was Yellow Heads’ trap.” After a few somewhat slow “training” episodes, it sounds like the action is about to heat up.

All episodes from either show can be viewed multiple ways: the network itself, Adult, and the Adult Swim app.