Adult Swim has unveiled the big trailer for Lazor Wuld, their next animated concoction which premieres next month.

Lazor Wulf lives in the city of Strongburg…..or possibly the island….or the nation…..or the alternate dimension….well, Strongburg is somewhere, a place where the white horses roam free, yetis hold raves, and wolves have laser cannons strapped to their torsos. In other words, it’s something Adult Swim runs at midnight.

If the art style looks a bit familiar, it’s because our friend Jared D. Weiss co-storyboarded every single episode. The show itself was created by Henry Bonsu.

We wish we had more to add, but it’s difficult to discern the plot of your average AS original, even after you’ve watched it. Especially after you’ve watched it. Check out Lazor Wulf when it grooves into Adult Swim April 7.

Introducing an all-new wolf pack. Lazor Wulf premieres Sunday, April 7th on adult swim. Lazor Wulf is about finding the inner strength to buy your own cereal, not dying, and the art of the scam.